To Duch Alma from the “GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!” tribe (a.k.a. tsi akim maidu)

To: Duch Alma. Fr: Tait Belyew. see Tsi Akim Maidu, defend other Tsi Akim Maidu who committed crimes against another Tsi Akim Maidu and his family when they did not witness anything. Absurd. When it comes to Lisa writing of her experiences with the Tsi Akim Maidu many virus’ and hound her computer. Who could that be from? Motive goes out to the Tsi Akim Maidu. They had committed crimes on us and still do here.
Instead of rambling on I think it should be best to set you younger generation strait. You don’t know me and you are only reacting to what other Tsi Akim Maidu ‘told you.’ He Said, She Said. You words are like the persons at Nevada City. She only goes off what others told her. Elders put in work in their lives so forget molestations they committed, molestations they ignored to protect the child from.
In anger, you are rambling untruth(s). You had been disrespectful to Tsi Akim Maidu. You claiming I am disrespecting them does not hold a lot of weight. ‘Watch out Duch!’ If you throw stones at me I’ll throw them back, and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I’ll bring up your disrespect for the Tsi Akim Maidu if you smart off to me again. Don’t tell me it’s okay for people to harass and harm us because I had been to prison before so I must shut up and take it because that is the way it is out here. Keep throwing that in my face when I already paid my debt to society. Apologize for that now or I’ll be forced to say some things about you to throw it in your face -that you don’t want anyone to know.
Your parents and my parents never liked each other [before] you and I were born. Saying we always had everything growing up is also absurd. You and I lived in different households and are from a different era; at the General Tribal Council meeting in 2009 or 2010 was the 1st time I saw you since you only knew how to say three words -mommy, daddy, and montequilla [you know -that is butter in spanish -they used to allow you to eat a ‘cube’ of butter at a time all greasy in your little hands]. Do you remember that? I do!
Herman and Cherie ‘your parents’ stole from me is why our relationship ceased. Ya, I know, you want to blame it on my grandparents claiming they stole my jewelry out of your mother’s home right in front of you and you remember that. Did you forget? You were so young that you did not remember me but everyone says I’m crazy you claim, and you only knew how to say those three words? You lied for your thieving mother against me. I would of accepted a heart felt apology from your mother versus a dope fiend plot excuse from the both of you. Scandalous!

You and Cherie told me at the meeting to call you any time I want and come over your home to rekindle our relationship. I called like five different times and your 18 year old daughter made it clear you two did not desire to speak with me. I did not do anything wrong to you both. A couple days after you and your mother disconnected your phones at the same time and never called me. That was weird!

But [all] Tsi Akim Maidu did this to me at the same time besides Loren and Brad. But Brad was accusing everyone of being child molesters and he was innocent when he was one too while his phone click on and off and on every question. I guess you’ll say I’m tripping? I did call many members to ask a question (by proxy per our rules) at the meeting; including, to Tsi Akim Maidu Chairman ‘Don Ryberg’ who, after I said my name, grunted and hung up on me. While I was on speaker phone with Tree, Jasmine and Brad in the back ground, on their way to the meeting, they laughed out loud when I wanted Tsi Akim Maidu help because they placed our daughter with a “child rapist.” Then they would not ‘ever’ answer their phones after the meeting [ever] or call me back with the answer.
His name is “Robert Amaro Perez” and he is on the site called He is convicted of California Penal Code Section 288 (A)(C), Oral Copulation with a Child Underneath the Age of 14 by force. That means he forced with [fear and violence] a person who was either a ‘boy or girl’ who was between ages 0 – 13 to suck his dick and swallow his sperm.

