President Obama,
I am a concern citizen regarding United States Forestry (U.S.F.) territory, law enforcements there at, and non-enforcement of the RICO ACT. My vision here is to save as many God-Given life forces I can, and utilize our ‘rights’ as Americans. To exercisee spirituality freely without impairment. U.S.F. stipulates citizens can onlt travel in our vehicles on roads ‘they’ severely limited and designated. Citizens used to be able to travel any road. Citizens duck and dodge, and do so anyway.

Witnessed in U.S.F. territory at California, U.S.A., especially El Dorado County (E.D.C.), but not limited to:
Industrial size deforestation resulting in sides of mountains scarred from explosives, tree stumps and small trees everywhere, apartment size stacks of fallen trees, and deforestation from ‘Under Color of Authority’ persons.
Vandalism utilizing U.S.F. materials of plastic and spray paint throughout forest.
Illegal dumping roadside and forest side by roads only ‘Color of Authority’ are allowed to travel.
Illegal hunting on a massive level by ‘Color of Authority’ persons by roads ‘they can only travel.
Speaker towers emitting high pitch sound-waves impaairing equalibrium.
Destruction of natural food supplies for animals and humans by ivassive speceis (possibly by humans), U.S.F. only spray for speceis that destroy wood because they profit from logging, to my knowledge.
Natural fish near extinction in the hundreds of water-ways, and a great absence of animals, at U.S.F./E.D.C.
U.S.F. stipulates citizens can only park their vehicles (1) vehicle length from ‘their’ designated roads forcing you to camp next to yoyur vehicle so nothing happens to your property because everyone knows where you are at which leads to spying, theivery, and physical harm, with no U.S.F./law enforcement protection, leading to unlawful detention for protecting your life and property.
As ‘Color of Authority’ commit these unlawful acts on non-designated roads and they see or hear you from afar, ‘they’ utilize U.S.F. air craft to bombard your location in attempt to issue a citation to exile witnessess, yet the ‘Under Color of Authority’ criminal persons are left alone. When they come to your site where you are at they utilize their ‘color of authority’ to put you in cuffs for excercising your Constitutional Rights such as not allowing them to search your vehicle if you are not on probation/parole, they will steal your property, and so on.
During rain and snow storms, ‘Under Color of Authority’ persons and their hired help sit at U.S.F. enterences and radio in any vehicle passing them, and ‘they’ say the roads are closed. If you had been camping in the forest before the closure and made it by ‘them,’ you hear illegal hunting and logging on a massive level. If ‘they’ hear you camping ‘they’ utilize U.S.F. air craft to bombard your location immediately which we have no power to do so, and ‘they’ are left alone substantiating ‘they’ are ‘Under Color of Authority’ persons. Furthermore, this directs one to believe ‘they’ are involved in the spying, theivery, and physical harm, fore justice is ignored against them.
Private property homes are based in U.S.F. territoty. These home-owners attempt to keep citizens from using U.S.F. designated roads and forest by use of weapon threat (i.e., putting gun-sight-lasers in your vehicle, stocking, and the like), not does U.S.F./law enforcements punish them.

I am a God loving American who prays through the Spirit of the Trees and Animals sending my prayers with more power directly to God. These Spirits help(ed) me conquer trials and tribulations I, and others, imposed on myself in my youth and the present. Excluding for survival in the ‘Circle of Life,’ I am obligated to Their protection.
I am aware I shall not stop hunting and logging in this country, yet I can reduce these Spirits worldly-death by advocating these governments must comply with American law, without retaliations, and citizens should be allowed to travel down any road in the U.S.F. territory, at their own risk, so eyes can watch.
I am also aware I shall not stop the government from selling and leasing off [our] forest to private home-owners. We citizens should be compensated for the quiet selling and leasing of [our] forest and should have full use of [our] forest without harassment form [our] U.S.F./law enforcements and private home-owners in the U.S.F. territory.
Fore, We are Americans, in the United States of America, The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave, and [our] government stipulates ‘We’ are the ‘People’ (citizens). We are not in a suppressed third world Middle Eastern country infected with communism.


Advocate for Truth, Justice, and Constitution.. T.L.B..

El Dorado County, California, USA

So Stipulated, The Declaration of Independence..


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