Evidence to support our Petition!

“Government Criminal Suspects” Sheriff Deputies S. WILLIAMS & M. MARTINEZ:

(a). At this new town Tausca & Storm (the victims) were visiting at Missouri, Tausca’s camper-shell back window was broken by two men. The victims ‘thought’ the perpetrators did not know they were in the camper-shell sleeping. A physical altercation followed. The perpetrators ran off across a cow field. Both victims sustained injuries from this incident. The victims did not inform police because in today’s U.S.A., especially when it comes to people full of tattoos, cops treat many of the tattooed with criminality & refuse to help. Read the next paragraph & find why the victims won’t make a report.

(b). One or two days after the victim’s window was broke they went to Walmart. The victims bought plastic bags & went to the parking lot. The victims were taping the plastic bags in place of the window so rain would not get into the back of Tausca’s camper-shell.

‘In A Nutshell,’ two city police in this county attempted the following:

(1). to stop the victims from securing the window claiming what they were doing was [weird],

(2). utilized every avenue to arrest the victims -unsuccessfully,

(3). was highly offended when Tausca enforced his [U.S. Constitutional Right] denying them to search Tausca’s vehicle.
Most every cop in the past that searched Tausca’s vehicles had stole & destroyed items -including D.N.A., disrespected Spiritual items, said they did not find anything & left Tausca’s property in a mess like a hurricane hit it.

(4). made insinuation Tausca was on a narcotic (Tausca was not),

(5). did not want the victims in ‘their’ town.

(c). A couple days, or so, later the victims visited ‘State of Missouri Conservation Area -Cherry Corner.’ This is a wild-life conservation area open to public. The victims witnessed a sheriff patrol vehicle stalking Tausca’s vehicle. The victims sat back out of view & videod this run in. The two “government criminal suspects” looked through Tausca’a front windows then [opened] his camper-shell back-door looking inside. You can hear Tausca’s door slam a couple times at this point indicating the “government criminal suspects” went into Tausca’s truck twice. The “government criminal suspects” left & searched down the river & on sides of road where public parking is located -in a quiet sneaky fashion. These “government criminal suspects” found what appeared to be no witnesses & went back to Tausca’s camper-shell & opened the door [again] looking inside for a lengthy period. The victims were sure the “government criminal suspects” put their arms in Tausca’s truck. The “government criminal suspects” made an illegal entry until stopped from further [crime].

(d). “The “government criminal suspects” defense to their crime:

1. We were seeing if someone was sleeping in the back because food groceries were in the front.

2. There was two vehicles parked in a public place where vehicles are supposed to park.

3. He was concerned (for the victim’s safety they think)?

4. Someone called because a woman was suspicious.

(e). This was a non-violent ‘citizen investigation’ on “government criminals” until Tausca demanded a warrant that gives the “government criminal suspects, S. WILLIAMS & M. MARTINEZ” a Lawful Right to open his truck.
Tausca’s warrant demand set “government criminal suspect S. Williams,” into what appeared to be a violent rage. “Government criminal suspect S. WILLIAMS” proceeded to pull out a taser pointing it at Tausca & yelled, “Do you have a ‘Fucking Problem’.” Both victims believe this was an attempt to frighten the victims, Tausca & Storm, to not say anything about the crime they witnessed of both “government criminal suspects” committing.
The victims were threatened further they were going to be arrested by “perpetrator M. MARTINEZ” if seen driving Tausca’s vehicle. “perpetrator M. Martinez” re-canted his threat.
The two “government criminal suspects” were told many times they can’t open victim Tausca’s vehicle, and/or enter it, without victim Tausca’s permission or a warrant.

Victim Tausca demanded both “government criminal suspects” get a warrant.

No warrant was supplied to this victim.


A white truck (two cops we strongly believe) pulled up and the two men were whispering to one another and left in minutes. They did not see the male Tausca. They saw the female Storm.

