Motive? Harrassment? You be the judge!


2-27-2012 Officers Roberts and Brown stopped us for walking down the street in camouflage and for me carrying a ‘shotgun’ (umbrella)

5-22-2012 Parole Agent Weiner lunged at me to get a business card out of my hand that he wanted and said ‘do’t get caught up!’

6-4-2012 Went to the F.B.I. to complain about parole agents’ abusive behaviors

6-5-2012 & 6-6-2012 we were runout of our campsite by chemical agent while men and a woman celebreated adn drove around looking for us all night adn satellites were in the sky searching the area. Agent Weiner was the only one that knew of our whereabouts.

6-6-2012 Went to the F.B.I. again adn they laughed at us, accused us of being high on drugs, refused to blood test us, and told us to never come back.

7-11-2012 Tait arrested off a bus in Sac. after leaving the career center on Franklin Ave. They broke my locks off my property. Dumped out my legal medication. Smith and 41015?

8-20-2012 Officer Coburn rushed me to search me after I told him he couldn’t. He stole my property on Walmart parking lot. APS security- witness. told Lt. Ashworth to leave me alone and not to push me or I will keep telling.

8-27-2012 Officer Roberts stopped us at Safeway in Cameron Park saying someone called stating that we were starting fights at the bus stop, showed us his screen, then said ‘I don’t believe them because I was watching you guys.

8-30-2012 P.A.L. cop in Sac stopped us at a bus stop and wanted to see our eyes, wanted to know where we were going, etc.

9-27-2012 @ Cameron Park Lake Officer Culver said becaus we have tattoos and we are in a white neighborhood, like rancho cucamanga, we should expect to be harrassed.

10-19-2012 Approx. 0300 hrs. (3 a.m.) Officers Cuddyback and Gutsu woke us up at the El Dorado Hills Park and Ride, trashed our vehicle, threatened to take me to the puff unit, laughed and said “we’ll see you tomorrow night to do the same thing”

10-25-2012 Cambridge Park and ride 8-9- a.m. approx. Officer Brown sexually assaulted me and took my picture after he was done. Officers Ellidge and J.Sargent ripped wires out of the back of my vehicle and messed it up.
CHP pulled us over RIGHT AFTER that incident when I yelled at Brown that I was going to go tell on him for what he just did to me and that it wasn’t funny!
Sgt. Felton said they could take my picture for ‘field intel’ adn I could get in big trouble for posting that incident on the web. that Brown has a famly and why would he do that? Don’t put that on the internet

11-4-2012 Sac. Sheriff pulled us over with the helicopter (my first run-in with a helicopter EVER!) trashed vehicle did illegal search on me cut my locks off my pproperty and made statements such as ‘I smell weed! If I find so much as a roach I’m taking your husband to jail and it’s going to be all your fault!’

11-13-2012 @ Cameron Park Lake berbecuing and excercising. Officers Fulton, Ventura, & densmoore? Denworthe? say we were being suspicious in the park. Denmoore flipped our food for us. They wanted to search my locked bag and I said NO!

11-16-2012 Four cops bombarded us @ safeway in Cameron Park after stalking us from food for less after we bought food and were eating in the parking lot. Officers Hamitt, Peterson, Roberts, and Small??
they went through vehicle and roberts made a comment stating that his ‘dad’ saw me wlalking down the street with a shotgun two weeks ago and he believes his dad because his dad knows what a shotgun looks like.

11-20-2012 @ Cameron Park Lake. Officers Schuab and Gutsu said there were ‘suspicious people’ in the park. Schaub took husband off camera and put pressure on his knee with brace on then took him back into the camera. Gutsu wanted to search me and I told him NO.

11-27-2012 El Dorado Hills Park- Officers Cortez and Peebley said people were saying that there were tattooed people in the park and they were sacared. Peebely did illegal search on me after I told him no, wrenched my back by violently kicking my legs apart when I told them I was injured. Then Cortez aggressively said ‘SAC’S THAT WAY IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT!!!!’

12-1-2012 Officers Cobart and Peterson were called for a suspicious vehicle. Peterson wanted us to stop handing out our fliers. 1st amendment right! we told him no.

12-2-2012 Officer Coburn woke us up at 5 a.m. in the rain and threatened to throw all our stuff in the mud. we said got ahead, but he told us to move and then he left.

12-5-2012 Stuck in the mud and High Sierra Bee called cops saying that we were kicking over bee hives and tried to prevent us from leaving. cops pulled us over at the Fire Station and did illegal search on me. Gutsu took pepperspray and did not give it back.

12-10-2012 approx. 0000 hrs. Officer B. Brown said that we could not park at the church ad to move to town center. wanted to go through the vehicle but changed his mind, said that we were cool, then left.

12-10-2012 1400 hrs. approx. at El Dorado Hills library – Hamitt, Peterson, and Bobart saying that we were stalking children and they were hanging out by our vehicle with Tait laying in the back ( Tait was in the libreary doing legal work against the cops), then while the Officers were talking to me a call came in and Bobart said ‘ I just got a call saying that you were at the school just now stalking children. I said ‘you guys are right here with me?!’


12-17-2012 Officer Van Buren stopped for suspicious vehicle on the side of the road

1-21-2013 Officer in Yuba county stopped us for ‘alledgedly running a red light’ after we received our Plymouth Voyager.

1-24-2013 3 cops at seihk place the day after we ate there.


1-30-2013 Auburn Police suspicious vehicle waiting at the library with pwople wearing winter gear. It was cold and raining.

2-8-2013 @ See’s Candy in Sac. for birthday. Sac. Sheriff and Rancho Cordova Police pulled up and tore vehicle apart and called forestry. Officer threatened to shoot me for follwing order to give him our identification. Illegally searched me and put me in the back of patrol car tehn stated I look like a narc for the feds and he’s going to tell all street people. (Happy Valentines and birthday from Sac pd)

2-13-2013 @ park. Suspicious vehicle with no plates

2-28-2013 & 3-1-2013 Auburn Sheriff and Lincoln Police bombarded us on desolate highway. Sgt. Piazza asked husband Tait for I.d. tehngrabbed hsi firearm and pulled it ahlfway out of his holster. They trashed vehicle throwing stuff in the dirt adn broke religous articles and threw them on the ground and laughed the whole time. Cut locks off my bags and searched me after i told them they did not have permission to do any of what they were doing

3-30-2013 Auburn cops said that there was a suspicous vehicle and nodded towards web-site on vehicle and said ‘you know’

4-6-2013 @ church (approx. 0045 hrs.) & some cop met up with some people in a dark vehicle and was cussing stating ‘Tarabetz said (inaudible) and don’t tell my girlfriend’ and ‘I can’t do anything to them’ then they both left.

4-7-2013 approx. 0100 hrs. (1 a.m.) Officer Culvershowed up @ church and did an I.d. check then left.

4-7-2013 El Dorado Hills Target- Officers Hellam and Ford showed up and Ford knew where my husband was exactly when our curtains were down. They only looked in one specific part of the van. Someone had Infrared on our vehicle and were making comments about what my husband was doing. Officer Hellam searched me after I protested.

4-9-2013 Someone walked by saying ‘Do we have enough evidence to get him?’ and ‘we are going to get him by the creekbed” El Dorado Hills Library

4-10-2013 Officer Gutsu and two other Sheriffs showed up at the Walgreens in El Dorado Hills where we bought food adn were eating in the parking lot ( fat taco eating adn rat face weasel punk call cops)


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