Reply to Corina from the Tsi-Akim ‘gimme, gimme, gimme’ Tribe

Here is Corina’s reply to what I wrote (my husband’s reply will follow):

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Submitted on 2014/01/10 at 13:59

So I just came across this and all I can say is wow. Your claim that members don’t know about anything is partially because they don’t go to the General Council meeting which has been held on the same weekend since we started. Due to the lack of money that you claim we have we can’t afford to send out a newsletter anymore. But to assume that our tribe has any money is ridiculous. I’ve done too many fundraisers to know it’s not true. If it wasn’t for our continuous supporters we’d have nothing. The grants we get go to certain projects so we can’t just give anyone the money. I’m sure if you had wrote a grant for a project like a cousin did he incorporated money for himself in it then you’d of been paid too.

Oh your logo, which if entered into a contest and voted on and won. There was no monetary amount it was the honor of the one to design it but regardless it had been altered from the one you actually submitted.

If you were involved you’d know more of what the tribe actually does and are doing we are involved in quite a few cultural and environmental issues. If you knew more about how the tribe became and where we actually came from then you’d understand that our ancestors are not all from the Taylorsville area. That they ran there to get away from the bounties on their heads during the gold rush times. We’re not trying to get rich we are just trying to get what was owed to us. We can actually trace our ancestors back to the Grass Valley area, those from the Nevada City Rancheria don’t like that either. But we’re not trying to take anything away from them either. Hell, we helped them get started. They turned their backs on us because of lies and ill truths. The tribe doesn’t claim to be perfect it’s been a growing and learning process all these years. What we can and can’t do. Half the tribe doesn’t want a casino and rather we figure out how to preserve the culture better. While the others just want a pay check. But we are never going to get any of that if we fight amongst ourselves. That is why this process is design to fail and pull us a part. We just already had a split in our family before we started this.

I don’t always agree with the decisions made but if no one else is willing to step up and see things through we surely wouldn’t be as far as long as we are, I know our parent’s generation hold onto a lot of stuff from the past and have a hard time in letting it go so it’s up to ours to stop the hate and come together for our ancestors since they fought for us to be here. I know my Aunts and Uncles have giving majority of their time to make sure this will happen. Their intentions are not to harm anyone and do help when they can.Sometimes tough decisions have to be made whether we like it or not. I’m sorry that you feel the way you do and feel that you have been wrong but to go on with the hate is not the answer. This is what happened to the ones before us.

Here is my husband’s reply to the ill-informed ‘tribal member’:

To: Corina Fr: Tait L. Belyew.

