OBAMA’S AGENT burns brain-damaged man’s face on hot asphalt.

On You Tube – Lisa belyew aka storm HEY AMERICA GUESS WHAT? YA, YOU KNOW IT. THE PUNK ASS GOVERNMENT TOOK THIS VIDEO OFF YOU TUBE! WHY? LOOK AT THE TITLE. WHY WOULD THEY WANT AMERICANS TO SEE THIS? I’ts the next day and i spent hours reloading it and guess what? I didn’t have to! MYSTERIOUSLY it reappeared in my channel again. So ENJOY America! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHgRe0gOZKs&feature=youtu.be oh and if they erase it again I’ll just put it up again, and again, and again… or you can just call me and I’ll send you a copy;) Cop burns ACQUITTED brain-damaged-man’s face on hot asphalt at church. Government, Church, and the American with Disabilities Act [ADA]. 1995, California Deputy District Attorney WAGONER [now Superior Court Judge WAGONER] and the El Dorado County Sheriff Department (E.D.C.S.D.) had full knowledge Tait Belyew was diagnosed with irreparable brain damage. As of today 2013, looking at the past through today El Dorado County, State of California, and the Federal Government deemed Tait as mentally-ill. Knowing this medical difficulty Tait possesses, these law enforcement entities continued in their exercise of crime they committed on Tait. Judge D.A. WAGONER and the E.D.C. Sheriff Department Stole and Sold Tait’s Camero. They seized Tait’s Camero without a seizure warrant which was lawfully parked on privately owned property at Tait’s residence. They possessed no lawful control over the Camero yet they gave the tow company permission to sell it for storage fees. Tait seeked help and appealed to The Federal Bureau of Investigation, California State Governor, President of the United States, News Media Wire Services, Radio and Television programing, Civil Rights Organizations, and so on… No one helped! Tait pressed this matter for about 10 years always sending D.A. WAGONER [NOTICE] by mail. The California Department of Corrections (CDC) and E.D.C.S.D. work together on everything they do. They [illegally] extended Tait’s supervision for a year while they hurt him and his family. They [illegally] extended Tait’s supervision for another 2 months while they hurt him and his family. The very day Tait was said to be off the [illegally] extended supervision, ‘get this,’ a resently retired CDC Officer was volunteering at the church Tait and his wife Lisa were going to eat at -they have been going to this church off and on for 4 years with no problems, and all smiles. The CDC Officer called the E.D.C.S.D. claiming Tait and Lisa were on “methamphetamine” and Lisa refused to change her shirt. There is no dress code at that church and that is stipulated on their web-site. no one else who was dressed simular was asked to change their cloths. Because there is no dress code. The Supreme Court Ruled that the District Attorney is not an attorney for a regular client, but that of an attorney of a sovereignty. Therefore, the District Attorney’s Duty is [not] to win, but to see that Justice is served. And, the sheriff and his/her employees are merely the agents [of] the District Attorney. It is extremely disheartening when you know that everyone feels the same way towards corruptness yet no one is willing to take a stand. This is a longer version for your eyes to see the TRUTH. Not that the cop is telling me to leave. He is pointing his weapon at me for NO REASON. Threatening to shoot me for telling him I’m going to sue him. Sticking the weapon into my husbands back. But I guess all you people think that’s ok. Pathetic if you ask me.You can see him slam my husbands face into the hot asphalt and hold it there for a lengthy period, burning him. You can see the “witnesses” just coming up and weren’t there for the whole thing. Excessive force was used from the beginning, when my husbands legs WERE spread and Fulton starts kicking them apart for NO REASON, oh wait he had a reason, to be a jerk. This is NOT the first time Officer Fulton has been rude and aggressive with us. Just check out my blog site, http://www.belyew.wordpress.com, and you can READ with your own eyes to see that this was a set-up from the gate. They did not want us to leave the county. They want to keep us here to continue to torment us because we REFUSE to conform to their illegal ways. We REFUSE to go to their “concentration camp” for the homeless in Placerville, a.k.a. “hangtown haven” where pedophiles and other sickos congregate (don’t get mad. if the shoe fits, wear it). We REFUSE to quit advocating against them. We are anti-social as it is and are being FORCED to be where we do not want to be, El Dorado county!!!! So we would appreciate if you would pass on the longer version so others may see the truth for what it really is. Not just one and a half minutes. The trial for this begins Tuesday July 16 at 8:30 a.m. on 495 Main st. court. They have illegally gone past our constitutional right to a speedy trial by four days. They have suppressed the witnesses in our behalf: Lucy Capinella (she told us not to leave and sat at our table while Lance Kramer raged about. She also said that she was trying to get him to calm down and rethink his actions), Joe & Benji Russo (witnesses to our TRUE character when we arrived) JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT REFUSING TO PUT THEM ON THE WITNESS LIST! They have suppressed exculpatory audio AND video evidence. All we wanted was to eat & leave this crooked county behind. It seems they refuse to cut the cord. As the public defender stated, “If an officer is using EXCESSIVE force you have THE RIGHT to resist! Pollock Pines Community Church does not fear or love God for we are His children and THIS is what they did to us! The church kept on staff all these corrupt people who hurt us and was plotting to so it to a young couple. They said that were “just like us”. JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT SWEPT UNDER THE RUG. ONLY IN AMERICA…. ONLY IN EL DORADO COUNTY!! WHERE THE MILLION DOLLAR ‘BOYS CLUB’ PLAYS!!! thank you. The Belyew family. samanthafox999@yahoo.com 530-333-3138 please contact us if you or anyone has an attorney or know someone who can help! http://youtu.be/kHgRe0gOZKs Former Deputy District Attorney/Judge WAGONER today is still harming the Belyew’s in an illegal fashion.


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