Dedicated to Deputy District Attorney: Maria Pence

The United States Supreme Court ruled:

The prosecution is not an attorney for a regular citizen, but for that of a sovereignty; therefore, the prosecution’s goal is not to win but to see that ‘Justice’ is served. The prosecution is the government and the sheriff and its employees are merely the ‘district attorney’s’ agents.
So stipulated in the ‘common and business law’ in Our country,’ what the employer knows the employee is deemed to know it, whether they know it or not; what the employee knows the employer is deemed to know it, whether they know it or not.
Therefore, the prosecutor is responsible.

The prosecutor is responsible for the sheriff and its employees, any of their misconduct, and childish harassing behaviors. This United States Supreme Court Ruling directs the prosecutor possesses full authority over the sheriff, so when the sheriffs behave in a negative manner and you complain to the prosecutor, the prosecutor must correct the sheriff. If the prosecutor refuses or exercises a ‘deliberate indifference’ of [their] agents negative behavior, the prosecutor must be punished.
Punishment can be anywhere from demotion or termination from their position, money sanction, imprisonment, and the like…
Citizens possess the right to file a ‘Federal Civil Complaint’ to start seeking these disciplinary methods and others by filing a ‘civil claim’ then after filing a 42 USC 1983 Civil Rights Complaint.
The 42 USC 1983 Civil Rights Complaint was born when the African Americans in the United States won their freedom and were being denied their ‘Rights.’ This gave African Americans an avenue to appeal the government and others from wrongful treatment. Over the years every American Citizen, despite ethnicity, was awarded the 42 USC 1983 Civil Rights Complaint avenue to appeal the government and others from wrongful treatment.
[Volume 42, United States Code, Section 1983].

If you feel like you had been treated wrong by government and others, stop complaining and pick up a pen utilizing this avenue. Go to your local law library or on your personal computer and begin research.
! Our government is beautiful !
But be careful. There [are] some terrorist who have infiltrated Our government, and are real slime-balls. They will try to virus and surf on your computer, incarcerate or kill you, just by utilizing our God & Country given Rights. Like they have attempted on us. We are still waiting for righteous government officials to step up and tell them they cannot behave that way.

United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

Signed: United States Citizens ‘Tait LaTausca Belyew and Lisa Belyew.’


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