Listen, we don’t even know one another. know that all you who had wrote Lisa’s e-mail sound so absurd. You don’t know much and/or are lying so the world can read your deception.
Ya, you write Lisa’s e-mail and respond to Lisa’s and write [me] like it is me writing when you know it is Lisa’s Advocacy because you sound like the joke you are. For your information Corina, Miss Intelligent, I had many disagreements with Lisa way of doing things and demanded she never speak for me or like she is me writing feelings; on the contrary, after witnessing the harm, and attempted harm, cops did to Lisa and her 4-6 year old child -some Tsi-Akim Maidu, after ‘one year’ of it I informed Lisa that she could fight anyone who harmed our family. That’s when “Lisa” came up with her WordPress. It is [her] own media station to inform the world of the complete truth Corina.
The good and the bad! But [it is] the truth.
I know you and some others don’t like it – and I don’t like some of it either.
But the truth is that it finally made sence to me California Native Tribes never came into the prison to help their tribal members get back on their feet, get back to spirituality, and walk in a tribal way. So they could be a productive member of society. [I] witnessed the “I’m going to turn me back on you” support, or “I’m going to kick you while you’re down” support. If that is what you call it. This really was not much to me because I lived inside where most are like this.
But other tribes from the middle, and East, and South America, they were travelling all the way to California and helping us get right with ourselves. I respect and love them for this. They never gave up on any of us. In their walk I travelled, I prayed for all you all the time of a couple decades until I finally got ‘it.’
I lived in a horrible world that I accepted as normal. I can’t say it is my fault I turned out that way. Either can a few Tsi-Akim Maidu that raised me. But I would not change who I am for anyone. One thing I learned was to give everyone respect until they disrespect you first. Then after that, you can disrespect them back because they should have just left it alone. You see -when ‘A People’ have smut on them like Tsi-Akim Maidu, members need to just shut their mouths when it comes to other because if they don’t then the person they are running their mouth about will probably bring up their past and present negativity. Bring up their Spider Webs In Their Closet, so to speak. You may not respect or like me Corina, but you must respect our Elder BettyRose Davis. This Elder is this exact way. I witnessed this Elder get into disagreements at the General Tribal Counsel Meeting with another elder and comment to bring up Spider Web In Their Closet -to shut them up. But the other Elder was smart and got off that subject.
You can’t shoot arrows at someone without expecting them to shoot arrows back. If you want to be the one(s) to back up the person who shot the arrow first, then expect a war.
It sure is disrespectful for you to direct that Tsi-Akim Maidu along with the cops, never the less, some Tsi-Akim Maidu are cops, did not do any wrong to my family. Or Duch to say she believes it happened in ‘my’ world -like I imagined it.
This harm keeps happening. On April 12th, 2013, it was my third time I was due to get off high risk parole. All these times extended on parole were done [illegally] to keep me around. So this last day of parole we were at a church seeking “Sanctuary” because the cops were threatening us right in our faces that they were going to [fabricate] a criminal case and lock us up. The cops, and California Department of Corrections officer, [fabricated] a criminal case and harmed me and my wife. The set up case they were trying to give me 8 years in prison and Lisa 1 year in jail. Our attorneys, the government system who wanted us incarcerated got for us, turned on us. We were forced to testify. They basically had the strategy to force me to get up on the stand and get me convicted from smutting me up because I was on parole for grand theft with the use of a firearm. The jurors I knew would not do that and they did not. WE WERE ACQUITTED.
Did any of these cops get into trouble? Know! The crooked sheriff who illegally made this case up was rewarded with being reelected, one of the main cops who did it was awarded officer of the year.
The cops, on three different camera/audio, came to me and Lisa and with aggression and violence [sexually assaulted] Lisa right in front of me. We found out in the trial that before these officers got there that morning they called us in as “missing person or UNIDENTIFIED DEAD, and when we left the [sexual assault] scene to go report these rapist cops they called us in that day again as “missing persons or UNIDENTIFIED DEAD. Well, everyone knows we were not missing because we had to report our location to the California Department of Corrections/Parole who reports our location to the cops, and a cop told us to live at the location we were living at -when they showed up. So scratch out the “missing persons” part of it. The cops/parole clearly plotted to [sexually assault] my wife in front of my eyes so I would protect her and then shoot and kill me in the attempted hit. Instead we took it and went and told on them.
In the trial the government’s California Department of Justice clerk had the documentation to substantiate it and my wife and myself were called in a great number of times, maybe 30 times each, as “missing persons or UNIDENTIFED DEAD” by different branches of law enforcement -if that’s what you call them. But those time we were called in we were not missing Corina, I had reported to parole and the cops my whereabout just like I was ordered to, so rule out the missing persons part. The government called us in as “UNIDENTIFIED DEAD.” When these things happened we were forced to escape murder attempts on our lives.
So now government documented, and government testified to, UNIDENTIED DEAD calls were in the same time people were trying to murder us. It was in a trial Corina and on record. You can witness it for yourself if you have Heart because it is a matter of public record every citizen has access to. I asked thew tribe for help with this while it was going on and was hung up on like 5 times by five different Tsi-Akim Maidu tribal members the day of our general tribal council meeting. Even hung up by our Tsi-Akim Maidu Chairman [Don Ryberg]. I was told I had the ‘Right’ to ask a question at general tribal council meeting by proxy if I could not attend, and no one would let me, and no one would help me by giving me a ride there. To let you know I had not done anything wrong to these members to make them disown me like this -at that time. Placer County law enforcement even harmed us and on a desolate road in the name of the Tsi-Akim Maidu tribal member who was a Lt. there -Shannon. In the trial documents they did not even call it in when there was like 10 patrol cars present and it was a ‘big’ ordeal.