“It’s clear the cops are showing up in plain clothes, pretending to be citizens, and calling uniformed officers saying there’s a suspicious person (when there is not a suspicious person). This is illegal!
Cops are doing this unlawful act because [no] law-abiding citizen can be searched by cops if they do not give the cops their consent -stipulated in the United States Constitution.
The unlawful act of this [fabricated] call lets a cop lawfully search a ‘suspicious’ person -because citizens have no way of proving the citizen making the call was a cop and the police will not investigate the person making the call because it was their buddy, and an illegal plot, while phones are traceable with GPS Tracking that is built into cell phones and/or tracing the phones call back number. This applies to non-cell phones as well. If you murdered or sold narcotics, we all know the cops would trace the phone number and find the person on the other end.
Making a False Report is a crime and carries a sentence involving incarceration.
To search a ‘suspicious’ person it highly strengthens the cops legal situation if ‘non-law enforcement’ makes the call claiming a citizen is being ‘suspicious,’ this is stipulated in Black’s Law Dictionary under Search and Seizures and/or Suspicious Persons.

Approximately (15) minutes later a sheriff patrol vehicle arrived with two cops who stalked Tausca’s vehicle & [unconstitutionally] opened it, what sounded like two times.

These “government criminal suspects” argument sounded absurd. They [already] looked in the back of the vehicle twice [unconstitutionally] and witnessed there was no woman sleeping in the back, so why would they need to look in the back of the vehicle for a lengthy [third] time.

These “government criminal suspects” came back after finding no witnesses and [re]opened the back of the vehicle for a different unconstitutional reason.

The facts of this case are these two “government criminal suspects” were breaking criminal laws and the United States Constitution with [threats and acts of violence], intimidation, and humiliation.

The victim stopped these “government criminal suspects’ from committing further criminal acts on Tausca’s property. These “government criminal suspects” resolve was to turn the criminal acts they were committing on Tausca’s [property] -and began to commit criminal acts on Tausca’s [person].

The “government criminal suspect” was threatening to shoot Tausca with his taser. After witnessing Tausca’s wife video taping his illegal acts he immediately holstered his taser & resorted to verbal aggression & disrespect.

With no warrants, the “government criminal suspects” were forced to give back the identification and deal with the consequences of their illegal actions.

The victims have been to many ‘states and their counties’ at the United States of America.

In this country, if you are not on parole [Tausca is not], and you enforce your United States Constitutional Right to not have your person and/or property searched by police officers, the police cannot conduct a search. If they do anyway, they become that of a criminal. Tausca always enforces his Right to not be searched by the police. This pisses the police off because they [hate] the laws in U.S.A. and they believe in Dictatorship, violence, pain, torture, and terrorism.

These type of cops vandalize & break into people’s vehicle. Sometimes the person does not know it. They put spy equipment in the vehicle [illegally] & sometime plant narcotics and different [illegal] substances. Later they have other cops pull you over and they arrest the innocent with a solid case and put the innocent into prison.

The sick part of this is they brainwash law-abiding citizens in this country to believe the person they put in prison is bad, and [they] are good and needed. That, according to the Bible, they are the word of God, therefore they are God.

Every great Nation in the past has failed because of this type of illegal behavior their government has haunted upon its citizens.

We as The People have a Right to protect ourselves from enemies foreign and domestic.

Watch Capitalism – A Love Story, by Michael Moore on You Tube.

Also you may watch the videos that pertain to this incident on my You Tube channel -Lisa Belyew a.k.a. Storm

pt.1 cops break law against law-abiding citizen

pt. 2 “paid” & [naturally born] pricks -square off!

pt. 3 Missouri inmate appeal grounds

pt. 4 “ILLEGAL” set-up

After viewing those you need to go to care2.com and sign the petition –
“Citizen’s Right to make [Citizen’s Arrest] on officers who are committing crimes.”

When we get this put on the ballot to vote it will give The People of the United States guarantees of Freedom and Liberty from unjust actions by the government.

You will be able to arrest a street cop, a District Attorney and a judge for failing to enforce the law, and the like. They will no longer be able to shield each other from the LAWS, nor themselves.

Other citizens feel the same way and are taking a stand against the police misconduct.

POLICE STATE VS CITIZEN – Officers get caught harassment abuse misconduct profiling
by Adan Gonzalez 5 months ago 520,947 views
One of the officers in the video just filed a “You Tube privacy complaint”. I don’t know if youtube will delete the video or not.


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