Inmate finds metal in food.

On Saturday August 24, 2013 in the Douglas County Jail in Minden, an inmate found a piece of metal in their lunchtime sandwich. This was an odd thing to find in your sandwich at a place like this. Not likely. Cops and trustees work together against inmates they do not feel are “like” them, i.e. a snitch for the cops or they are not kissing the cops ass. This is a constant harassment in the jail/prison system, yet we are to fend for ourselves. The government is taking over the minds of many and some just REFUSE to conform. [Those] are the targets of their hatred.

Later that same day around approximately 2000 hrs. the drains were overflowing into the pod and the hallways and other areas with feces, urine, and who knows what diseases (Hep-A, Hep-B, HIV, AIDS, etc.) NO special equipment was used to clean this up. NO gloves were given to the inmates. This was a HAZMAT situation yet not treated as one. The “Princess” jail term is not as it seems.


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