Until Lisa’s 4-6 year old child was gone finally, these government Pigs were doing these acts in-front of the child, telling her to say thing about us right in our face while they were laughing after in our face in-front of the child, [illegally] pulling the child out of her school class and God knows what they were saying to her or brainwashing her with. This went on with this child for two years. She finally got all messed up in her mind and fell apart.
So with this Tsi-Akim Maidu thing? Turn your back on helping tribal members with serious problems like this, like Duch saying she believe it happened IN MY WORLD like I imagined it, a lot of you people are so rude and disrespectful. I call it like I see it and like it happened. Now People of the World know the truth about the Tsi-Akim Maidu, and any of you members that had not took part in this? Don’t blame me! Get on the members who disrespected me in Tsi-Akim Maidu name, and still are. It’s go government record Duch, you disrespectful cube of butter eating hog. I guess we imagined all this too. I imagined you eating entire cubes of butter too when you were a little child. I must be imagining that you are really fat too, but you are really skinny in the real world. And I imagined the computer mail you sent us all disrespectful too? Ya, we’ll see Duch. I don’t have anything to lose because it was all taken from me. We’ll see if we can make you lose some stuff, nothing illegal, so I can say it never happened and I believe you believe it happened in your world.
And when I started going to tribal council meetings in Grass Valley, for those of you who don’t know, that little Grass Valley crew joked seriously that when they become Federally Recognized they are going to kick almost all of you out of the tribe like other tribes did when they became Federally Recognized so they can get most of the money. Then they would start laughing together. Especially that one that’s sucked up one ‘I think’ used to have A.I.D.S. or some other disease. Because then the government can’t intervene ‘I take it.’
Do you see how it makes me look when I start writing and doing disrespectful things a lot of you had done to me and are doing to me. Most people in the world don’t like their own medicine when it is negative.
And MY APOLOGY goes out to any of you in the world that are haunted with thing I had thrown back at my family. I don’t like speaking like that because I don’t believe in that talk, really, they just really need some of their own treatment.
And Corina, ya, I won a contest for ‘my’ logo to be used as the official and non-official logo of the Tsi-Akim Maidu tribe. When those of you altered it you had committed a crime in the government’s world of law because you must award the prise for the contest. And ‘anything’ you generated while using it since the date I won the contest I am supposed to get a piece of -no matter how little or great. Especially, since I read somewhere that the Tsi-Akim Maidu is not a tribe and the government deemed as a ‘corporation.’ Now then you have ‘corporation’ business/civil law you must abide. Ya Lisa feels disrespected by this and throws it in your face, since you don’t know the first thing about making things right I do the same. I just want you to feel reality. If I had no love for my ancestors before any of us were around I would have just sued our ‘corporation’ for my piece of the pie, no matter how little or how great it would be. As the insults continue, I think you should be corrected more and more. You guys say this is Cyber Bullying. I say this is our United States constitutional Right according to the First Amendment to inform the world of the truth, and my right under other laws in this country to sue for what I have coming to me. And to seek retribution for illegal acts for what others did to me. People had done this to be when I was younger. So if I were you I would watch out for what you say and how you say it. Because I’m not feeling you right now Corina. Whoever you are?
You are right in a sence, we can’t do much if we fight amongst ourselves. But I still see you Corina as a problem. You have not, to my knowledge, sought punishment for Tsi-Akim Maidu that took part in hurting my family. If they did not want anything to do with me because I was sent to prison in my early twenties, that’s understandable. They just did not have to speak with me. But to run their mouths, plot, carry out that plot with law enforcement, and harm me lets forget about me… Harm an innocent woman and her little child. Lisa & Angelina. That’s not something I can stop. They are not a part of our tribe and have no Tsi-Akim Maidu blood in their Hearts. She only experienced the harm after coming into our family. Harm she was never haunted with before her involvement with Tsi-Akim Maidu. So Lisa has a different way of looking at this than me. Law Enforcement and Tsi-Akim Maidu plot failed so now everyone is forced to deal with retribution for crimes and harms done.
Including [me] Corina.
Do you really think I want all this negativity in my life when I lived a life time of it already? No! I don’t!
In a nutshell, Tsi-Akim Maidu had made Lisa and Angelina, [non] Tsi-Akim Maidu tribal members, feel like SUCKERS. So what are the Tsi-Akim Maidu going to do to make Lisa and Angelina ‘not’ feel like SUCKERS?! Until then, everyone needs to get advocated against by her. That’s her Right and how she feels. Not all you did it but as a tribe you need to fix it because she won’t stop, and she should not stop.
So you understand. You say [we] need to not fight so we can grow as a tribe. That is for me what you say Tait Belyew. That does not include her. Even if I were to say okay, let it go and grow. You have Lisa to deal with. And she does not care about the tribe. Matter in fact Lisa HATES the Tsi-Akim Maidu as it stands.
You want progress? You better go have another meeting I’m not invited to and come up with something to make Lisa want to stop. She is like me. You threaten Lisa in some way it shall only offend her and she shall Advocate against you more and more. So it might be smart to over ride those who have a hater personality and take side with those who want to fix this problem and move on. You can’t win them all Corina. Even if you can win a fight it is not always wise to fight the person. Believe me -I know what I’m taking about. I know what I’m capable of and had to back down from a lot of fights I knew I could win. It sucks but it is just what it is.


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