There was three other churches in El Dorado County that TOTALLY discriminated on God’s children;

1. Light of the Hills Church: My husband and I were a few minutes late to get to the Thanksgiving food give-away. We were given a number to call to collect our food. The day we happened to go pick it up was on a ‘service’ day. The pastor came out and yelled at us and said’ I told you not to come here! I told you to call the number and someone would get back to you!’ They ended up giving us one bag on-the-spot. God like?

2. Faith Episcopol Church: We went there to ask the pastor for some help looking for work. That day he was said to be in Military training and we were asked to come back the nest day, which we did. Upon waiting in the parking lot for the pastor to arrive, it was approximitely 0800 hrs. or so, when the pastor came up to our vehicle and yelled at us, ‘GET OFF MY PROPERTY AND DON’T EVER COME BACK!’

3.Green Valley Church: We were having problems trying to find somewhere we could fix our range rover. we were told that we could fix it on the property but not leave it overnight. the program guy, Bob I believe, but will edit if it was not, told us that if we knew how to fix cars like we do we should help out at their garage and network for some work opportunities. We thought that was a good idea and thanked him for the info. When we showed up to volunteer the worker sneered at us and replied ‘he had enough people and to come tomorrow and work with that crew. besides you’ll only be standing around doing nothing.’ All this while they had a cherried out cadillac on the lift. We thought that car program was for homeless moms on assistance? we were upset cause we were told by the program director to come there, we had spent gas to get there and they wanted us to come back the nest day and spend more gas? more than
likely to be told the same thing.
a week or two later we went there to tell the director of the program what had happened. while we waited my husband and I sat outside at the tables making christmas cards to sell for money. These kids came out running about us saying, ‘tweeker. tweeker. tweeker’
God like?

Churches that are there for the purpose of GOD have no right to be on this website. I am told by God whose those are and they will not be mentioned in a negative way. I would like to thank them. They know who they are.


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