Famous Words from [our] past. . .

” A little rebellion now and then is a good thing. . . .
for the sound health of government. God forbid that we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.” – Thomas Jefferson

Yes his very words in [our] history books, Shays’s Rebellion.


A comment to Thomas Jefferson’s words, in regard to the situation today:

A rebellion? If the petition obtains enough signatures and gets on the ballot, it is voted into a law? If there was to be a rebellion, it would [not] be from any us on the side of law. Because the petition would be [law], we would be ‘The People’ who enforce the [law]; not today’s corrupt government who are there to enforce the law yet break the law all the time -and shield other government who break the law. Yet for the same crime they will throw you in prison.
So, if our petition becomes law and the government pulls off a mutiny on the law like they have with Our United States Constitution, the government will be the one’s rebelling.
Don’t worry because you will be able to arrest and incarcerate them.
Because today, the people employed in government do not enforce the law, and they cannot be ‘trusted’ to comply with the law. That is ‘one’ of the reasons for this petition. In fact, in my experience &; others who I have talked with, law [enforcement] likes to demand ‘They Are The Law.’ The fact is they are [not] the law. They are prosecution’s agents to [enforce] the law. They only [enforce] the law with a few people, but break the law against most of The People. They enjoy putting themselves on news media to have the American People pat them on the back for ‘one’ good deed they did, and run around committing non-stop crime, most of the time, while they don’t put themselves on news media for that, nor in prison.

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