Religious Fiasco on El Dorado County Courthouse!

now as we sat in court friday, june 21, 2013 and listened to judge and attorneys throw out dates and reasons why they can’t be in court such as ramadon? and st. boutista day? ok so we go to pollock pines community church to eat a free meal for the homeless before we leave the state because my husband JUST GOT OFF PAROLE SUCCESSFULLY! AND WE GET ARRESTED? so i guess it’s only ok for attorneys and judges to be able to have religous beliefs but not God’s real children who’s religous artifacts are constantly defiled by the government!!!!! oh but that’s the ‘good ol’ boy squad’ so it must be ok. BULLSHIT! the right to free religion has been violated MANY times over with us and yet they throw out there’s like they’re more important. GOD DOES NOT LIKE UGLY!!!!


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