In the times I have had government officials and their associates try to murder me and my family I have learned that one of the reasons they hire these “hit-men” to drudge up bodies, wherever they may get them at; i.e. poor, homeless, the unwanted, ones with no family to care for them, etc., I have come to my own conclusion they just want the organs from these healthy bodies to give to the rich that have paid them off to receive them.

It made sense why they were trying to kill my husband so bad… he is in the 10th percentile who have been able to cure themselves from Hep-C [without] treatment, he is not a carrier and they can find [no trace] that he has ever had a symptom. They did test after test with puzzled looks on their faces wondering how he did it. Now knowing that and how hard they have continued to push for our demise, unsuccessfully, they want these curing organs to ‘study.’ This is consistent with them not wanting to mutilate our bodies. They have used ‘gas’ on many occasions and tried to get my husband to go through a major surgery that could kill him when he did not need it. It couldn’t be nothing else. We both have survived these horrible gassings, even one that included our four-year old daughter. EVERY SINGLE DOCTOR REFUSED TO TEST US FOR THIS!

This makes us look at the news. Like, when the police shoot an unarmed mentally ill parolee on the street and say they ‘thought’ they had a weapon. Everybody in society watches this news segment and says, “Oh well.” The government knows that the mentally ill parolee died from a gunshot wound to the head yet perform an autopsy going through all their organs. So if some rich person needs a kidney the doctors get to say, “We got one now. We have a match for you. We have a donor. And the rich person does not know how they truly got that organ.


Not from you just saying, “They wouldn’t do that.”

If he told you he wouldn’t cum in your mouth would you believe him?

“They wouldn’t do that” (gurgle.. gurgle.. gurgle)

If you don’t believe me, next time you watch a government campaign with officials gurgling out their lies to get elected quit yelling at the t.v. saying, “You’re a liar!” instead say, “I believe [everything] you say politician.” And take your DUMB-ASS down there and vote for them again. And by the way… have you ever watched these politicians count your own votes? And now you want to believe them when they say they counted your vote, but you don’t believe them when they are campaigning. But shit. They lie [every] campaign! WAKE UP!!!!


Believe in yourself, believe in action, believe in reality. Don’t believe in another human beings verbalization just because they have government employment!
They steal, lie, cheat… they should be in prison. Yet you worship them like they are your God. You think a non-government employed citizen should go to prison for stealing a candy bar.

Get rid of the government’s ability to push a button and turn you into a brainwashed zombie.


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