Mink’i Kodojdi Hesasaka A’de Curtis Park (aka redskyluv, aka wildnfreesoul, aka paranoia creek…. village idiot!),

You want to sue me for libel/slander? Well the fact is in the1927 census from the Taylorsville rancheria that sits before me. Let me see. . . What I see is that some of these people are related to each other and they had children together. Some of these people were adults and got children pregnant and had children. Some of these people were even brother and sister and had children from 1927 to today. How are you going to sue me for libel/slander when this 1927 census your tribe gave me stipulates all the facts which I speak of.

Now I have [never] met you. My husband has [never] met you. You have [never] seen either one of us do drugs because you have [never] even met us. You write that we do all these drugs, I think I can sue [you] in your tribe’s name for libel. Ya. . . that’s what I’m going to do. And I’m going to [prove] that I am not lying about the 1927 census through today of relatives having babies with relatives and with children. I guess that you see it’s okay because you’re all Maidu.

After this suit I will have proven so many negativities from the Tsi-Akim Maidu, I believe that will strengthen my “Cause” directing those in Power to [not] Federally Recognize your made up tribe. The Indians in the 1927 census were probably a tribe, but they ended up making their own choice to not be a tribe, move all over the world, and nearly breed themselves out. You all sound like a bunch of babies who didn’t get their bottle in time with the Gu-Gu Gah-Gah Syndrome.

Shit my father’s Cuban. Our Indian tribe from Cuba is Cubanan. That is before European invasion. The Cubanan is said to be Seminals who travelled from Florida to Cuba on a boat. So now I’m going to start crying ‘Gu-Gu Gah-Gah where’s my casino,’ & ‘I’m better than you because I have Indian blood,’ & ‘the white government owes me because the ancestors I never knew got their ass whooped from something they stole from another person anyway and anyone who talks against what I’m saying must be on drugs and I’m going to get three cities of people to go beat them up. I can’t beat that person up by myself because I’m Tsi-Akim Maidu. Gu-Gu Gah-Gah! Uncle can you change my diaper?’

How stupid does that sound World? United States of America? You guys just cannot Federally Recognize this type of [scum]. If I can see through it I KNOW YOU CAN!

On the contrary USA, Shingle Springs twenty years ago used to be a town like Mayberry from the Andy Griffin Show. I know this to be true because I’m from Shingle Springs and my mother was born in Shingle Springs. The Shingle Springs Rancheria came to birth with their new Indian Casino from a bunch of white people who claimed to have a drop of Indian blood from here and there. Today as soon as darkness hits the sky you see nothing but a little town of tweeked out methamphetamine smokers, dope dealers running around, 15 year old looking girls with track marks up their arm from what they call ‘black’ [heroin] while they sit next to a Shingle Springs Rancheria Indian in his late twenties. All strung out on heroin. This is what this Indian casino did to this innocent town in about a twenty year span. Like I said United States of America you [cannot] Federally Recognize the Tsi-Akim Maidu. As soon as their casino comes up twenty years later any town that is around it will turn into what happened above. Do you want yet another Maidu tribe to molest your innocent daughters in that way?
I pray to Jesus Christ, I hope not! They will say whatever it takes.
Be smart on this one America, California, Nevada, and a couple other places have enough casinos and corruption to follow. America can’t bare another [scar].

At the least amount just for American insurance, for the safety of your children, give it at least fifty years before you consider recognizing the Tsi-Akim Maidu and you will find when the Tsi-Akim Maidu believe they will not be Federally Recognized and get a casino, they will disban, or breed themselves out, just like their ancestors did. History always repeats itself.

Just like the weak Curtis Parks who needs three towns of men at his side just so he can walk like a woman, and he needs an entire tribe at his side to walk like a man.

A’kym, K’odom M’y

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