judge phimister

Honorable Judge Phimister,

I am writing in regards to the Writ of Habeas Corpus that was filed on July 31, 2012. The Writ pertained to the following crimes committed on myself and my family, Tait and
Angelina Belyew: Threats of murder, attempts of murder, stalking, harassing, lying to the public about us being terrorists and wanting to blow up government buildings, and so on.

I am a LAW-ABIDING AMERICAN WOMAN! I am asking you to expedite the court date for the writ due to INCREASEDharassment, murder attempts, AND people with loaded firearms stalking us to our campsite (driving by numerous times glaring at us and when we moved they FOLLOWED us!) This has caused extreme distress in our lives, caused emotional harm to ALL of us. Our daughter is now dysfunctional and living with a convicted child molester because of all the harassment by ALL GOVERNMENT ENTITIES!
I believe that they have hired a private investigator company, Shadow Company, because I have had numerous affairs for years with these people, know their family and such.

They told me that they are now working with the department of corrections and have been seen stalking us too. Whenever the parole unit knows of our whereabouts the harassment goes FULL BLOWNto the point that we just have to keep moving. These HARMFUL TACTICS have lead me to believe that this county is just trying to make us leave so that the Writ will not be heard because my husband will then be a fugitive, like on previous occasions where our lives were threatened by these such people.

I have been harmed physically, emotionally, and ILLEGALLY by numerous law-enforcement. My loving family has been TORN APART by these HARMFUL DEEDS. I am asking the court again to EXPEDITE the court date for the Writ of Habeas Corpus so that these WRONGFUL DEEDS may cease!!!!

Lisa Belyew
Cc: adnewsroom@appealdemocrat.com


Honorable Judge Phimister, Dept. 7 , Case No: PC20120440
Date: 08/27/12

This case no. was appointed to you on 08/02/12. This matter is in regard to the misconduct of the state parole exercised on my family. Since this matter was appointed to you the parole office, William Wiener, has done some unlawful acts, we trust, that involve the taking of our life and limb.

I have reported to Parole Agent William Wiener that the day we report where we are living that unknown subjects come to our whereabouts and vandalize our vehicles, harm us, and threaten our lives. Mostly taking place at night time. That I have been out of county jail for a few days I was forced to inform Wiener of my whereabouts at Shingle Springs and the concern of the stated above. Wieners’ statement was that he’s sorry to hear that and that he can’t do anything about it because it is out of his jurisdiction.

These threats involve the threatening of my life and the life of my wife, Lisa Belyew. On reporting these threats to officer Roberts, he asked, who knows where you are at. We stated, the only person who knows where we are at is Parole Agent Wiener and the night after we tell him this same thing always happens. We thought Wiener would help me with these harassers and attempted murderers but he has backed out of that avenue. In fact, that my protection is a job duty of his, fore I am a Sensitive Needs Yard Inmate (S.N.Y./P.C.).

We feel that with these writs and other appeal avenues that we exercised against the state paroles misconduct are a big factor of the harassments we have been experiencing, non-protection of law enforcement in regard to our safety, and that wiener and the state parole are in hopes of my wife and I being harmed to the extent that we can’t appeal their office any longer. They are turning a blind eye to protecting us. We have had our share of harsh feelings from (some) law enforcement due to our past some 17 years ago, but we haven’t experienced many people in the community retaliating against us to this extent until we appealed the California State Parole; in respect to this statement, all people retaliating appear to be from the [tweaker community] whom must directly deal with law enforcements such as the state parole agency and their associates.

We are forced to duck and dodge harm from this group while parole is the only one with our address and these people end up with our address the very same time parole obtains it, and parole refuses to shield my family from any harm, thus substantiating their involvement. We pray that you intervene in our behalf for the safety of my family before the scheduled court date for this writ because we feel there is a possibility that we won’t make it to the court date for this writ.

Respectfully Submitted, The Belyew Family, Tait & Lisa Belyew.



Mind you he is now the judge of ours in the ‘church’ case!

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