The “scare tactic”…. which actually made me more mad!

On my morning visit with my husband of July third I was immediately told by him to watch my back and be careful. Not the usual “I love you.” Just ‘watch your back.’ this did not alarm me too much because I’m always on my toes, but after he explained that there were two unknown officers, ones he had NEVER seen before, outside his cell at approx. 1:00 a.m. saying: “That’s the guy telling on Fulton and Brown. I’ve got someone to kill that bitch.” I asked him for their names and he said they did not have their names on their uniforms. Then he told me that the ‘regular’ officers came on duty and those other officers were not seen again.
I left the visit and continued on my routine when I noticed an unusual smell emitting into my vehicle. I just assumed it was my exhaust. As I went to the Post Office, an in-and-out trip, I then continued to the court house on main street to make sure that the judge had a court trial going and that he wasn’t violating our constitutional right to a speedy trial on purpose, which they have anyways. our 60 day speedy trial statutory limit was actually July 12th, which they have violated meaning the case is supposed to be DROPPED! OK so back to the vehicle. As I tried to start it, it would die. I thought this was awkward. It started and I continued to the law library, but when I got to the parking lot I changed my mind and did not want to deal with that at the moment. So I got back into the vehicle and tried to start it. It DID NOT want to start which was frustrating me. Finally I got it started and went to my storage unit place. The smell was worse now giving me a headache and making me sick and tired. I just put my windows down more to try to help. When I got to my unit to open the door the smell was intense.
I looked under my vehicle to see fuel gushing out of it. I PANICKED!! I COULD BLOW UP! I ran to get a bucket but it would not fit under my car so I got into my car and drove to the parts store. I found OUT I did not have my money so panicking i had to go back to the unit because in the panicking rush i forgot my wallet. So running around crazy I jetted back to the parts store and purchased the necessary parts. I had to fix the fuel hose myself, only with another patrons moral support, thanks, and It totally 99.9% looks like someone cut the line. The ONLY way for me to know FOR SURE that it was cut is to open it from the other side and view whether it ate through or was cut through. Knowing that the “attorneys” want to bring in their “experts” causes some distress because when I told him about it AND THE D.A. AND THE SHERIFF, D’ AGOSTINI, It was SWEPT UNDER THE RUG AND I WAS LAUGHED AT!!!!!

Now I DON’T particularly think that MY LIFE OR MY HUSBANDS LIFE IS A JOKE!!!!! For these TERRORISTS to continue getting away with this is straight NONSENSE!!!



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