Sheriff D’Agostini (one of the ‘good ‘ol boys’)

For over four years I endured non-stop abuse from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department. The first two years I was asked to not say anything by my husband because the Parole kept telling him he was getting off on his early release. After Agent De Roco lied yet again about his release and paperwork, threatening to kill us along with the EDSO we had to flee the state for our lives. When he got transported back after almost 6 months on the run he got out and they continued the abuse. August 18, 2012 was when officer Coburn of the EDSO stole my property and threatened to lock me up for not allowing him to search me. Mind you I WAS NOT on probation or parole and I DO NOT have to let any law enforcement search me or my belongings (something the EDSO thinks does not apply to them). Since I put in that first complaint to the EDSO Sheriff D’Agostini KNEW of these complaints plus I was calling his office to have an interview with him to tell him to call his ‘boys’ off.

Ignored year after year only to find out that he stripped the Forestry Service of their deputization because they were abusing VISITORS TO THE COUNTY! HELLO! How about the abuse they bestowed on all the county people of his. I was born in El Dorado County and as far as I know so was my mother and grandmother.


This scumb-bag who probably got elected because he lied and told everyone he was going to “clean up El Dorado County” has only disappointed many. Allowing his officers to get away with MURDER over and over. Not investigating ANYTHING HIMSELF. Going off only on fabricated reports his crooked ass officers make up, you know the ones that should not even be working there!

I know it is election time and I should be there telling his opponents all this but I have a very good feeling that God’s hands are at work here and his opponents and many other politicians have viewed my website already giving them all the ammunition they need. Now if ANY of those opponents need our assistance, just give us a call at 530-333-3138 and we will be more than happy to oblige.


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