the truth behind the lies to the community!

u.s. Const. 1st Amend

Brought to our attention criminal entities infected our gov., andmany of their associates, are going around spreading untruths about us of crim. Acts against children. If sexual convictions are there, you must be on this site; fellow Americans- even if we are different styles, think/research yourself on Here’s copies of our drivers lic. For your convenience.

To educate you a little. Tait Belyew’s last conviction for a felony was grand theft 1995, over 18 yrs. Ago. What motive would law enforcement have to be so harsh on the Belyew family? Maybe it has something to do w/ Tait winning the 1995 life term 3X case for battery on an officer; so upset they fabricate yet another life term 3X case for another battery on officer 2002 and Tait won again. according to witnesses law enforcement has been going around lying about Tait and harming his family physically/mentally/trying to fabricate another life term 3X case/kept Tait unlawfully an extra 2 yrs on parole and extended that unlawfully 2 more months, so they can have unlawful time to plot and harm. The Belyews are victims of corruptness associated w/ law enforcement.

They brainwashed the Belyew familys daughter, 4-6 yrs old, and placed her w/ CA. convicted child rapist Robert Amero Perez @ MT. who’s on; you can find out what Robert’s 288(a)(c) means @, -the same way they are attempting to brainwash you and use your children against us.

Law enforcement sexually assaulted Lisa Belyew on 3 different cameras, broke/stole her property, entered untrue smut seen in patrol car computers, refused to Hear #’s of Crim. Complaints filed @ the sheriff’s office and courthouse and other gov. bldgs.. P.C.S. Deputy TaraBetz response to Lisa was- if you don’t like it kick the parolee out of the vehicle, as he helped throw most of our property out on the side of a desolate rd.; Sgt. Piazza’s 10 patrol car crew laughed like juvenile delinquents as they broke our property and defiled religious artifacts. Vindictive Prosecutorial Acts don’t only happen in 3rd World Countries.

Dedicated, but not limited to, those associated w/ these groups who harmed and or molested me as a child and or my family as an adult: CDC Parole Agent Weiner/tsi-akim maidu corporation (non-federally recognized tribe) and their law enforcement members @ placer County area/P.C.S.O./E.D.C.S.O./S.C.S.O./R.C.Police/Travelers Aid.


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