President Obama,

1. After law-enforcement utilized unlawful tactics, such as- sexual assault, destroying my property and vehicles, unwanted searches by force and violence causing physical pain, threatening to murder me (Tait) in front of my wife (Lisa) in a future road block, attempts to sell us narcotics at sting operations, and so on, as Lisa inform law-enforcement that she [IS NOT] on probation and/or parole and they [CANNOT] search her, sporadically we, Tait & Lisa Belyew, are told to go live at the ‘Homeless Community’ at Placerville and/or Sacramento and this treatment shall stop.
2. This ‘homeless community’ is unlawful that law-enforcement informs us we are breaking the law by camping in El Dorado County, unless, it is at a camp ground which they have made more costly than a trailer park or apartment we already can’t afford and have been previously harassed out of by law-enforcement(s) at El Dorado County. And, the fact that we are not camping, yet simply sleeping in Lisa’s vehicle.
3. This ‘homeless community’ subjects us to live around enemies, and convicted sexual predators that must register as sex offenders under California Penal Code Section 290, which, in fact, we [ARE NOT]. This violates our rights so stipulated in our country’s United States Constitution to live with liberty and justice, and be free from harassment and harm, and so on…
4. To be forced to live in this ‘homeless community’ with these atrocious, cruel, and painful tactics subjects us to the same horrors that we imposed on the following: · The European invasion to the ‘ New Land ’ forcing the Native Americans to live in [reservations] with tactics similar…· The Nazi Regime forcing the Jewish Peoples to live in [concentration camps] with tactics similar…· The United States of America forcing the American Citizen Japanese People to live in American made [concentration camps] during World War II with tactics similar…· And so on…

In a free and civilized country as the United States of America so stipulates it is, though it may be lawful for a citizen to choose freely without harm(s) to live in such condition, it is a ‘grave injustice’ to force citizens to live in those conditions simple because they are without housing of choice whether it is their fault or the governments, or simply because of this country’s recession. To subject our citizen(s) to the unlawful harassment(s) of our law-enforcement(s) so directs that a number of Powerful Terrorist have infected our government and must be removed by the Powers our government set forth throughout the ‘law of our country.’ Advocate for Truth, Justice, and Constitution. T.L.B..El Dorado County, CA , U.S.A. So stipulated, The Declaration of Independence.

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