confession of a NATIVE AMERICAN RAPIST doing 12 yrs. w/ 85%

This is a recorded conversation from the police transcript verbatum (word for word). This is not bologna. This is reality. MY REALITY!!!! UNK FEM: HELLO? LP: IS KENNY IN? UNK FEM: YES. LET ME TAKE THE PHONE TO HIM. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) TELEPHONE KD: HELLO. LP: HEY ARE YOU AWAKE? KD: YEAH LP: HEY I WAS JUST CALLING TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT YOU KNOW THAT SITUATION THAT HAPPENED? KD: YEAH. LP: I WAS READING YOUR LETTER AND everything and, you know, i didn’t get a lot of it and you know i thought that you were a cool person and everything and i just wanted to get-like- i just wanted to get like what happened that night. honestly. KD: uh-huh LP: I really don’t remember a lot of it. KD: un-huh LP: I really don’t and i just wanted you to rephrase my memory- refresh my memory. I mean like what happened? KD: I am going to tell you what happened. Umm. LP: OK KD: You know the club right? LP: YEAH. KD: And we came back and we got us a half pint right. And then we went into the garage and drank it and shit because it was cold out here and then fucking we just started horse playing and shit. You bit the shit out of me all over. Scratched me and shit, do you remember that? LP: (UNINTELLlIGBLE) KD: My mom came in and was laughing and shit. After that right she left and we were still drinking and shit. We kissed for a little bit you know. I kissed your lips, I kissed you and then i wanted to get busy with you, i tried to take your pants down and you said no, no, no. So I said fuck it I am going to jack off then. And then you said well let me watch you and shit. And I was like well I really didn’t want to do that either. So fucking after that and shit we were just drinking beers for a minute just talking and shit about politics and shit. Talking about northerners and shit like that. And we started kissing again and then I pulled your pants down and shit and you went with it and then I went down on you for a little bit. Do you remember that? LP: No. I thought you said that I was asleep. KD: No I am getting to that. You weren’t asleep at this time. See you weren’t even asleep yet. But, ah, you remember me going down on you? LP: No KD: You don’t? LP: No. KD: Well you were up. And then you pulled your pants up. It was like you were thinking about it. And then I said, so we aren’t going to do anything? And you said no, no, leave me alone. So I said fuck it. I got dressed and shit and I went outside for about an hour and shit doing some other shit around here and I just went on the bed, tight, putting. Like, man, I was mad right? then I said fuck it, I am going to go to bed. So I took off my main clothes I had my boxers on and I just stayed next to you for awhile right. I just lay next to you and shit and I was just kind of like holding you and you were asleep. I said Lisa! I even put the flashlight in your face and shit. And I said, ah, she’s asleep, and we were just lying in bed for a little bit. Then you were on your side and, uh, that’s when I just took your pants down a little bit and did what I did. And then I pulled them back up and stuff and then I slept with you. I went to sleep with you. And then, uh, that was it. In the morning we woke up, when we woke up in the morning, and, uh, everything was cool and shit and then you left. And then you went home and I think that was Monday, yeah that night you called again about six thirty. And, uh, you said you called me and you asked me, hey did we do anything? And I said, no not really we did not do nothing. I said fucking it was one sided, you know. And then I told you I admitted it like that. LP: So you just did me in my pussy right? KD: Huh. LP: You didn’t do me in my ass did you? KD: No, hell no. Fuck no. No. LP: You came inside of me right? KD: Huh? LP: You came inside of me right? KD: Uh, no, no, no,…. na huh. LP: So you pulled it out? KD: Yeah. LP: How come I was leaking then? KD: you were? LP: Yeah. Are you sure that you did not come inside of me? KD: No I am not sure; I don’t think that I did. I didn’t, I just pulled it out. LP: So, do you still have the marks on you from me scrapping with you? KD: Huh? LP: do you still have the marks on you? KD: Oh, from you scratching me and stuff? LP: Yeah. KD: No not really. Na huh. LP: Well, I am still stuck. Why did you do it when I was telling you no? KD: I didn’t do nothing; I stopped when you said no… you were up. LP: Yeah, but I was sleeping so why did you still do it while I was asleep? KD: Because we were holding each other and stuff and I thought that you were woken up a little bit. LP: No. KD: You know, you had your hand on my chest and shit and was rubbing it and moving your feet. LP: Well, that makes me wonder if I could trust you. KD: Man it’s like this. It’s like, I thought that, I just thought that you liked me, right? I think that you did like me, you know, or else you would not have come over here, and you know what I mean? LP: