Officer’s not punished… still.

On the morning of October 19, 2012 at approximately 0230-0330 hrs. my husband and I were awaken by voices and lights being shown into our vehicle. I looked through the curtain to see who it was. There were two Sheriff vehicles there so I took one of the curtains down, put a jacket on and opened the door. My husband got his pants, shirt on, and was asked if he was on probation/parole, he replied ‘yes’ and was asked to exit the vehicle.

Officer Cuddyback asked me to step out of the vehicle and I replied, ‘Can I get dressed first? Shit.’ I was putting on my pants while they interrogated my husband. As I was tightening my belt so my pants would not fall down, [they] yelled at me to keep my hands up and exit the vehicle. I told them that I was tightening my belt so that my pants won’t fall down.

I almost fell into the bushes due to not being awake yet and had to catch myself on the truck. Cuddyback yelled, ‘Whoa! Are you crazy?!’ I said, ‘No! You guys just fucking woke me up! Shit! I’m cold and I don’t have my shoes and socks on!’ he yelled, ‘Well you have 5150 on your fingers. Do you want me to take you to the Puff Unit tonight?!’ I said, ‘No!!! I just woke up and you’re yelling at me and getting aggressive.” He said, ‘You’re crazy because you have 5150 on your hand and you wouldn’t have put it there if you weren’t crazy.’

He asked if [they] could search the vehicle, if we had any drugs or weapons in there. My husband said, ‘No. Go ahead.’ Cuddyback said, ‘Are you giving me permission to search your vehicle?!’ my husband said, ‘ I’m not giving you anything! You’re sitting here being disrespectful and yelling at us. You woke us up and you’re going to search it anyways so….’ Cuddyback yelled, ‘Sacramento’s just that way!! (Pointing westward). I’ll do this again tomorrow! I’m doing this because you don’t have registration on your vehicle.’

Officer Gutzu proceeded to trash our house/vehicle throwing stuff on the ground. Gutzu ripped down our curtains, ripped our registration tag off the windshield, DEFILED religious artifacts, dumped out our religious medicine that we pray with, broke: our shift changer, fuse box cover, native earrings, clock cover, native purse (for our daughter), wrinkled our photos, lotto ticket – ALL my medical, insurance, legal and personal paperwork was strewn ALL over, Gutzu dumped out my garbage bags and threw the trash EVERYWHERE.

To note: while Gutzu was destroying our house/vehicle I asked Cuddyback for his name and he snarled, ‘It’s Cuddyback. Can you remember that?!!!’ I said, ‘Damn right I can remember that!’

Our house/vehicle was trashed dafter Gutzu was done. [They] left our identification on the seat instead of returning it to us. [They] proceeded to laugh and walk off as Cuddyback stated, ‘See you tomorrow night at 0300 hrs! We’ll so the same thing again if you’re here!!!’


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