St. Gall Catholic Church and the Sunrise Motel (now Sierra Motel), Minden, Nv

Well another DISAPPOINTMENT from a “God loving” religion. We went to this church after another company referred us only to the dismay of being let down yet again. “josey” had an attitude from the gate because we told her that we needed help with food, winter clothing, and gas, she rolled her eyes while she told us to wait and fill out the paperwork. She came back with a bag of food and told us that she would give us $20 in gas, food [and] a voucher for a night in a motel, which we did not even ask for but took it gratefully. She got on the phone and talked to Teresa and told her we were going to be getting one night and she would send us over there.
We went and got the room and were there for less than a couple of hours before some rude ass foreigner started yelling at my husband for walking his dogs [yelling], “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! YOU DON’T LIVE HERE! YOU NEED TO GET OFF OUR PROPERTY! YOU DON’T STAY HERE!” On the fourth time of this foreigner yelling my husband, after being polite, my husband told him, “Don’t talk to me like that”. The foreigner told my husband that he was going to tell the lady in charge and he was getting us kicked out of there. Then I came out of the room and Teresa was there saying that she was going to call the cops because she did not want our dogs there. Teresa told us that foreigner was in charge and we told her he just said she was in charge. Then he started yelling at Teresa to call up Gall and tell them to stop sending people over there. to note: it’s a dog friendly motel and the other patrons had dogs and my husband was walking the dogs in the ‘pet area.’ Also when we first arrived I took the dogs out and had no problems. Nobody said anything. She said that there was a pet deposit of $10 for our dogs to be there and we told her that was fine and she said, “I don’t want your dogs here, I’m calling the cops!”
As I was getting my property out of the room, when I thought I had it all, I went back to make sure and Teresa locked the door and sat there with her arms crossed saying, “I’m calling the cops now and you need to leave. You can’t get back in your room.” So Teresa strong-arm robbed me of my clothes I just received from the voucher the St. Gall Catholic Church gave to me.

If this is the system that the Catholic Church uses to deter people from seeking help, then why do they claim to be like Mother Teresa? Mother Teresa’s beautiful work in regard to helping the poor and needy has faded away along with her death though her death was supposed to be Eternal life through Christ Jesus. The Christian and Catholic Churches in America have become artillery used in the Art of War for the United States Government and Law-enforcement. This is NO surprise because they were used for this in Medieval Times for the Kings and Queens that they could not go to war unless the church gave their blessing or the citizens would turn on them. DO YOUR HISTORY!

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