Recently I had a 4 day stay at the el dorado county jail after a sheriff cuffed me over to the hospital in Placerville for some pain, believing as told, it was a simple 5150 check up from the neck up. On the bed after the nurse withdrew a whopper of 12cc,s of blood, she ordered me to fill one of those urine cups that come with a big handle so I did. So completely weak and dehydrated they, Nurse and all, started firing a powerful and hidden defibrillator device that tightened my chest and put me on the floor that I can best describe,(Like the navy yard shooter described back east), as like being in a microwave oven. Turning in to a veg and afraid for my life, I assaulted a security guard twice to move past and it was that instant, that landed me in jail. What else was I to do?  I mean my feet were turning gang green because my blood was not flowing through my heart and body and because of this my skin was turning blue. In the trunk of the cruiser there was another device similar but not as powerful they continued to hit me with until an ambulance showed up, they shut it off, closed the trunk, had a few words with that driver and then drove me to the jail intake. While I was in jail this practice continued for eight meals as I counted. Once they put me in a chair with straps in a small room and opened my legs, but I kept pushing myself over as desperate not to allow any more attempts. They told me my family was dead and that I am dead with no one else around. There were many times someone came to check on me after I stopped moving to see if I was dead or alive. When I responded, They said “yep he moved” and slammed the door. They also kept moving me from room to room to room to get me to sit still because every time, as I quickly learned, that I did move I could here them shut the power off then readjust the defibrillator and then turn it back on. And when they did, I could here them say that he knows, he knows! I thought I was going to die and that yelling, and staying dehydrated was my only hope of making it out!  When I did yell, I could see the correctional officer checking all the camera’s to see if anyone could here me.

  Well I made it  out, the DA said no court dates, as the whole thing is under investigation. Well that is good but I will still sue their ass off, because after all, I am just a man who likes to take a lot of photographs and so what? Does that justify for cruel and unusual punishment because someone doesn’t want to lose a government job?

Pissed American 1776.


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