Do you understand what I’m saying Duch! This Child Rapist still has our child, and Tree, Brad, and Jasmine [LAUGHED] very loudly about that. Asking Tsi Akim Maidu for help with this horror, [all] shunned me flat out. Don’t forget, at functions Tsi Akim Maidu always took my donations, generated monies utilizing my logo and never gave me a piece of that. They got it though. I was a tribal member. And you act like I am selfish because I wanted help to retrieve my daughter from the home of this Child Rapist? We later found through the legal system, Wanda, and Kay, everyone [including Tsi Akim Maidu] law enforcement plotted together to take my daughter from me and her mother when we had done [NOTHING] wrong.
To be honest with you!! I only asked the question at the Tsi Akim Maidu General Tribal Counsel Meeting for Tsi Akim Maidu help to retrieve Angelina Belyew -because I had just found out through different avenues all these parties were in the plot to steal my child from me. They “probably” did not know the system was going to place Angelina with a Child Rapist. Still, they plotted. I told Lisa I wanted to ask this question at the meeting because [hopefully] there would be some tribal members there that would stand up for what is right against those that were wrong.
Brad, Tree, Jasmine, Wanda, Don Ryberg, and a handful of others, probably did not even gift MY RIGHT to ask a question at the meeting by proxy. So none of you “probably” heard what was going on.
But think with [logic] for just one minute Duch!! Why would these Tsi Akim Maidu not want to help us with such a horror, and why would Tsi Akim maidu not want me to ask that question at [our] meeting which is our RIGHT. Because they were involved with the horror that was committed on us and everyone was going to find out. So it was easier to shun Prison Tait so they could say they are good people.
I think they ‘profiled’ me like some CSI TEAM, but their profile they banked on did not happen. They committed some cruel illegal acts trying to take down their profiled Prison Tait. Now Prison Tait is Pissed Off Citizen Tait.
Don’t ask me to stop. Walk on my side for what is right and find out what really happened, and vote them out. They were supposed to help me succeed, not break the law to make me fail.
But I’m supposed to suck this up because this is the way it is out here in society, and Tsi Akim Maidu owes me nothing, and I was in prison before, and my parents raised me wrong?
I don’t see any of you laughing now, do I?

It is easier for all you Tsi Akim Maidu who don’t know me to say
“Tait, you are crazy.” “That did not happen because you are crazy.”
But remember, the people that convinced you to believe I’m crazy are a part of this horror and have ‘motive’ to say don’t believe Tait because he’s crazy. Believe me because I’m not crazy.
TRUTH! I’m not crazy Duch. I suffer from Brain Damage doctors say, more than likely, happen from my being run over by a car when I was 4 where I had to learn to walk again, or because my dad hit me giving me a black eye while I was in third grade. Kind of like when someone shakes a infant and the infant’s brain becomes damaged and it dies, or lives with difficulties.
It’s not like I see or imagine things that don’t happen like people try to play me with. It is in both frontal cortex, which is the last part of the brain to grow on a child. It affects the decision making process.
On a scale of 1 – 5, a normal person gets angry starting at 1, then thinks about what they are angry of at 2, then if it would be a good choice or not at 3, and so on. 5 being maximum. In my brain when I become angry it starts at 1, then goes strait to 5, because of the electrical impulses damaged.
It took years of therapy and at times medications to have my brain work fair with the 1 – 5 process. I fought hard for what I learned and the way I have turned out today. So by all you saying Tait is crazy is strait disrespect because that is not the case.
Cyber Bullying? What about violations of the ADA. Remember, not one Tsi Akim Maidu help me, or stood at me side with my brain damage difficulty. They shunned me and talked behind my back to you younger generation saying, Tait is crazy.
That’s what it is like to be Tsi Akim Maidu? Sure, the tribe www viruses off all truth of the Tsi Akim Maidu that is negative. All they put on Tsi Akim Maidu www is how perfect they are. Everyone in the www knows that no one in the world is that perfect. That may be a big reason you have not gained federal recognition. Your site is 1/2 truth, and shielding the negative in you from everyone.
By the way, it was not Tait who initiated the www b.s. You lie saying Tsi Akim maidu does not go on the www? Type in and there is many listings where that tribe is boasting how great and perfect they are. So people, including I, just don’t believe when you say Tsi Akim Maidu don’t read the www. You sound like an idiot. You are substantiating the point I am making. You guys like to lie to justify your argument. And, is not mine!!!!!!! It is lisa’s. Quit saying Tait is doing this and that when it is someone else. I don’t like to take the credit for someone elses work.

