Just to fill everyone in….

July 4, 2013 – Happy 4th. Right? Not in my case.

I was asleep at Lakehills Church in El Dorado Hills when I was awoke by a females voice claiming to be the Sehriffs office. This is what transpired:

officer: “Lisa you in there?”

LB: “ya.”

officer: “you got anyone else in there with you?”

LB: “no. you want me to get in the front seat?”

officer:”sure if that helps you feel more comfortable.”

officer: “we’re just in the neighborhood talking to everyone trying to find out if they heard or saw anything.”

LB: “what happened?”

officer: “an incident. did you see or hear anything tonight?”

LB: “I was asleep”

officer:””you spell your name l-i.. could you spell your last name for me?”

LB: “do you just want my id.?”

officer:”sure. if that’ll help you.” “so you’re at general delivery. what area specifically, el dorado hills?”

LB: “No.”

OFFICER: “so what time did you get here yesterday?”

LB: “i don’t know.”

officer: “was it still daylight?”

LB: “yeah.”

officer: “did you get to watch the fireworks?”

LB: “YA.”

officer: “so you didn’t hear or see anything?”

LB: “NO. I watched the fireworks then got into my vehicle to wait for everyone to leave so I could move to a different spot and I fell asleep. I don’t remember falling asleep and the next thing i I know you guys are waking me up.”

officer: “ok. well we’re just going around asking everyone if they’ve seen or heard anything.”

LB: “do I have to move?”

officer: “no. you’re okay.”

LB: “What’s your name?”

officer: “Gallagher.”

LB: “I remember you.”

officer: “ok. well thank you.”

this is to the best of my groggy memory. I noticed that neither the female nor the bald male guy, who tried to hide his face from me, were in Sheriffs outfits and they were not in a sheriff patrol car either.(they were in a black car) I ended up moving anyways because I DON’T TRUST THEM AT ALL!! and there was a helicopter hovering around in the distance so…

This reminds me of the night when my husband and i were sleeping at the lake hills church on April 6th, 2013 (six days before they arrest us when my husband gets off parole) when an officer was talking to a black car stating, ‘Tarabetz said…. (inaudible) and don’t tell my girlfriend, i don’t want her to know… (inaudible)I can’t do anything to them.” he was cussing and yelling on church property. they both left and that was approximately 1245 a.m.
Then at around 100 a.m. officer Culver came and did a warrant check and left. right after that.

So i don’t know what’s going on but with officers making threats to my life, on the street and outside of my husband’s cell, AND the fact that a hole was put into my fuel line these are EXTREMELY bad incidents to have to deal with on a continual basis and the fact that i told on Officer Brown for sexually assaulting me on two sheriff’s car cameras and the park and ride camera THEY’RE NOT TOO HAPPY WITH US!


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