On the night of March 28, 2013 at about 2340 hrs. in El Dorado Hills I was awoken to tires screeching by my vehicle. When I looked out I saw a marked Sheriff SUV and thought ‘this is fucking great’ so I got dressed and got my paperwork out and ready for inspection. Out of nowhere he SPED off. NeXt I heard Sirens from a Firetruck and ambulance. They stopped down the hill below. I was thinking ‘this is great. just fucking great. Now what?” Then as I tried to lay back down I heard a police interceptor engine roaring up the hill. They were shining their spotlight on the vehicle. I put my jacket on, sat in the drivers seat, pulled my curtain down, rolled my window down, got my paperwork and I.d. and handed it to Officer Cuddeback who said, “what are you doing?’ I replied, ‘trying to go to bed.” He said, “remember me?” I said, “ya. I wrote about you.” and he said, “ya you did.” and then tried to explain to me about how i was illegally camping in my vehicle. I just told him that whatever they do or say they’re not going to force me to go to their illegal ‘legal’ camping ground, to which he replied, ‘we didn’t establish [that]. i’m not trying to make you go there, but there is an ordinance in this county.” I said, “I’m not going to that illegal concentration camp. I don’t care.” As he was running a ‘check’ two more patrol vehicles came rushing, RUSHING, up the hill. For what? (It is my assumption that they know my medical status and that they have fucked me over more than they can phathom and they are worried about me reacting in a violent manner so that they will have an excuse to add yet ANOTHER MENTAL KILLING knotch to their belts.)
As I told Cuddeback that I was going to write about this he stated, ‘I’m sure you will. You wont put any lies in there.” I said. ‘I have no reason to lie’ to which Cuddeback stated. ‘You don’t seem to lie in your things,’ and I replied, ‘I don’t have a reason to lie”. Then I asked who the officers behind my vehicle were and S. Adams showed me his name with his finger and Cuddeback told me the other officer that i could not see was Melton. (rhymes with Felton) He said that I needed permission from the church to stay there or he was insinuating that he was going to arrest me the next night if I did not.

Mind you that it is GODS property and I will ALWAYS have permission to claim SANCTUARY!!!!
They ‘cleared me for the night’ and left about 12:07 the next day.

If this is really where they want to end up in this LEGAL BATTLE than so be it. They will not prevail against the righteous. THEY ARE WRONG AND THEY KNOW IT!! THEY MESSED UP AND THEY KNOW IT!!!!



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