Here you go blaming prison and my father and mother raising me cruel. Ya they did. But I thought you just got through saying we had everything? You want to talk to me? You have to keep it real! Despite your anger and wanting to win an argument you did not witness the action of.
Because I had!

It was Jerry and Wanda like you are directing Duch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don’t know why they are allowed as Tsi Akim Maidu. ‘I AM’ PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of what Jerry and Wanda did to a child and continues to do to their child, his wife, and their four year old child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone in that tribe knows Jerry and Wanda hurt children, but they keep them around and side with them just because they give the tribe money, cook rotten food to feed them at meetings, and do things that generate the tribe money. The Give Me, Give Me, Give Me, Tribe. Don’t ask them for help with anything or your selfish and need to grow up.
Jerry and Wanda Belyew are the ones who must be kicked out of the Tsi Akim Maidu tribe. Until that is done, I shall never stop for the sake of my family and young daughter. Tree, Brad, Jasmine?! I don’t know? But something must happen to them too, lawfully I say. That was cruel what they did and an act of war. The way I see it. But I don’t desire prison anymore so I fight other ways. Like telling the world who and what they really are.
Jerry and Wanda did not do that by themselves. They had Tsi Akim Maidu help with their law enforcement connections. The Rybergs others who hang out their. Camera up house that went directly into the parole office computer, Tsi Akim Maidu law enforcement computer, El Dorado County Sheriff computer. All them banked on me doing something violent while they tormented me and my family. The parole office first tipped me off that the surveillance was there and we would be safe so the sheriffs won’t kill us. After we found out they all together did it in our faces. The big screen t.v. writing, “video alarm in camera number 3.” Looking at my 4 year old daughter and wife’s naked bodies in the bathroom. Sick twisted sex shit making us feel ‘raped.’ With Tsi Akim Maidu cops and sheriffs, Wanda vandalizing our vehicle in our faces while she laughed a cruel sounding laugh attempting to provoke elder abuse; cops bent down in a sprint position ready to rush us. But guess what? Tait did not do what they profiled and I made it off parole. They even sexually assaulted my wife in front of me on three different cameras hoping I would defend her so they could shoot me. Like I said, I restrained all plotting and all these law enforcements, and calvary in out tribe failed. Now we possess a million pieces of evidence of crimes they committed against humanity.
It is too bad that you think because I had been to prison I deserve this treatment. And too bad that those in law enforcement and their associates from the Tsi Akim Maidu tribe revolted against me in an unlawful way. Because they wear the Tsi Akim Maidu name and did that as such. You Duch should be against what they had done to one of their own kind in Tsi Akim Maidu name. But that none of you are punishing them for what Tsi Akim Maidu did to their own when it involved a four year old child, you are who you hang with. The way I see it. You all need to punish those involved.
You all were supposed to help me succeed. Not shun me and try to incarcerate me for thing I was not doing. What are Tsi Akim Maidu claiming? They did not do anything? I was a High Risk Parolee and my parents phone was always ‘tapped.’ My mother and Kay have big mouths and incriminated themselves lots on this plot. There’s evidence everywhere for a federal civil case.
It’s too bad because as a tribe some of you ‘may’ have not known about that part of their plot but they did it in Tsi Akim Maidu name and as a tribe you all had the power to help us or harm us or ignore us. Since it was in the tribes name the tribe must be punished for taking part in this. Because you still, to this day, don’t seek to punish those who harmed us. You still choose to hate of Tait, Lisa, and Angelina Belyew for those who did wrong. It was not just Jerry and Wanda. Get off that. But some must be punished. Not us anymore. Next I’ll see what happens if those involved shall stand up and you all shall punish them.
Jerry and Wanda for immediate starters. As a part of some settlement/agreement, but there will be more.

