See how new I am to this still. I did not know that Sgt. Felton, who threatened myself and my husband with incarceration for putting the sexual assault by Officer Brown on the world wide web, would end up following this site! You guys are a disgrace to the badge and you abuse the color of authority unlimited! I am DISGUSTED at how you guys have treated me over the past four years! You have abused me physically and emotionally! Every one of your coworkers “EXCUSE” was: “If you don’t like it divorce your husband”, “If you don’t like it, kick the parolee out of the vehicle”, “If you don’t like it go to our ‘homeless’ concentration camp’ and the abuse will stop”, “If you don’t like it SAC’S THAT WAY!!!!!”. Why should ANY of you use my husband as an excuse to break the law on a law-abiding American WOMAN?! Is that any way to do your job? What was I doing wrong? What was he doing wrong? I can understand your motive because my husband BEAT TWO LIFE CASES FOR BATTERY’S ON OFFICERS WHEN HE WAS ONLY DEFENDING HIS LIFE AGAINST YOU ‘BOYS’ GOING BEYOND THE SCOPE OF YOUR DUTIES!!!!!!! How dare you put my and my daughters lives in jeopardy because you have a vendetta against a man who defended his life. Are you saying that he just should have taken these life threatening beatings? Where his throat had fingerprint marks from one of you assholes choking him? To where his throat was swollen out so far he had to be transported to the hospital and the F.B.I. had to intervene because you guys were abusing him so badly? WHY? I DO NOT see the justification in any of this. Now on the EXACT day he gets off parole you send lance ‘cowboy’ cramer, an ex corrections officer to set him up on another charge? (Pollock pines community church. no god allowed!) Oh my husband beat a life case for a battery on a corrections officer too so that makes sense for the motive.
You see America? This is just the kind of illicit behavior in our government that needs to BE STOPPED! ABOLISHED! Now that these two law-breakers are ‘following’ this site they will get a notification and I hope their asshole puckers up a little. This is the truth!!!!! You guys are the devils! You have let satan overrun your hearts, minds, and souls.
It’s a pity you have to go out with a legacy like this. I at least, even with all the illegal tactics that you, c.d.c., the tsi-akim maidu and all other associates who have played a part in ruining my family just for your ‘greater good’, will go to GOD with a righteous heart knowing that I did not deserve this and I did nothing wrong to any of you. I still have all the proof that I need.


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