To whom it may concern, (a letter to a promenant magazine)

To whom it may concern,

My name is Lisa Belyew and I am writing to you in regards of my family and the many atrocious unjust tactics that have been bestowed on my family. The government in california, particularly El Dorado County, and it’s affiliates; Placer County, Sacramento County, Gov. Jerry Brown, F.B.I., U.S. Marshal’s, CDCR, CPS, Traveler’s Aid (sacramento), et. al.

I have been married to my husband for four years. We met in El Dorado County Jail back in 1996 and stayed in touch for awhile. I was doing a Johnson year (365 dys. no good time) and he was off to prison for 16 yrs. for stealing a computer. After I got out I kept in touch for a few years until the letters just stopped. I assumed he did not want to write anymore so I moved on with my life. I had two more kids from different fathers, yet stayed with none.

I was in a housing program in 2006 after my youngest daughter was taken from me and my then ex-husband because he was driving drunk with the rear hatchback to our car open ( I was trying to get out of the car with the baby because he was beating on me in front of his family) The Sacramento Sheriff’s arrested both of us, because his family said that they saw me driving the car and yes I had been drinking but not driving. They took our daughter and tried to give her to his family and I told them if they did that I would sue them, so they gave her to CPS. This did not bother me too much because I got her back in a month after finding a housing program to enter into. (at the time we were homeless).

I ended up moving into another apartment and went to my parents to retrieve belongings from my shed. Going through one of my old automotive books I found the only letter left in my stuff from my friend that I thought was stolen. My parents DID NOT want me with another criminal. So I took it upon myself to contact the CDC and find out where my friend was. To my amazement, and luck, he was still incarcerated. We started writing again and fell in love.

We got married at Salinas Valley State Prison March 23, 2009. Four months before he was scheduled to be released. I was particularly new to this parole situation because he was trying to be good and was told on numerous occasions by his agents that if he kept up the good work he could get off in two years and then we were going to leave the state. Through the relationship I started finding out why the government was being so harsh on this particular parolee. My husband had beat two battery on officers life cases! One in the El Dorado County Jail and one in the CDC. So now I’m dealing with a system that does not like him for this and now they are taking it out on me and my child as well. Storming into the house and running towards her room yelling, ‘I’m checking on the child because if anything happened to her….” and “You took too long to open the door. You’re hiding a gun. If you’re going to kill me do it now and get it over with…” and “If you don’t do as I say I’ll just make something up and put you back in prison where you belong!” ALL THIS IN THE PRESENCE OF OUR FOUR YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!

Now with these threats my stress levels are higher than normal and I don’t really know what to make of all this. I was on heavy psychotropic medications that had me in and out of many situations. (I later found out that they had been overmedicating me. at one point it was so bad that my husband threatened to leave me if I ever took a certain drug again. he said I was a zombie and didn’t even know where I was or who I was) I did not take it again. He started reacting to his medications without warning also when they upped his doses. He claimed that the POC (parole outpatient clinic) psych, Dr. Sett, was asking him strange questions such as; “Do you feel like hurting yourself? Do you feel like hurting anyone else? How is your depression? (even though my husband had no problem with depression)” These questions alerted my husband and he informed me his concerns so I paid more attention to his actions. On one scary occasion he woke up swinging out of bed! I asked him, “Are you okay?” He said, “What happened?” and I told him. He said that he was going to stop taking his medications because these actions were not like him.
It was a wonderful experience. He said that he could remember things and think more clear. He told me that I should stop too. I was reluctant at first but eventually followed pursuit. Over the coming weeks it was a miracle. I could remember more, think clearer and my energy levels had increased. We both came to the conclusion that [they] were poisoning us with psych meds.

I had watched a show in the previous weeks on the History channel about the government experimenting with psych patients and their medications. It was scary and I felt that was what [they] were doing to us as well. Two violent psych patients that they did not want to be together and they did not want them raising a child together (even though our daughter was top in her class and not lacking in any areas.) The Principal of her school had been shot in the head and we really felt that God’s hands were in that because he threatened my husband in his office for not allowing our daughter to sign a ‘no bully contract’ when my husband explained to the principal that he had bullies signing, representing, the contract. My husband told him that the judge on the contract had stolen his vehicle in the 90’s. A case where the car got ordered returned and the Sheriffs refused the court order and the judge did not enforce it. The Principal of the school also allowed CPS illegally to take our daughter out of class in front of the other kids and ask her if her parents do drugs. this mind you was after we took her out of Buckeye elementary after the teacher allowed her to participate in ‘Red Ribbon Week’, where they teach five yr. olds about drugs and alcohol. We felt this was not their place and informed the teacher we did not want her involved. The teacher agreed. One day our daughter came home telling us that the other kids got bracelets because they drink. I immediately went to the school and confronted the teacher on tape. Then apologized and said she did not think it was such a big deal. I pulled our daughter out of that school. Disgusted we searched for another school. That’s when she ended up at the one where the principal got killed, while she was in school.

