It isn’t ‘Martial Law’ in the United States! Or is it?

Of course this is to my best recollection:

On April 19, 2014 at approximately 1300 hrs. in the Wal-mart parking lot Officer J. Francis of the NPD arrived with one of his buddy’s claiming that us putting bags on our window was ‘weird’. He asked for our i.d’s and told me to come out of the back of my husband’s truck where I was cutting tape for my husband and handing it to him so he could tape down the plastic bags where our camper-shell window used to be so rain water would not get into our truck. We had just bought some garbage bags from Wal-mart and were fixing our window before it rained. Officer Francis then claimed that Wal-mart called them and told them they did not want us on their property anymore. When he was handed our id’s he said with attitude in his voice, “So you guys are from California?!” Then he started interrogating us about why we were here in ‘their’ town, where we were from, and where are we going, if we had family nearby. My husband told the Pigs that we had a lease in Kansas City but the place was condemned so we moved out and that’s how we ended up in ‘their town’ because Kansas City is really bad and we could not sleep in our camper-shell and be safe. His Buddy said, “That’s understandable.” Francis asked my husband if he could search his vehicle and my husband replied, “No.” He told my husband he better know about the laws before he starts speaking about them -then Francis scoffed, “Then you must be hiding something illegal in there.” We replied “Ya right [no there isn’t].” Francis’ partner started telling my husband, “You keep moving around, are you high on something right now?” My husband said, “[Nope].” Then I asked Francis, “So Wal-mart called you guys and said they didn’t want us here anymore?” And my husband said, “We just bought these plastic bags here we are putting up so the rain does not get into our truck.” His Buddy said, “That’s understandable.” Then Francis said, “Well no. Another customer must’ve called.” I said, “Ya right, another cop,” Francis said, “No. if it was a cop then he would have just stopped and talked to you.” I said, “YA RIGHT!. Here we go with the profiling now.” Francis said, “How am i profiling you? Two white people in our town.” so i referred to all our tattoos. Then he said, “I have tattoos.” then i said, “Ya right, they all say that” (he had no visible tattoos). Then Francis said, “My sisters covered from head to toe with tattoos.” Francis said, “I thought you said you were from California? Why do you have a Oregon plate?” My husband said, “We lived there too.” His Buddy said, “Is this going to come back clear, you ain’t got any warrants or anything?” My husband said, “[Nope].” Francis said, “Why isn’t the vehicle registered to you, did you just buy it, how long have you had it for, do you have a bill of sale?” My husband said, “We have been trying to and I have all the paperwork from my insurance and the car lot where I bought it.” He said, “Go get it!” My husband came back with all the truck’s documents and Francis now did not want to look at it, only the insurance. Our names came back clear of no warrants and Francis gave our i.d.’s back and said your license is expired so my husband showed him the extensions to substantiate his license is not expired. Francis handed back the extensions and said, “You guys need to move on.” We both said, “[Nope], I bought these bags here at Wal-mart and I’m putting them on here.” Francis said something to the extent, “Hurry up.” We said, “[Nope].” Francis and his Buddy, in their two cop cars, parked next to each other at the end of the isle and refused to leave, pouting, until we were done and we left.

