Another day in the life… of Communism!

On 11-14 or 15/2013 as we were eating our food we just bought from Walmart, and kicking back in our blacked-out vehicle, we heard some male voices approaching the side. We witnessed the shadows go straight to the back of our vehicle as our dogs nutted up. They said, “This is an old truck. What year is it? ’87?” Then as we started getting ready to go out they walked off. I opened the side window and stared out witnessing two employees on the wall. One was texting on the phone while the other “looked out”. I just stared at them and told my husband to look at their faces. The “look-out” boy told the other who was busy texting on the phone and as soon as he saw me he frantically started texting and then they both walked off, never looking back. They continued out to the parking lot as I watched them the whole time to go and look in other vehicles. I looked at my watch and it was about 2030 hrs.

11/16/2013 we were leaving a McDonald’s establishment, around 1230-1400hrs. when I noticed a cop (blue car w/ white writing) at the light looking at cars behind us until we got just past him and he snapped his neck in our direction and stared at us. When his light turned green he did not go with traffic. He waited for us to turn left onto Calhoun then he proceeded down S. Billings, running parallel with us for awhile. About 10…. 10 cop cars bombarded us swarming around us like bees on an advocate comb. Following us, pulling on the side of us, staring at us, etc. Acting like a bunch of tweekers. Seems that [every] city we go the cops act like the “social parasites” they want locked up. So these “enforcer’s of law” go around breaking the law.

They don’t even have the “balls” or common decency to just come up, respectfully, and talk to us. They would rather go off another corrupt State’s, corrupt county’s, another corrupt agency’s word and get themselves caught up in a law-suit.

What has happened to America. Law-enforcement agencies allowed to walk around as criminals. Ex-cons walk around abiding by the Law, yet treat us as if we are constantly breaking it.

Justice? NO! Communism!

This Country is on it’s way to becoming a Third World Country.

While shopping today I was approached after paying at the self-checkout and asked for a receipt for my hat. I said, “This is my hat.” The employee replied, with attitude, ‘I heard different!” I told her, “I came in with this hat on and you can go check your security cameras!” The employee snapped, “I will!” and I replied, “GOOD!” as I walked directly to customer service and explained the whole situation to employee Jodie.

To note: my hat is an [original] rabbit fur “Mad Bomber” hat purchased from Carabella’s two years ago. I don’t think Wal-mart possesses this hat?

Then we went directly to a coffee shop to do some law work. My computer beeped three times really loud. The screen went blank, came back on to a blue screen with big lettering saying,
It went blank, then came on saying, ‘Don’t turn off your computer.’ A Billings police simultaneously arrived to get coffee, Officer SANDERS got his coffee, left and our computer came back on-line again (COINCIDENCE?)

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