Wake up call!! care of EDSO’s “finest” (and I do use the term LOOSELY.)

OK so those of you who follow my blog are pretty aware of the problems EDSO has bestowed upon my family. Well incidently last night at approx. 11:26 p.m. I was awoken to people talking. I lokked out my window to see the tail corner of a Sheriff cars rear bumper. I was on the other side of a brick wall. There was a shadow of another car that I could not see. After some inaudible dialogue adn a bunch of weird noises, like they were searching through something, I assumed they had someone pulled over for whatever. Then came an unmarked SUV and two more marked patrol cars. I kept thinking great, just what I need, If I leave they’ll just harass me so I waited it out. The following is the dialogue I was able to hear:

“I’ll be right back Sgt.” “Get a hold of Placer County and tell them…..” (while they made a phone call) And just as they were leaving the scene approx. 12:07 a.m. “I got someone to get that crazy bitch.” (toward my vehicle)

All the while laughing and thinking it grand. Along with at least one female.

Mind you we have a beef with some of the officers in Placer County already because of the ILLEGAL search they did on me, my property, and how bad they trashed my vehicle and DESECRATED RELIGOUS ARTICLES!!!!! (Sgt. Piazza and Tarabetz were the worst behaved, juvenile delinquents!)

So ‘maybe’ they weren’t referring to me. Maybe. What motive would they have for all that? To come to my place of rest where I am the only vehicle and talk like that knowing that it’s me. Hmmm? And I may be wrong but the passenger who got out of one of the patrol vehicles and placed his drink on top had the demeanor of Fulton who just incarcerated us on bogus charges, which we are fighting to the end.


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