No, I thought you were a cool person to kick it with but, you know I didn’t want to have sex with you or anything. That was not a mutual thing between – KD: Yes. LP: -me and you. KD: Yeah. LP: I never said that I wanted to have sex with you. KD: Yeah. You got a cold or something? LP: Yeah, I got a cold. KD: Hey, but, uh, like that night that I told you, remember that night that I told you? The nest day that you called and shit, and thought that I wasn’t taking it serious and shit? LP: You weren’t. KD: Right. I didn’t know that, see I never meant to fucking disrespect you or I never meant to humiliate you or nothing like that. that wasn’t what my intentions were at all and I still don’t. LP: But you did. KD: I still respect you. I always will because of how you are, up front about shit. LP: Yeah, that was, that was really disrespectful what you did. Totally uncalled for. KD: Yeah, yeah. LP: I just want to be clear, you know. I don’t want, I don’t want nothing happening, to get out of hand. I just don’t, uh, KD: Hey, on my end – LP: I don’t want this happening again. KD: Hey, on my end, on my end it’s like, I’ve been stressing and shit because, you know, it’s like I fucked off a good friend right, with you. LP: Yeah you did. You did. KD: And I wasn’t really going to try and call you or nothing because I didn’t want you to think that I’m fucking trying to stalk you or I’m trying to fucking not take it serious because I am. So that is why I was just like, well maybe one day she will find it in her heart and shit, to just forgive that part you know. LP: Yeah. KD: And we could be friends and shit. you know, but I told you that day that shit would never happen again. I don’t give a fuck. LP: Yeah, cause other girls they would probably call the cops on your ass. KD: Well yeah, yeah. I mean I’ve had, like I said, you know what, I’ve had a few girls you know that I must met and stuff and it is like that same thing, almost, right. But it was like, once I start, they just go with the flow you know. LP: Yeah. KD: You know what I mean? LP: So I am the first that told you no. KD: Yeah. Yep. You know just look it on my part, like I mean just try and understand it from my point of view, like I know there aint no excuses and shit. I just got out of the pen and shit you know I’m just meeting a fine ass girl, you know. You seem like you liked me and shit. We kissed a little bit… it wasn’t no long thing or nothing but you know I just thought that you liked me and maybe that was going to happen you know. And when it didn’t, it was like okay, and I just went on my bed and was like, I felt kind of rejected, you know. LP: Well, I was really fucked up and I felt, I didn’t feel like how I usually feel when I drink alcohol because I know how I am. So you didn’t give me nothing, you didn’t put nothing in my drink? KD: Hell no. What probably got you sick was we were wrestling and you fucking were pinning me down and shit. My mom seen us wrestling. And, uh, by that fucking exercise and shit it lasted for like five minutes, fuck, I was getting hot and sweaty. And I told you hey fuck man I am kind of getting sick. You know when you exert yourself and you are high and shit and you get kind of sick? LP: No. KD: Well, I thought that is what happened to you, you know. And uh, you aint taping me are you? LP: No. KD: Fuck. LP: I don’t know. It is just weird cause i only had like five drinks so that’s why I am wondering if you gave me anything. Or someone at the club gave you something to put into my drink of what. KD: No, I don’t ever have nothing to give nobody. Hey Lisa…. Lisa, I don’t have to do that to get women. Ask Joe man, ask Joe. Iv’e never… He had never even heard of me do shit like this, ever. And I would not have even done this because of Joe, man. Everybody is looking at me fucked up around here. LP: Well duh! Look what you did!? that is fucked up. I still think that it’s fucked up. KD: It is. But they are thinking like different circumstances, like I fucking… You know this is what I consider rape; like I go and find a bitch I don’t even know, and fucking, just fucking wrestle her down, or hold her down and pin her and take it from her while she is up. You know, just take it, you know? And, um, because, I am at my mom’s house, you know. I am at my mom’s house, Joe is my cousin, you are a friend of Joe’s, you know. I swear to God, if I would have known how you took it, like that serious, I wouldn’t have fucked with you at all. I just thought, uh, once I was, you know, there, you would fucking just go along with it. You know what I mean? But uh… man, I have been going through some shit around this house about some other shit man. I got to get the fuck out of here. It is not even about that, it has been going on since I came back from the first week since I have been out and shit, you know. I come here had I try to put a little structure in this house and have people do chores and have people clean up after themselves and shit like that. I try and tell them that and it