We would like to thank-you for acquitting us on these fabricated charges, physical/mental abuse, thank God we are NOT paranoid!!!!!



  1. Eric Haya · · Reply

    Hello Lisa & Tait,
    I’m one of the Jurors who was present through the entire trial. As per the instructions of the court, I did no homework prior to the verdict. But, we’re free to talk about the trial now from what I understand. I looked up your blog today and found this today. I’d like to say that I’m very proud of both you and Tait. And you should know this was the sentiment by basically everyone who was a Juror in your case. Both Tait’s and your testimony were consistent and you did have the right to do all that you did in protecting yourselves from unnecessary and excessive harm. I’m proud of the restraint you both showed in the evidence presented.

    In my opinion, this whole event would have been avoided with a little diplomacy from the Church’s representatives (in particular Mr. Krammer). It was very clear that the police officer had an agenda once he spoke to Mr. Krammer without listening to your side of the story. This entire event and the huge waste of many peoples time, money and of course extreme disruption to your lives transpired basically because Mr. Kramer doesn’t like women with Tattoos. And as a ex-correctional officer, Mr. Krammer was going to show who was in control and who was not. An illusion that many people try to hold onto.

    Please know that many of us felt bad that we couldn’t find you innocent of the pepper spray charge. Our duty was to uphold the law without sympathy and that is what we had to do. Believe me when I say, we were trying to find a way were we could find, “reasonable doubt” or any loophole in the law for justice to be served, but we couldn’t for that charge.

    This was a very bizarre case in respect to occurring on the last day of parole and within the sanctuary of a church who’s intention was to help people who were in need.

    I’d like to say thank you for your composure in court, and it’s my deepest desire that both you and Tait find a life where you are not persecuted for your appearance. This was an experience that will stay with me forever and an invaluable lesson of not to prejudge people on their appearance. Please stay within the law while having the courage to continue to fight for your basic inalienable rights, because when you do, you help all the free citizens of this great country. Blessings to you and Tait on your continued journey in life.

  2. Karen · · Reply

    Hi Lisa,
    As I return to my normal routine after serving on your jury, I cannot help but think of you and Tait. This should not have happened. I would expect much better from church officials and law enforcement. Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that was not afforded to you on April 12th. I admire you for standing up for yourself and Tait. I believe you are a strong and beautiful woman. My wish for you in the future is that you find peace in your surroundings and in your soul.
    Take care.

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