Today’s scare tactic, July 11, 2013…

I was on the bus after picking our jury for today, actually I had gotten on the wrong bus but it was alright, when we arrived at the Placerville transfer station I noticed to “outsiders” getting on the bus wanting to go the exact same way I was to be going and they did not have the right change. Their demeanor was all wrong so I was paying attention to them. The girl told the guy “I told you” then he turned his back toward me and did something funny with his finger and I heard a pop come from his back and something smacked the window EXTREMELY HARD right by my head. I yelled, “Hey! what the f*&k was that?” the guy got off the bus fast and then the girl tried to say it was something that fell outside. And I glared at her saying that noise was on the bus not OUTSIDE!! they both got off the bus. I yelled after them that they missed and they DID NOT WANT TO LOOK AT ME! I looked around the bus for what hit the window but it hit so hard it could have ricocheted anywhere. I asked the driver if he finds anything weird to give it to me. EVIDENCE!

It seems they keep trying. God will take me when He’s ready!


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