So Cherie ‘your mother,’ You, and others in the tribe, throw in my face it is because I went to prison before. That I’m not in prison so I have to take Tsi Akim Maidu and law enforcement illegal abuse(s) because that is the way it is out in society so I have to grow up and take it and not defend myself or my family. I ‘hear’ that Duch. Of course no one wants society to hear the truth about any of you. If you feel the truth is wrong and disrespectful than there is something wrong with what any of you had done in your past(s) and are doing today.
The only difference between you and me and a lot of other Tsi Akim Maidu is that I went to prison for a long time to [pay back ‘my’ debt to society] for committing a grand-theft with the use of a firearm, so I should be gifted my Right back into society. But as for you, you were in an institution too.

The way a lot of us citizens in society see it:

Tait Belyew has credibility far over Duch Alma, or Tsi Akim Maidu as a whole.

Comment back, but write truth. They did all these things to me and my family in the Tsi Akim Maidu name. It’s too bad you believe in the wrong people when you witnessed nothing. I can’t just let this go and I can’t go back to prison for doing something. The only avenue I have is, and the like.

Sincerely, Tait.

Duch alma · December 2, 2013 – 11:59 ·Edit · Reply→

I cant believe it your just like your greedy ass mother and father you suck. this is Duch your cousin in case you forgot. and by the way were in the real world now no more aint the same out here you don’t get to whine and snivel and jump up and down for what you want. you didn’t get this part in our child hood but you have to work for what you want and you more than anybody should have known better than entering into an agreement with your own greedy ass mother… what about that,,, don’t you know you cant trust nobody prison should have at least taught you that. dam..all this propaganda on line is bullshit suck it up Tait it is time to grow up.. our tribe didn’t do any of this to you your fucked up parents did. .leave what were doing in our history the fuck alone my number5309364955 in case you got something to say and tell your goofy ass wife to stop disrespecting my tribe and grandparents…I will stand up for what I say.. I am my fathers daughter.
Duch Alma · December 4, 2013 – 07:51 ·Edit · Reply→

No matter what name or silly picture logo you people decide ill always be Indian on my moms side and my dads side..and that has nothing to do with whats going on. you complain about the injustices in your life online you blame everybody else well its not everybody else, who are the main people involved you and your with your problems with them not the tribe or online this is ridiculous..
Duch Alma · December 4, 2013 – 07:55 ·Edit · Reply→

I think the Tsi Akim Maidu could lose you fuck it.. its not like your a productive member of society or our tribe..never have been, and now all this over monies you think your owed.. I bet your wife got all this nonsense in your head shame on you for listening.
belyew · July 11, 2013 – 21:49 ·Edit · Reply→

ok? so…. you can lose the tsi-akim maidu?
Megan · December 4, 2013 – 14:05 ·Edit · Reply→

I do not know of you Tait ,but I am Tsi Akim Maidu residing in Nevada City. You most likely don’t know me either. I do have to say to read your words really hurts…trying to portray my family as insensitive and cheaters. All I know is what I’ve seen and I know my Grandmother and her sisters and brothers have worked so hard for our tribe. My grandmother spent most of her time working and running the thrift store with her sisters and spends countless hours organizing events such as the Winter Gathering or Indigenous Peoples Day. I grew up as student representative of the Indian Education Program, my Aunt is the Parent Liason. My mother, brother, sister and I volunteered at the thrift store as much as we could. My family has always been involved with our tribe. I’m sorry you have this outlook on Tsi Akim Maidu…but it hasn’t been about striking it rich to be federally recognized. It’s in appreciation for our ancestors, our elders, and to secure the future/recognition of our tribe. I’m pretty sure there isn’t any significant amount of money available to help your family unfortunately…we are a poor tribe with a lot of pride and love for our heritage! I just wanted you to hear another perspective so you have a choice to see Tsi Akim Maidu in another light. I’m very sorry you feel the way you do, but I don’t think speaking negatively over the internet is the most professional. It’s a form of cyber bullying.

