letter to the AVA editor!(anderson valley advertisor)

Letters To The Editor
by The AVA on May 27th, 2011
On May 2, 2011, my husband and I were paying our bills and getting money orders from the usual place. Outside there was a cop talking to my husband. I had no idea what was going on. I put my bag in the truck and looked over to see what they were doing. The officer looked at me and said, RUDELY, might I add, “Do you have a problem?” I said no. He came over and told me he was going to search the vehicle, “Are you on parole or probation?” I replied no. I said to him that, I’m getting MY bag out of the vehicle. He said, FORCEFULLY, “You ARE NOT getting your bag. You are going to jail. He proceeded to snatch and twist my wrist around my back. I said, Oww! You’re hurting my hand.” When he got to the cop car he threw me onto it while still twisting my wrist. I only know one cop’s name. The other abusive one was badge #256. There was another RUDE cop there who blatantly REFUSED to give his name or badge #. I do recall what he looked like. He was Mexicanish with DARK sunglasses and a goatee. After the whole incident was over people were staring. I was hurt. We had done NOTHING wrong. We used to go to that place to pay bills and our daughter’s school is a couple blocks away. Now we don’t go there anymore because of the police brutality on whomever they choose fit. We have a lot of tattoos, so that’s why the city police bother us.
After that incident we went and picked up our daughter from school and my wrist hurt so bad that I had to go to an out-of-county hospital because Marshall Hospital has a “red flag” on us because of the way we look. I went to Mercy of Folsom and had x-rays taken. They sent me home with a splint, which they did not show me how to use and a sling which I was also not shown how to use, two prescriptions: ibuprofen 600mg, and generic vicodins #10. I told them those are not going to help with the pain. They gave me some instructions on how to take care of a wrist fracture and told me to follow up with the Nurse Practitioner. I also received a bruise on my elbow from when he twisted my wrist and arm behind my back.
On May 9 my Nurse Practitioner sent for some more x-rays because I was crying from the pain and NOBODY would tell me what was wrong with it. They said they compared the x-rays and there was no evident fracture. I have a copy of one of the films and something looks messed up to me. my Nurse Practitioner said that my right wrist looked abnormal due to its size in comparison to the left.
On May 17 my husband was seen there for a different matter and I told them I wanted to get the copies from Mercy of Folsom and the report that the Nurse Practitioner had made. I have copies of mostly everything.
Anyway, the prescription did not match the paperwork on file. I asked them why they said they did not know and could not change the one in the file and let me keep the other copy. I recorded their whole transaction because they were, as they put it, “we need to cover our tracks” — we have had many unsuccessful run-ins with governmental entities in this county. Proof of almost EVERYTHING!
I dare not keep it on me or near my house. I travel to my in-laws and keep it there where only they know where it’s at.
I have called numerous news centers; they refuse to help me. NAACP will not help. The doctors and cops are all in cahoots, so whatever they think is wrong they won’t tell me or help me.
I am still in EXCRUCIATING pain, my right wrist is still WAY bigger than the left. There are NO lawyers who will help me. As soon as the “c” word comes up they retract their first diagnosis and right in front of me and my husband they changed the dosage and amount of medication that I was supposed to get. All these copies and paperwork are not at my house because I do not and cannot trust this system in El Dorado county.
Please, if you know of anyone or if you can help me I would be indebted to you.
Contact me at:
Lisa Belyew
general delivery
Placerville, ca 95667

PS. The mental health “help” you get here is also a big joke.

amended 4-19-13
it seems that I have been contacting with these reports and you publish nothing in your “TELL IT LIKE IT IS” paper. I TELL IT LIKE IT IS!
the start of a new media era is born!


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