Our Six Year Old Child and the United States of America,
   This situation involves the torture of my family by branches of government at California (CA), USA (that is): California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDC-R), El Dorado and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Departments (EDCSD) and (SCSD), Child Protective Services at El Dorado and Sacramento Counties (CPS), Traveler’s Aid-Jackie McClain (TA), and members from the Tsi-Akim Maidu Tribe (TAM-non-federally recognized).
    Detail from above is too extensive so I shall keep it simple. This matter has been appealed to this government and the rest of the world.
  I became married to a woman with a four year old child, Lisa and Angelina. I gained certificates in Positive Parenting, and in many other areas, including a Diploma of Paralegal. Extensively, I participated in spiritual services for over twenty years. My new wife Lisa, had obtained years of programing and certificates in the like areas. I paroled with a vision of success and hope.
    My daughter’s, Angelina, biological father was not a part of her life despite my attempts to rekindle. A superior court judge gave Angelina my last name. I was the one who showed Angelina how to tie her shoes. I was there for Angelina when she was sick. I took Angelina to school and attended her open-house functions (which they erased from our videos). I took Angelina sledding, bowling, playing at the park, and I caught her first fish with her. [I AM ANGELINA’S FATHER]
     These government entities and Maidu organization intervened in our lives with their hand out that they were there to help my family succeed. As a whole, they broke into our home and erased all our family videos, stole all family pictures, stole legal documentations pertaining to our family and our success, used a gas agent a number of times on Lisa and I (at times child present), broke native artifacts I constructed and others I was given at ceremony, vandalized four vehicles to the extent we were forced to replace them, taught Angelina what drugs were and then unlawfully entered into Angelina’s school and asked her if her parents were doing drugs and other illicit activities to her, said to lie and make something up and put me back into prison and if you are going to kill me to kill me now (childe present), walking back from the hospital-ruffed me up and yelled at Lisa saying‘you are a bad mom’ for about five minutes and then let us go, and so on…
   Despite these unlawful brainwashing intrusions, Angelina always said that we were good parents and we don’t do drugs.
    After two years of non-stop unlawful harassments in front of Angelina, she began to be dysfunctional saying the same accusations the government was saying (with child present). Angelina started to be dysfunctional when she didn’t feel like doing her homework or feeding her animals, and the like. The government intervened as Lisa called them for help as she was breaking down from the horrors of the above. The government showed up and beat Lisa up and took Angelina. I was not present. Upon finding out this information I looked into getting Angelina back. CPS now said that I am not the father but the ‘parolee boyfriend,’ refused to use Angelina’s lawful last name which is mine, and said I could only see Angelina if I was supervised by my parents. CPS attempted to give Angelina to my parents whom physically and sexually abused my sister, cousin, and myself, when we were children; government was aware of this fact by way of superior court judge’s finding. I personally stopped this horror CDC-R –Jon DeRoco, CPS, and TA were pushing. I was told, ‘it could not of been that bad.’ Remember: DeRoco was the one yelling lie and make something up and put him back in prison, and to kill him now (child present). There are many law-suits against CPS by parents for the similar. Courts side with CPS without proof but what they brainwashed the child to say. CPS attempted to give Angelina back just one week after they took her. We refused due to brainwashing& them now teaching Angelina what sex was about because of their desire to place Angelina with her biological father (which they did). He is convicted of child molestation (see attached).
  Lisa and I [ARE NOT] convicted of any crimes of abuses on children.
   Another disturbing fact about these companies is they placed our six year old Angelina with a CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTER – ROBERT AMARO PEREZ (see attached), who married into a family with an underage girl, another child of his own, and now Angelina. Look at this monsters picture- can’t you imagine what this monster is doing to these children the government allows to be under his care. And the monster refuses to allow us to speak with Angelina to check on her. This is what the government says is in the best interest of the child.
   The Tsi-Akim Maidu tribe is full of years of child molestation and physical abuse. I am personally a victim of this abuse. There are many officers and their supporters in this tribe who support those whom have committed these sick acts and hug them as they see them. [Most evil are Wanda and Jerry Belyew].
   How can the United States Federal Government federally recognize the Tsi-Akim Maidu organization to become a tribe? They should be putting these people, citizen and government alike, under investigation and in prison.



