Physical abuse on mentally ill excecuted by the Sheriff and the Church!

Hallo people of the world. It has been a year since my wife (Lisa) and myself (Tait) were violently ripped out of society by the ‘Corrupt Forces of Evil’ in El Dorado County by: the Sheriff, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and the Pollock Pines Community Church.
I have to start this by saying I despise writing ‘law enforcement agencies’ because that is not what they are. They are the complete opposite so when I refer to them I shall use the term ‘cop.’ Truly they belong in prison, or denouncing United States Citizenship and moving to some country full of terrorist. Wait a minute! That was wrong for me to say. These three entities of corruption are terrorists. ‘So,’ why are we at war with Terrorism in the World? Because one thing my wife and myself experienced was being Victims of Terrorism in our own country and no one would help capture and punish the wrong doers because they are employees in different branches of American Government. Not even the Great President of the United States -after we sent Him three telegrams begging for His help.
I want to say United States is not like this, but [it is].
What the [Hell] is a church teaming up with two corrupt government cop agencies to execute a premeditated plot that resulted in physical/mental harm, kidnapping, threats of murder on a spouse, and the list goes on… [Hell] is what Pollock Pines Community Church was for my wife and myself. I am a very Spiritual Being. I read the Bible over and over and if some of you out there don’t know?
What the Bible says is that the church is the body of Christ Jesus with Jesus being the head, and the rest of the people there being the parts of the body. Not one part of the body is more important than the other. How can the foot be more important than a hand? How can the liver be more important than the kidney? And if one part of the body believes it is more important than the other part of the body, the part of the body that believes it is more important [must] take the least important part and put it [above] it making the least important part of the body ‘The Most Important.’
No person in a church can kick out another person. There is no one at a church that has that power because remember -the church is the body of Christ Jesus. And we are His children. How can a child kick another child out of their Father’s house? Only Christ Jesus can make this judgement. But there are steps in the bible a person must take to kick out another person.
Everywhere we go most of the churches have forgotten this part of the bible, and if they have not then they just don’t abide by it. When we used to show up to a church we felt safe physically/mentally because the body of Christ Jesus was the safest place to be. After Pollock Pines Community Church ‘ganged’ up with these government thugs to hurt us, every time I go onto the property of a church I feel a panic attach taking over my being, I am very uneasy, I am frightened the people there are going to hurt us with the government. I just can’t stay there. This is a difficult part of life to accept because I believe in Christ Jesus.
I know He would not approve of what is going on in most of the churches today in the United States of America. This is why I believe this even though I don’t know the story word for word: When Jesus came to the temple he found the people there had tables up full of merchandise they were selling. Jesus got so angry of this that He ran around and flipped all of there table of merchandise over and reprimanded them they cannot sell merchandise in the temple for it is a holy place for worship in the house of God. Jesus got angry for this act that seems so little to us today. So what do you think Jesus would say and do if He was on earth physically today about the horror Pollock Pines Community Church forced us to endure with two rogue government cop agencies?
You people of the world can read the fact that we were acquitted of the criminal charges put on us at Pollock Pines Community Church who have a few bad seeds brainwashing some of their members while utilizing [a lot of their own wording] and manipulating versus in the bible to justify the harm they did to us -because they are soldiers of Christ Jesus and me and my wife are bad people.
Let me tell you people of the world, though CDCR -the Sheriff -Pollock Pines Community Church did not treat me this way, in 1995 I was convicted of Grand theft with a Use of a Firearm Enhancement and paid my debt to society in prison where I found God. My God, that was [18] years ago! And these corrupt cop agencies just keep fabricating cases, the count is around five now, out of hatred for me for a reason I don’t even know. The only thing I did different then other defendants was study law to help my lawyer so he would not miss something. I mean they were over worked and under paid. When I would find a law, which I found many, that ‘their’ lawyer they appointed to me missed and I showed it to the lawyer, I expected them to say things like, ‘thank you I missed that’, or ‘I’m going to use this’, or ‘thank you for helping’. Instead I got snapped at with comments like, ‘Don’t tell me my job, I don’t work for you you are only a client, I’m not going to work for you if you don’t sit there and ‘listen’ to my expertise, you are reading the law wrong’. I would try to tell the judge of these things which is my Right, so I thought, and the judge would say things like ‘Shut You’re Mouth’ (which never was script on transcript), ‘You’ll get your chance to talk’ (which sometimes would not happen), or ‘I don’t believe you your lawyer did not do that.’
This type of [fabricated] track record only leads me to believe, even though I’m far from there, these corrupt government cop agencies will yet again [fabricate] another case that just does not exist or plant DNA evidence that stole from my blood they kept taking or stole tissues many times out of our van while we were present. The government is well known for getting people out of the way that fight for their Rights by sending them to prison for life for something they did not do, of fatally shooting them when they pull them over lying saying ‘I thought he was going for a gun’ (but he never had one).
People of the world, I cannot believe there are so many people out there that feel like us, experienced horrors like us, and feel for us. But, no one helps fight for what is right. Not reading law help, not showing up to court dates for moral support help, no financial help. I tell you we were poor and my wife was even poorer when I was falsely imprisoned for over 90 days. We spent every last cent on fighting these rich government cop agencies. She could not even afford gas to run around and advocate so she would go with eating very little once a day and lost a lot of weight so she could spend her money on gas and law paperwork the corrupt lawyers just were not doing (of course they took credit for her work). The cops were fighting and people in the community had the nerve to verbalize out to her, ‘are you tweaking on methamphetamine, why are you so skinny then, are you taking psychiatric medication,’ and on and on.
So you see for me it is hard to say other people out there really care, or they are ‘down’ with the Cause.
Like I said, I truly did not know why the government turned on me for fighting law in the courtroom utilizing law that is script in our United States Constitution. But today I know why the government turned on me for fighting law in the courtroom utilizing law that is script in our United States Constitution! Because the United States Constitution and other law documents here in America only exist for who they want them to exist for. When they don’t like the person for some reason the government breaks every law there is and fabricates stuff. Of course they run around society and tell everyone a hole bunch of lies about you saying you did this cruel sick thing -solely for their purpose of turning the citizens on you; only after that, they break all these laws against you and fabricate cases.
Most Americans are naive. I mean -they know the cops ‘always’ lie, the government here is well known for murdering their own, or fabricating cases, or lying in campaign speeches to get elected then never doing what they gave the speech on; Americans are pissed off about this. So we are confused when the cops go around and lie about a person why does society all the sudden act like they believe them and you are a piece of crap?
What I am getting at is we had been harmed and still live in horror at times. And, no corrupt government has been punished for doing these things to our lives. I’m just glad that lisa (AKA STORM) is a fighter in the area of advocacy and fought for her family when ‘government and citizens’ they turned threatened murder and other harms. Like I said, these criminal government cops must be punished so they can pay ‘their’ debt to society. Like I did.
If there are law abiding government out there who believes in our laws, where are you because I have not found any.

[La Tausca] Storm’s husband


  1. All I want to correct you on is that the “Church” is not the body of Christ. We the Born Again Believers, the Children of God are the Body of Christ. God Bless and Good Luck.

    1. we ARE born again believers. what makes you judge we are not?

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