Trying to Support Our Troops. NOT!


It’s that time, again, to inform the [wonderful] United States of America and Citizens of criminal acts among us.

In part, the Army/Navy Surplus Store is designed to ‘support our troops’ (I thought). Many of our troops used supplies are sold there. I had been looking for this one product in other states without success. On vacation at Billings, Montana’s, Army/Navy Surplus Store I found the product I was looking for, finally. I purchased it.

There was so much cool stuff at this store. I went out to take turns caring for our dogs and to send my husband into this store to purchase something.To let you know- my husband [is not] on parole or probation, and [does not] steal. My husband [was not] intoxicated on any drug, [nor] alcohol.

A ‘bum’ in appearance, stared into our darkened windows of our vehicle for a lengthy period right in front of us. We started going back and forth about it, “does it look good?” “Can you see in there?” The bum entered the business saying something inaudible. He exited the store shortly thereafter.

My husband goes into the store and the salesmen possessed a disrespectful demeanor toward him -despite their store-dog placing his ball at my husband’s feet so he could play with him. So much for these military fanatics listening to the vibes of their dogs. My husband went and looked at warm socks because we had been talking of purchasing some for the winter months. One employee said to the other employee ‘loud and clear’ so everyone in the store could hear, “he is going to steal something,” as both employees stared at my husband in a aggressive manner.

One of the employees pretended to straighten the already straightened clothing on the near-by rack next to my husband. The employee stared at my husband like he wanted to fight him.

Finally, my husband informed the disrespectful employee, “you can come over here and follow me if you want, it is okay.” Pretending like he could not hear, the employee aggressively replied, “what did you just say?!” My husband repeated himself. The employee aggressively replied, “you can hit the road, bye?!”

My husband was kicked out of this store for attempting to support Our troops, not.

So irritated at their Montana Military Customer Service, and just after we bought merchandise and was in the process of purchasing more merchandise, I gave my husband our dogs and went back into Billing Montana’s Army/Navy Surplus Store to complain about the treatment we received. I complained, “that was rude of what you did.” The employee’s reply, “it’s our store and he does not have to act paranoid.” I complained, “you guys made the comments first and my husband replied back, and there’s nothing wrong with that, now I’m going to write an article about you and your store.” This employee just stared at the flooring with a zoned-out type look on his face, ‘like’ what did I just do.

Propaganda on the governments news channels and bill-boards tells us to support the military troops. This type of behavior makes us not want to support Our troops.

Makes us ponder?

Why would they treat ‘some’ people in America with no liberty? Like they are Communist and we are their subjects? Many people try to overlook the [fact] Our military savages around some other countries and kill innocent women and children just by a simple Order from another man. But when ‘they’ arrive back to the ‘States’ and gain employment positions in our government, and stores, and other areas these two support ‘No Matter What,’ and treat Our Citizens with judging hatred on who ever they choose, and choose not, something [must] be done.


Would seem to be Righteous?!


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