DNA evidence planted ILLEGALLY!!!!

Now that the El Dorado County fiasco is over and our reports of the El Dorado County Sheriff, F.B.I., and the California Department of Corrections Parole Division’s harassment and murder attempts on our lives has been sustantiated, as we’ve been reporting for years that they have been unlawfully collecting our DNA for years at these numerous illegal stops and in their institutions.
As seen on reality law-enforcement shows that depict people leaving bad situations from places where they were not welcome by the law-enforcement agencies, up to five or ten years later these people have been brought back on fabricated charges such as but not limited to; MURDER, CHILD RAPE/MOLEST, KIDNAPPING, RAPE, ASSAULT, ROOBBERY etc., with the prosecution adamitly stating the person(s) DNA was found at the scene of the crime even though they were not around when the crime was committed. These prosecuters and bailiffs were then seen celebrating and high-fiving each other as to the effects of “WE GOT ‘EM.!”

They have already fabricated a case on Tait and Lisa Belyew this last case was the FIFTH CASE Tait has WON!!!! They WON’T stop!!

We just want to live our lives in peace and quiet for once.

Tait and Lisa Belyew


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