pollock pines community church… still no justice!

Just a little history about our involvement with this ‘church’. We have been going there off and on for the past four years, ever since we stayed off ritz rd. in pollock pines. We used to go there to get food when we were low or to take our daughter to their free friday night dinner. WITHOUT ANY INCIDENT!!!! Until April 12th, 2013 the exact date, EXACT DATE!!!!, my husband MAXES OFF PAROLE!!!!! SET UP? COULD BE. GRUDGE? COULD BE. RETALLIATION?! ABSOLUTELY!! This county has non-stop, along with it’s CDC, sac, fbi, and u.s. marshal affiliates, harassed, tormented, stalked, and threatened us on NUMEROUS occassions!!! There is a paper trail for a long time. I will tell on them ANYTIME FOR VIOLATING MY CIVIL RIGHTS AS A LAW-ABIDING WOMAN!!!!

OK so back to this ‘church’, where there is no ‘dress code’, come as you are (tattoos and all) and you can look this up on google under pollock pines community church and see for yourself. So on April 12th, 2013, the day my husband maxes off parole, we were heading towards the stateline and decided to grab a free meal on the way out due to our funds being low. We sat at our own table. There were not many people there because we got there at about 1600 hrs. or so. They seem to always change where they want people to enter. We went the only way we knew to go and they told us that we had to go around the building next time. Well we didn’t know that. My husband asked the kitchen workers if they needed any help and they told him that they were fine. So as we are sitting there minding our own business when out of nowhere this ‘cowboy’ we have never seen there before, with a badge on his collar comes and sits at OUR table and tells me, ‘You know, there’s nothing I like more than a woman’s soft skin that IS NOT covered with all those tattoos. BUT THAT’S MY OPINION!!” My husband thought that comment was rude and replied, “Well this is a ‘church’ and the law has no business coming in here and making such comments.” As I turned around there was some guy shoving a shirt in my face stating that it was still new and had the tag on it. I thought they were giving me a gift to be nice, but when I found out that they wanted me to wear it to cover up my tattoos I refused and pushed it off the table, EXTREMELY AGITATED that they would have the nerve TO SINGLE ME OUT. There were PLENTY of other women AND men with tattoos showing and they WERE NOT asked to cover up their tattoos.

This ‘cowboy’, Lance Cramer, ended up calling his law-enforcement ‘back up buddy’s’ to respond. Officer Fulton, who we had a previous run-in with at cameron park lake on 11-13-2012, showed up and asked us to step outside. We refused due to the fact that all previous run-ins with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s we have had many ILLEGAL tactics happen to us so we wanted witnesses to whatever he had to say. He asked us again and we said, “NO! We did nothing wrong!” Finally after he asked again we finally said, “Let’s go”. As we were leaving he made a comment about us telling on Officer Brown, who sexually assaulted me on October 25th, 2012, (on two Sheriffs car cameras and the park and ride camera) and I saw him in the reflection of a picture make a gesture as if he was going to jump on our backs while the other dinner patrons were hoopin and hollering thinking that what ‘church’ laws they were breaking were cool cause they were backing up a “PIG”. I stopped before I walked outside and told them that GOD will punish them for this and they are wrong for what they are doing.

When we got outside Fulton just asked us to get into our car and leave. MIND YOU HE TOOK US OUT THE DOOR WHERE HIS PATROL CAR, VIDEO AND ALL, WAS NOT AT!!!! Out of nowhere, as we were walking to our vehicle, he tells us to give him our I.d.’s. I had them on me and he started yelling at my husband for him to give his to Fulton. My husband told him that I had them. As I was retrieving them Fulton snatched my husband up and started yelling at him to spread his legs. My husband and I told Fulton that my husband was injured and had his legs were spread as far as they would go. Fulton took it upon himself to kick my husbands legs apart injuring him, (they have a history of this with us, if you read all the other incidents like – another courtesy call, another day at the lake) and told my husband to put his right hand behind his head and interlace his fingers. Fulton pointed his weapon at me somewhere here. When my husband did this Fulton wrenched Tait’s hand down and started pulling his arms up hurting him. Fulton also put his weapon into my husbands back along the line here before he took him to the ground!

Out of nowhere Fulton tripped my husband to the ground landing on top of him with his knee in his back and slamming his face into the hot asphalt. I told Fulton that he was wrong for doing that and his ass is going to be in trouble. Fulton again ponted his weapon at me for yelling at him. Then Lance ‘cowboy’ Cramer came out and Fulton ORDERED Lance to grab me when I was backed up on the wall already. my husband told me to pepper spray that guy if he touches you. Well I already was going to pepper spray him because I did not know who he was, I was doing nothing wrong, and after being raped back in 2008, (the guy is doing 12 years with 85%, not much of a liar am I now), and sexually assaulted by a cop in 2012, I WAS NOT ABOUT TO LET ANY FUCKING STRANGE MAN TOUCH ME UNWARRANTED!!!!!

After Fulton asked Lance and some child molesting looking biker dude to get on top of my husband and ‘watch’ him, Fulton walked toward me aggressively, turned me around and pushed me into the wall I was leaning on with my arms crossed, and put me in cuffs stating that I was under arrest. “FOR WHAT???!!!!” I said. He just threw me in the cop car. At the jail I made them take pictures of my bruised wrists from the violence of the Sheriffs putting the cuffs on too tight after complaing that they were too tight already.





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