This is Tausca, and it is my turn to write the way I see it! I mean after all we do live in the United States of America, the land of the free. So ‘they’ say.
When we bought the plastic bags from Wal-mart, we thought we would have no problems taping the bags up where our window used to be. Wal-mart, at this location, the employees were always nice and happy to see us. We are loyal customers.
Here comes two cops. So I thought, okay, they are just checking to see if someone was breaking into a vehicle and they are doing their job. The mouthy cop says, “Whose vehicle is this?” I said, “Mine.” I substantiated that this vehicle was owned by me and we were customers of Wal-mart. I expected this mouthy cop to say something like he was just making sure no one was breaking into the vehicle. Which would be understandable (back at you). That’s not what they did and was obvious not why they were there harassing us.
We had talked to many people in this town and most of the people we spoke to claimed that they were from California -like us. Maybe these mouthy cops don’t like any of us from California being in ‘his’ town. This is what I’m getting at right now because Old Mouthy needs to accept the fact that we live in a free and just country called the United States of America. We are at war with people that the United States calls [terrorist] because they do a lot of unjust crimes similar to what Old Mouthy was attempting to do to us.
Old Mouthy should of been happy that the vehicle we were fixing was mine and that I had insurance and was a customer at Wal-mart. But no, this Fat Mouth Pig did not become happy. He did a warrant check on us ‘hoping’ he would be able to arrest us. And his Pee-On Partner actually thought if I did have warrants that he was going to psychology me into snitching on myself, by saying, “nothing is going to come up, its not going to come back that you have warrants is it?!” How could Little Pee-On even think that I would have ‘mad cow disease.’ He just got done seeing my I.D. saying I was from California. Then Little Pee-On claiming that I am moving around or something to that extent and, again, thinking he could psychology me into snitching on myself. Well, I was not on dope and had no dope in my vehicle. I had to test for these Mad Cow Disease job agencies they have here because they are so intrusive like they would be able to tell on me to the cops if I were to come back positive for dope.
So Old Mouthy pushed farther and wanted my paperwork for my vehicle from the car dealership which I gave him. Then Old Mouthy did not even want to see it after he rudely made me go get it. These Punks were not there to see if someone was breaking into a vehicle. They were there to harass us and they did not want us in ‘their’ town.
But like I said, are you listening Old Mouthy and Pee-On, That is not your town. That is part of the land of the free -United States of America. Do you realize that your behavior is the same as that of a terrorist to who the United States is at war with? Ya, I know, you probably wanted to keep these crimes you did in that town of yours, I mean that town of the United States. But you did not do your homework.
Storm is my wife. She is an Advocate and is in over 70 countries world wide with thousands and thousands of followers. Storms Advocacy was made for crooked government “just like you.” And as for me not knowing the law? I did law, personally, most of my life. I then decided to attend college for a couple years at Blackstone Career Institute. (formerly) Blackstone School of Law which was established in the 1800’s.
We would rather be left alone. Especially when we are not, and were not, breaking the law when you two harassed us. You asked us to move on? Okay, we are taking your advice and moving on… To the World Wide Web. Because People of the World need to know how Americans with government jobs behave. In our personal experience, and our personal research, American governmental law enforcement (I’m ashamed to call you law enforcement when you are breaking the law yourself), you people are the biggest criminals in the United States. All you do is run around and commit different types of crimes. Every once in a while you will take down some baby killer or serial killer, and since all of you bought off the media, you will show the community and world on the news of this one good deed. Pat me on the back type of psychology to make people believe you are good. Give us more and more money. Then after that you are back to the same ole harassing law abiding citizens because they don’t look like you, or they possess a mental illness, or because they don’t tell on people for you.
The biggest thing that must be done in this country is have the government and law enforcement be GOVERNMENT AND LAW ENFORCEMENT again. To stop letting them run around ‘our’ country behaving like thugs and thieves. To make them speak to people that are not breaking the law with complete respect. I had ran into a couple respectful cops. One respectful cop pulled me over in Kansas City. He did his job, was polite and respectful, then when he let me go he said polite, “You have a nice day sir.” You see? That’s what I’m talking about. If I see that cop again, on the inside of me I will have respect for him.
Some people are not homeless by their choice. Can you people of the world believe that in the United States they came up with laws, or city ordinances, that say it is illegal to sleep in your vehicle, truck, van, recreational vehicle (RV). You can’t get tired of driving and pull over to sleep anywhere. You must buy a motel, hotel, camping site (which they made too expensive to sleep in), or house, or apartment. The government in this country has made it illegal to be poor and homeless. So now some stores turn a blind eye to people sleeping in their vehicles in their parking lot. As long as you are respectful. I mean you buy all your food, movies, and clothes there, so they get paid. Lets say there are 20 different vehicles with people sleeping in them? The cops allow this to happen because it is private property but they don’t like how the people look in one of the vehicles because they are covered in tattoos. The cops will then harass that one vehicle and tell them that it is illegal to camp in ‘their’ town and if they catch you doing it again they will arrest you and tow (steal) your vehicle. But they are not doing that to the little old lady in her RV or the family with little children looking all square. This is where it becomes illegal for the cops to do this because in the United States of America the cops must ‘enforce or not enforce’ the law to everyone the same as the next. They cannot pick and choose just to be a punk.
So there it is! In the United States of America, it is illegal to be homeless. And the cops are breaking the common law in this country by not treating us all the same. Don’t let them tell you different because people employed in American Government love to lie.

1. We were not doing anything unlawful.
2. We were on privately owned property and welcomed by the establishment.
3. We were paying customers at the establishment.
4. Law enforcement had no right to harass us in that manner and kick us off privately owned property when we were a paying customer and the owner welcomed us to his establishment to buy his product.
5. We are ‘Natural Born Americans’ and were in a lawful place in the United States of America at the time we were harassed.
6. The acts stated herein are similar to acts of [terrorism] that which we, as Americans, are at war with. As an American, we can travel to, and be a member of the public in, any public land and/or privately owned land if welcomed by the owner of such land, without the harassment of any form of government in the United States of America.


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