I’m sure this tactic has been used on many other poverished families/persons. These crooked cops and/or detectives and/or private investigators and/or their street rat bitches will mess with your mental state ALL NIGHT. They use tactics such as, but not limited to:

1. throwing rocks at your vehicle, tent, and/or house window.

Why? I believe so they can record you running outside, erasing their involvement, and splicing/docturing the tape to make you look like a paranoid schizophrenic/

2. sit at  a distance, somewhere hidden, and talk in low, mostly inaudible voices, and will exagerate certain words that they know will get you up to check, making you look like a paranoid schizophrenic. Remember, they are only recording you come out in reaction to their sick SADISTIC mind games.

3. They will go through your storage unit, WITHOUT A WARRANT, steal family/adult pictures, erase family videos, your favorite knives, your legal paperwork, etc.

Why? Because you told on them for these illicit/ILLEGAL acts against the poverished because ‘no one cares about you.’

4. Then  they have the odacity to write these happenings as laws and ‘medical breakthroughs’ to diagnose people that report these illicit/illegal and SADISTIC tactics as a ‘mentally ill’ person.

Why? Because everyone believes a doctor or a cop. No matter how crooked they are!

5. Believe it or not THEY STILL GAS AND POISON PEOPLE! Paranoid schizophrenic? YA RIGHT! You go to the hospital to repoer these symptoms your family has, such as, but not limited to:

    severe weight loss

     you, your husband, and child vomitting like the exorcist

     aching bones

     no fever or flu symptoms


Why? So they can accuse you of running a Heroin lab. Oh and UC Davis, Marshal, and Folsom Hospital ‘do not have the “technology” to test for chemical agent symptoms or poisoning.’

Why?Maybe because you have Medi-cal and tattoos, adn in their ‘medical books’ these are mentally ill symptoms. Then they say that you only come up positive for drugs, that don’t have ANY of these symptoms, give you an I.V. and tell you not to come back.

Guess what!? now you have a “red flag” in every computer and get treated like shit wherever you go for reporting a cop that SEXUALLY ASSAULTED you on 3 (three) different cameras. (maybe more). paranoid schizophrenic? YA RIGHT!

These acts don’t just happen in 3rd world countries! They are happening right here in america! Maybe not to you people with money, but you can be assured it happens to the poverished.


My fellow Americans don’t let discrimenatory or judgemental thoughts cloud your mind. These atrocities need to be stopped. Why are we always trying to help other countries when we can’t even help ourselves from the corrupt governments abuse on it’s own citizens? Why are we at war with each other? Why only come together when such events such as 911, earthquakes, florida/new york black outs happen, etc. Oh and don’t forget Rodney King!

Stand together and fight for justice in your own back yard. These tyrants need to be replaced with sensible humanitarians that put human lives before “a steak on their table.”



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