The Bailiff [CRAWFORD]:

Tait and Lisa Belyew. We began trial 07/16/2013, California Superior Court, 495 Main Street, Placerville, California, 95667, El Dorado County (E.D.C.).
We were co-defendants and in the jury picking process for the [fabricated] resisting arrest case that was haunted on my family the day I was being released off parole. Lisa was released on her ‘own recognizance’ and I was given a bail I could not afford. $525,000.00.
I got dressed up in the dress clothing Lisa and attorney Safranski brang to the jail for me to wear for trial. The law is for poor people who can’t bail out they can get dressed up for trial so the jury does not know they are in custody -because being in custody possibly prejudices jurors.
As me and Lisa were picking our jurors, thus, discussing which ones we liked and did not like, bailiff CRAWFORD told Lisa in a loud authoritative tone, “put your chair back against the railing and stop talking to him.” We glared at bailiff CRAWFORD, and consulted with one another and picked our jurors anyway. Bailiff CRAWFORD immediately told another bailiff, “I have another way to fix this so they can’t be by each other for the rest of the trial.”
After lunch that 1st day of trial there was a different chair where Lisa was sitting that was uncomfortable without rollers, and Lisa was ordered to sit in it. We protested to our attorneys that we should be allowed to consult to pick jurors for “our” trial and not have to just sit there and shut up. After all, it was “our” lives at stake due to the [fabricated] set up from the same company bailiff CRAWFORD works for. My attorney, Clifford Safranski, told me that it is okay if I consult with Lisa for this jury picking process and I could see him speaking to bailiff CRAWFORD about what I thought to be this unlawful situation.
In trial during a break many of the jurors were in the hall outside the courtroom. I informed bailiff CRAWFORD I had to use the restroom. He called on his radio to make sure that no jurors were in the hall so they would not witness me walking because they forced me to put a locking leg brace that always stayed locked for some odd reason.

This also possibly prejudices jurors. I was ordered to go out into the hall way and behold -there were many people in the hall way. CRAWFORD told me to walk to the restroom acting like I was by myself so the jurors would not see me. As I walked through this room full of people, CRAWFORD opened the door to the courtroom across the hall and held it open as for me to walk through that door. When I got to that door, CRAWFORD shut that door and said loud and authoritative, “Tait go that way then turn right,” so everyone could hear. I don’t know if jurors were paying attention but…
Bailiff CRAWFORD did many tactics like the above to strengthen the percentage of allowing jurors to know I was in custody to possibly prejudice them against me.
Arresting officer Fulton did this ‘slime ball’ tactic in trial that irritated all including Judge Able. He confiscated Lisa’s pepper spray during the arrest. Fulton took Lisa’s pepper spray and filmed his E.D.C.S. Deputy partner spray him in the face with it while Fulton ‘squirmed & kicked, cried &a whined.’ Fulton’s Hollywood acting skills were at its worst, just like Ben Afleck’s when he made the movie ‘Gili.’ D.A. Dikeman & Deputy Fulton played this on a big theater type screen and let the jurors watch Fultons whining. -I was so mad at Fulton and especially bailiff CRAWFORD’s tactics of exposing my incarceration to the jurors. One time when bailiff CRAWFORD barked an unlawful order I said out loud, to no one in particular, “he sounds just like Fulton in that video.”
After the trial was over one of the government’s paid employees explained bailiff CRAWFORD’s unlawful odd behavior. They informed me that bailiff CRAWFORD has been a personal good friend of E.D.C.S. Deputy Brown who we told on for committing the crime of sexual assault on Lisa on 10/25/2012 8-9 am, Cameron Park, Cambridge Park & Ride, California, which is on that camera and both patrol car’s video & audio. We are appalled about bailiff CRAWFORD’s behavior. We think that law enforcement should incarcerate other law enforcement for committing sex crimes against women -or anyone else. Instead bailiff CRAWFORD supported & aided his rapist style friend.

I keep saying: !YOU ARE WHO YOU HANG WITH!

So I’m not surprised after all. Bailiff CRAWFORD, we want to thank you for being a ‘slime ball’ just like Deputy BROWN &Fulton. After the women you are all married to find out who you truly are and what you are truly about, I know they are going to look else where for what America classifies as a Man. How could they walk around with any of you with everyone looking at them in disgust while they act like everything is okay.

Women should stick together -on that level anyway.

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  1. Tait and Lisa, we could not understand why they even bothered with the Pepper spray video either. It had no bearing on the case as there was never any dispute that it was not pepper spray. Duhhhh…..That was perhaps the weirdest aspect of the trial. Crawford I had no issue with but I didn’t experience what you described.

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