CROOKED El Dorado County continues to cover up!!!!

So even with all the evidence in the district attorneys face they will deny that any officers did any wrong. well we’ll see about that. too many people are now coming out to me because they FINALLY have someone who will not tolerate your injustice. they break any and all civil rights they can against anyone who will let them, although we are NOT! too many people don’t know their rights because they have appointed d.a.’s for them (public defender’s) who are not for their best interest and these people need someone who will actually FIGHT for their rights and not keep taking plea bargains for progress house (which only makes the crooked county more money??!!)now why would you want to go and do that? if you were afforded your rights and the right to know your rights you would end up spending the county’s money instead, which is more power to you. you find someone with the gall and balls to do the work at minimal pay as long as you are honest you could, more than likely, get a better deal for you and your family. just some f.y.i. for my faithful follower’s!
this county is now putting their law library at risk by breaking legal laws and going INTO THE COMPUTERS to find out who has been doing what kind of legal work. preposterous? OH HELL NO!!! i was told this and i actually saw it for myself. i’ve been using the facility for years and ALL OF A SUDDEN WITH THIS CASE AGAINST THE COPS THEY WANT TO CHANGE EVERYTHING??!!! not a coincidence and most definitely not a conspiracy theory. i’ve seen/heard enough from these lawbreakers and i will end up on top in the end. JUSTICE IS NOT BLIND WITH GOD ON YOUR SIDE!!!


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