BELYEW’S LAW – Citizen’s Right to make [Citizen’s Arrest] on officers who are committing crimes.

Many times I had been a victim of different levels of law-enforcement, i.e. -cops -judges -d.a.’s, committing crimes against my person physically, mentally, false imprisonment, financially, civilly. At times these crimes were done with the threat of murder on my person if I did not comply or if I told on the ‘law breaking’ law- enforcement.

I researched if I could make a ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ on law breaking government in law-enforcement and this is what I found: Citizens possess [no] right to make a ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ on government in law-enforcement who are committing crimes against a citizen -no matter how bad they are hurting a citizen in an illegal fashion. Citizens only have the Right to later file a civil suit against law-enforcement. That is asking a government employed judge to arrest, fire, award financial rewards from the law breakers account when they also possess a government job. This is nearly non-existent which makes law-enforcement nearly immune from prosecution for committing crimes against American Citizens. Today -this is getting bad.

We want it voted into American Law that us as ‘Citizens of the United States of America’ possess the full Right to physically arrest, with whatever force necessary, an employee in law-enforcement so employed by the government in the United States of America -at any level, if we witness law-enforcement committing any type of crime in our country.

This includes, but not limited to, arresting ‘prosecution and magistrate’ for Failing to Enforce the Law -when citizens make a ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ on law-enforcement who have committed a crime at any level.


Here are some videos to support the petition:

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