Another desperate grasp for straws!!!!

It has been brought to my attention that the El Dorado County ‘good ‘ol boy’ possey has concocted another fabrication to do more harm to my family than they already have, [this] time they are ‘claiming’, and I use this term loosely ‘claiming’ that my husband and I are on the jail-house phones, of course we know that they are ALWAYS recording us, threatening the lives of Fulton and Brown with some comment about a bullet? ya! Real funny. Any thing said about Brown and Fulton ONLY has to do with LEGAL avenues and my GOD GIVEN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!!!!! Now if they are scared of their own situations that they created by breaking NUMEROUS laws against a law-abiding citizen then that’s their own [guilt] trip. I have not made any violent threats to any of them or any of their family members or other crooked associates of theirs, though there are MANY!!!! They, over the years, have given violent people only one avenue and that is the legal system.

So are they scaring me? Not really. They just like to play these head trip games to make themselves feel better for all the laws they broke along the way. They also are trying to get my O.R. revoked just to be punks because I am out here advocating as always against the unjust system of El Dorado County and their associates.

People may think it’s a losing battle, but in my eyes if you don’t start out somewhere they will just keep thinking that they can do whatever they want just because they have the badge and the guns. This type of mentality in society only makes their argument stronger thus enforcing their illicit behaviors.
So I am taking no part in that. I REFUSE to allow my heart or mind to take their excuses that it is my husbands fault for all the illegal things that they have done to me over the years. I REFUSE!!!!!!


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