is like they don’t give a fuck. They don’t want to do it and shit. I yell at them and call them names and shit. You know what, you mother fuckers are fat and don’t want to do shit you are filthy, blah, blah, blah. LP: Is that all your family that lives there? KD: Huh? LP: Is that all your family that lives there? KD: No it is just them three guys. LP: okay. KD: It is just them three younger Mexican Border Brothers. LP: They roommates? KD: Yeah they are roommates. LP: Well where were they when this all happened? KD: They were in the room They go to sleep at like ten o’ clock, nine – ten o’ clock. They work all day. They work seven days a week and shit. You know they are all about their money. They are painters. And i swear to God I never even talked to them about nothing, you know what I mean? I ain’t told nobody, like I did this and I did that, you know? LP: So they weren’t watching? KD: Fuck no. Hell no. LP: Nobody was watching? KD: Nobody. LP: Okay. Alright then, I’ll let you go do your thing. whatever you gotta do. KD: Hey. LP: What? KD: So, uh… Man, how come you called me today? LP: I just wanted to get some things straight. KD: Did it.. Do you feel comfortable with what I told you? LP: Um, not really, but you know, I just wanted to be able to trust you again. And I don’t know. KD: Hey look, there’s something I wanted to tell you, I didn’t ever tell you in the letter because I didn’t think that it was that serious, but you know. I ain’t got no female friendship people you know, someone that I could talk to and tell them about certain problems or something, get some advice and shit. You know what I mean? LP: Yeah. KD: Because I’ve been, I’ve been messing with this other chick and all that and it was like I wanted something else and I am not even trying to deal with her either. Like, okay. But check it out. LP: Just promise me that this will never happen again to anybody else. That you won’t think you can do that and think that you can get away with it. KD: Oh hell no. I’m not. Because you don’t even know my situation, but the time thing, you just opened my eyes to a point of view, uh, everything else, like I said you taught me a little lesson you know. That some women are just, when you say no, no, no… But look, I don’t got nothing against you and I don’t hold nothing against you. I appreciate it with my life that fucking you didn’t go and take it to the next level with the hoodahs you know what I mean? You can still fuck me up with a bat if you want. LP: Well I got a boyfriend and I don’t want that, I don’t want that kind of relationship with you that you are looking for so. KD: Oh, I know. I already know that, but…. LP: We can still be friends but all that other stuff, that is not going to happen. that’s the was that it was to begin with. KD: Yeah, I know. But just give me another chance to be in a little part of your life you know what I mean. LP: I will think about it. KD: It ain’t like I’m going to be you know at your door or anything like that. LP: Yeah, don’t come to my house. KD: I don’t and I won’t. I know… I am not that dumb. But you know, you just, do you want to kick it or something again? I don’t know. I don’t know. That is up to you. You can come to me about anything, you know? LP: Yeah just give me some time. KD: I’ll let you, you know, call me and then, you know, I’m probably not going to be here for awhile, I am not going to be here. I don’t know how long it is going to take for my parole agent to find me a parole house. LP: OK. KD: But, uh, I’ll call you and let you know where I’m at when he does find me one. LP: ok KD: Where you going? LP: Crazy. KD: Why? LP: I don’t know. KD: Why? LP: Uh, man, that’s just the way I am. KD: Yeah. LP: But anyways I got to go. KD: Alright feel free to call me any time you want, alright? LP: ok KD: okay bye. Now I HOPE TO GOD YOU GIRLS OUT THERE TAKE A LESSON FROM THIS! don’t trust a man if you say no and he keeps on. always have some kind of protection on you NO MATTER WHAT FOR SICK FUCKS LIKE THIS WHO THINK THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!! this happened back in 2008 so he should probably be out in 2018 and I definitely don’t want to see his bitch rapist ass. And I was NEVER GOING TO BE HIS FRIEND AFTER ALL THAT! WATCH YOUR BACK GIRLS. ALWAYS! IT’S SAD THAT EL DORADO COUNTY OFFICERS KNEW OF THIS AND STILL FUCKED WITH ME AND OFFICER BROWN SEXUALLY ASSAULTED ME AND THEN LAUGHED ABOUT IT! IT WAS ALSO CAUGHT ON THREE DIFFERENT CAMERAS, INCLUDING THEIR SHERIFF CAR CAMERA SICK?

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  1. I admire your courage and sincerity in posting this. For me, it offers a valuable, ‘fly-on-the-wall’ insight into how other minds work. Back in the UK in the early 80’s, I did jury service at Preston Crown Court. We sat on a rape case–the guy molested a mentally challenged 16 year-old. Guilty cut and dry. He was sentenced to 10 years but was probably released a lot sooner than that.

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