Good luck with future endeavors Tait.

To: Megan Parsons. Fr: Tait Belyew.

You are ‘partially’ correct in your reply. You don’t know me. You don’t know of the corrupt activity my family and myself suffered by the hand of some Tsi Akim Maidu. If you want to behave ‘professionally,’ as you script, don’t comment either way until you investigate this matter. Investigation is not saying I know these people and they say ‘He Said, She Said’ so I believe them; I don’t know Tait so he is lying.
Read: Duch Alma from the Gimme Gimme Gimme Tribe AKA Tsi Akim Maidu, and The Fat Boy Who lost His Cupcake At The Kickball Game.
This happened to us and in Tsi Akim Maidu name. So these people at Grass Valley/Nevada City are ‘professional’ and nice to you? That is probably true. But they are not that way to us. And we never did anything wrong or disrespectful to them.
Maybe? A motive would be I went to prison and lived that life, and some of them are cops and lived that life? I don’t know. All we know is that all these things happened to us.
So Magen, if you are true Tsi Akim Maidu and down for what is right, then help do what is right. Punish them for using the Tsi Akim Maidu name and doing cruel acts with it. They did this to us. Nice People! Ya, to you.
Don’t just blame Wanda and Jerry Belyew, they were a part of this, but others were involved as well. Why do you think my family is out to get all you? I rode with the native car my entire life, when I went to prison I was forced to ride with the native car because I am part native. I have been attending sweat lodge ceremony nearly the entire time and am very spiritual. Why else do you think no Tsi Akim Maidu could make better artifacts than me? I’m not fake about it. Certainly not Calvery Fake.
If you want to write back you can Megan. But we have to be real about it. You ride with Tsi Akim Maidu name so you have to deal with mess they do in that name because you are them. Correct them or not. That is you. Look at all the pictures of destruction they did on my family on the side of a desolate road for Shannon. They pulled their firearm halfway out as they asked for my i.d. in an attempt to murder me for following their order. But your elders do work for your tribe so that’s okay?
Our tribe and the law enforcements associated with it could have said, ‘Hands off Tait, Lisa, and Angelina Belyew, because we want him to make it out here in society,’ and no one would have done any of this to us. Was that selfish to want?

belyew · December 5, 2013 – 10:37 ·Edit · Reply→

you know who we are. I too have volunteered my time at the thrift store, that apparently a majority of the “tribe” was unaware of and this was brought to light at the one tribal counsel meeting I went too. What a disappointment that was to witness. People divided in different groups, talking shit behind each others back and not wanting to be with family members? what kind of “tribe” is that? none that I have read about throughout history. My name is Lisa Belyew and [not one] of your people embraced me OR my daughter. I felt highly offended and disrespected by this. I witnessed so much greed from your ‘tribe’ that it made me sick to my stomach and to watch your “tribe” shun one of their own instead of embrace him was disturbing. And by the way THIS IS MY WEBSITE!!! NOT TAIT’S!!! your ‘tribe’ has done many illegal things through that “grass valley” crew and they know who they are, what they did, and what the creator thinks of them. You may not be a witness to this, but it happened to us from them so it’s hard for you to judge us [professionally], as you put it, because someone is saying, “it didn’t happen”. If you are a [true] tsi akim maidu who isn’t into harming their tribal members, then you should look further into this matter and correct those in grass valley and nevada city, and Jerry and Wanda Belyew. And apologize to my husband. Greet him with hospitality like your creation story says. not just because you guys feel pressured for what I am doing (finally!) but because it is your way. cyber bullying? your tribe non-stop cyber-bullied me and I had to learn how to get around them every time they put a virus out when I tried to do my work. So I’m telling the WORLD the truth about them. Again you may not have been told of these cruel things your tribe has done to my family, including [cyber bullying], so you shouldn’t comment that way. PROFESSIONALLY!!!!


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