  1. I wish I was Aonymous · · Reply

    If we study the history of this tribe, prostitution and pedophilia was not an inherent part of they’re culture. These aspects were adopted along with guns, alcohol, dresses, suits and shoes following the mass genocide that occurred in the 1840’s. once they overpowered and destroyed the nurturing powerful women of this culture, to a sex ratio of 1 woman to every 6-10 men, the confusion of the white infection, as some people have dubbed the caucasian race, naturally took over as a patriarchal culture imposed it’s structure upon the mother nurturing culture. The Maidu today face the battles of not only retaining their historical identity and language, but they have to deal with pale-face justice and political modes, which of course are corrupt, and intended to be corruptive to those who wield it, for it presents many opportunities to lie, steal and destroy. the solution can only come from community activism via having an abundance of GOOD community jurors that can vote in trials where corruption is being charged, forcing all hands on the table for a nail examination. I also think another positive step for native american culture to take is to communicate with it’s sister soivern nations throughout the continent, as each place seems to have it’s strong points and weaknesses e.g. the Navajo have held on so strongly to their launguage that they have begun to translate movies and their children are speaking it it first and formost, while some of the northern tribes are actually producing movies, music and documentaries at a fast pace….of course the same song is still being sung with the discrimination, greed, corruption of tribal government ect…but i’m choosing to have hope. I think embracing others reservation to reservation and sharing the good and bad can only empower the people.

    as for the government placeing your daughter with a sex offender, it is frighteningly alarming at how often this is taking place in every state. I can definatly feel your pain as im going through a similar situation, although not quite as ghastly as this story. i am so deeply sorry for you, and i share your pain. I will be praying for you and your battling heart, that you will be like a GIANT bear, like one of those ice age ones! that wouldn’t go down despite battling many man with spears! and that you can find a softness in your heart for your people. you ALL have been through a lot for many generations now, and your only humans.I’m VERY impressed at your offensive too! Holy blog! Holy youtube! your fearless! and so i hope to inspire you with some words my good good friend shared with me:
    A fighter is someone who does battle for themselves. A warrior is one who does battle for others.

  2. Adrion Hale · · Reply

    Recently I had a 4 day stay at the el dorado county jail after a sheriff cuffed me over to the hospital in Placerville for some pain, believing as told, it was a simple 5150 check up from the neck up. On the bed after the nurse withdrew a whopper of 12cc,s of blood, she ordered me to fill one of those urine cups that come with a big handle so I did. So completely weak and dehydrated they, Nurse and all, started firing a powerful and hidden defibrillator device that tightened my chest and put me on the floor that I can best describe,(Like the navy yard shooter described back east), as like being in a microwave oven. Turning in to a veg and afraid for my life, I assaulted a security guard twice to move past and it was that instant, that landed me in jail. What else was I to do? I mean my feet were turning gang green because my blood was not flowing through my heart and body and because of this my skin was turning blue. In the trunk of the cruiser there was another device similar but not as powerful they continued to hit me with until an ambulance showed up, they shut it off, closed the trunk, had a few words with that driver and then drove me to the jail intake. While I was in jail this practice continued for eight meals as I counted. Once they put me in a chair with straps in a small room and opened my legs, but I kept pushing myself over as desperate not to allow any more attempts. They told me my family was dead and that I am dead with no one else around. There were many times someone came to check on me after I stopped moving to see if I was dead or alive. When I responded, They said “yep he moved” and slammed the door. They also kept moving me from room to room to room to get me to sit still because every time, as I quickly learned, that I did move I could here them shut the power off then readjust the defibrillator and then turn it back on. And when they did, I could here them say that he knows, he knows! I thought I was going to die and that yelling, and staying dehydrated was my only hope of making it out! When I did yell, I could see the correctional officer checking all the camera’s to see if anyone could here me.

    Well I made it out, the DA said no court dates, as the whole thing is under investigation. Well that is good but I will still sue their ass off, because after all, I am just a man who likes to take a lot of photographs and so what? Does that justify for cruel and unusual punishment because someone doesn’t want to lose a government job?

    Pissed American 1776.

    email is adrionhale@gmail.com

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