So we ended up moving to Sacramento, for the second time, (per parole’s suggestion) so that my husband could attend Western Career Trucking School. He had received a $5,000 grant from Obama to attend with a guaranteed $40,000 job upon graduating. Parole stopped this, after we had enrolled our daughter in school, and told him that was not going to work and he had to return to El Dorado County. Frustrated with all this stress I had a nervous breakdown and called our ex social worker from Traveler’s Aid, Jacquelin Mclain to offer me some help. My husband was not at home. She said she was on her way. When there was a knock at the door I opened it to find two Sacramento Sheriffs staring me in the face. They pushed their way in without a warrant, slammed me up against the wall in front of my daughter all the while yelling, “You’re a bad mom! You don’t deserve your child!” They then took me into custody, took my daughter and transported me to Kaiser Hospital in South Sac. When they released me to a psych unit it was in El Dorado? I asked why am I going back up there when I live down here? I was told in the ambulance on the way up that they reported me suicidal, WHICH I WAS NOT, and claimed it was the only psych unit with availability. I was so mad!

I found out that my in-laws were thinking of getting my daughter and had to call and tell wanda that she was not getting my child! Wanda and Jerry Belyew both abused, tortured, and/or molested both their kids without imprisonment. (it is also stipulated in court documents that we possess.) My husband also told his parents that they were not going to get our daughter whatsoever because he was not going to allow them or their child molesting tribal members to do to her what they did to him.

CPS wanted to give our daughter back after they found out that her biological father was a convicted child rapist (documents we also possess). that was a week later. I refused due to the fact of now knowing what direction the parole was trying to take using our daughter to fabricate sexual charges on my husband after teaching her about sex because of the possible placement with her child rapist bio-father. We were not going to allow any more stress in our life so they ended up placing her with [him]. I had to get some time to get my sanity back. The stress from all this was overwhelming. I still to this day am traumatized by such events.

These government officials and their associates took this opportunity to pour on the murder attempts because our daughter was gone. (They actually gassed us in our apartment while our daughter was home) I passed out from that gassing. My husband had to revive me. With ongoing reports of these murder attempts to the parole agents and El Dorado Sheriff’s, we were laughed at and told ‘you imagined it.’ ok? I just imagined two teenagers at my door with vapors coming through my lock, it being frozen, and them running off while the neighbor laughs in our face? The Sheriff for that incident threw all the evidence over the balcony.

Incident after incident. Report after report. We were always pushed to the side. Ignored. Looked at weird. They had satellites looking for us in Grizzly Flat after the murder attempt where they gassed us in our tent and I almost passed out, but we escaped through the dark in the woods. We froze all night while we listened to them yelling at each other for losing us. We listened as they drove erratically through the mountainside trying to find us. Another visit to the F.B.I. only to be laughed at and told we were on drugs (we were not) We even told them to do a blood draw and they refused. Why? Because they were aware of the murder attempt and the gassing. The day before that we had gone to them to report these illegal tactics by the CDC Agents. Wesley Drone asked if he could speak to my husband’s Agent and he replied, sure. The next day we only told Parole Agent Weiner of our whereabouts in Grizzly Flat. That night we were stalked.

Many times over the government has tried to quiet us and many times we have triumphed. THe day my husband got off parole, April 12, 2013, we were at a church to eat dinner before we left the state. A celebration of sorts. Well not so. The cops were called on us because I refused to put on a shirt to hide my tattoos. no one else had to cover up their tattoos. Why were we singled out? oh yeah. maybe it could be the fact that I created a blog site over a year ago ( and started telling the whole world what they were up to.
So it was our belief that we were setup. Officer Fulton used excessive force on both of us. the video is on you tube under Miwok Tribe. Our trial is on July 2nd. They have constantly broken many of our constitutional rights and continue to keep trying to get my husband to waive time. We will not waive time. We asked for a speedy trial, something that this county is not used to, and repetitively break laws against us.

I now am constantly on high alert because they have already sent a couple of people to threaten my safety with threats of violence and death. The fact that Officer Brown sexually assaulted me on two Sheriff’s cameras and the park and ride camera, they do not want this exposed yet I put it on my website even after threats from Sgt. Felton to me and my husband were ignored. There is a lot that will be exposed of the misconducts in the Sheriff’s office. They have threatened me and many others in like situations. I have posted a few of their stories. Others have told me of the Sheriff’s killing their family members without just cause. They have killed more mentally ill people in this county than nay other type of person. I researched the Mountain Democrat and found many of these killings. It is Despicable and it disgusts me to know that they keep getting away with these acts. I have become fed up with it and have put out business cards with my website, created petitions online/offline, posted video on you tube, and have been advocating to the ‘very scared’ public that what they’re doing is wrong and they will continue to do it if no one stands up to them. I feel it is my duty to expose these criminals head on. Even with their constant threats of death I am scared no more. God has looked out for me in every death situation and kept me here to fulfill this duty.

I wrote you this letter because a Facebook friend of mine suggested that I do this because he reads your paper all the time!
I don’t know what I’m looking for through your paper. Maybe just someone who will listen and not call me paranoid (BECAUSE I’M NOT!) I do not consider our lives a joke and for many of the Officers that enjoy tormenting mentally ill people their time has cone to be exposed and this case will do just that.

I thank you for your time and patience.


The Belyew Family


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