October 24, 2012

Dear President Obama,

Our Six Year Old Child and the United States of America,

This situation involves the torture of my family by branches of
government at California (CA), USA (that is): California Department of
Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDC-R), El Dorado and Sacramento County
Sheriff’s Departments (EDCSD) and(SCSD), Child Protective Services at El Dorado and Sacramento Counties (CPS), Traveler’s Aid-Jackie McClain(TA), and members from the Tsi-Akim Maidu Tribe (TAM-non-federally recognized).

Detail from above is too extensive so I shall keep it simple. This
matter has been appealed to this government and the rest of the world.

I became married to a woman with a four year old child, Lisa and
Angelina. I gained certificates in Positive Parenting, and in many other
areas, including a Diploma of Paralegal. Extensively, I participated in
spiritual services for over twenty years. My new wife Lisa, had obtained
years of programing and certificates in the like areas. I paroled with a
vision of success and hope.

My daughter’s, Angelina, biological father was not a part of her life despite my attempts to rekindle. A superior court judge gave Angelina my last name. I was the one who showed Angelina how to tie her shoes. I was there for Angelina when she was sick. I took Angelina to school and attended her open-house functions (which they erased from our videos). I took Angelina sledding, bowling, playing at the park, and I caught Angelina’s first fish with her.


These government entities and Maidu organization intervened in our
lives with their hand out that they were there to help my family succeed. As a whole, they broke into our home and erased all our family videos, stole all family pictures, stole legal documentations pertaining to our family and our success, used a gas agent a number of times on Lisa and I (at times child present), broke native artifacts I constructed and others I was given at ceremony, vandalized four vehicles to the extent we were forced to replace them, taught Angelina what drugs were and then unlawfully entered into Angelina’s school and asked her if her parents were doing drugs and other illicit activities to her, said to lie and make something up and put me back into prison and if you are going to kill me to kill me now (child present), walking back from the hospital-ruffed me up and yelled at Lisa saying ‘you are a bad mom’ for about five minutes and then let us go, and so on…

Despite these unlawful brainwashing intrusions, Angelina always said
that we were good parents and we don’t do drugs.

After two years of non-stop unlawful harassments in front of
Angelina, she began to be dysfunctional saying the same accusations the
government was saying (with child present). Angelina started to be
dysfunctional when she didn’t feel like doing her homework or feeding her animals, and the like. The government intervened as Lisa called them for help as she was breaking down from the horrors of the above. The
government showed up and beat Lisa up and took Angelina. I was not
present. Upon finding out this information I looked into getting Angelina back. CPS now said that I am not the father but the ‘parolee boyfriend,’ refused to use Angelina’s lawful last name which is mine, and said I could only see Angelina if I was supervised by my parents. CPS attempted to give Angelina to my parents whom physically and sexually abused my sister, cousin, and myself, when we were children; government was aware of this fact by way of superior court judge’s finding. I personally stopped this horror CDC-R -Jon DeRoco, CPS, and TA were pushing. I was told, ‘it could not of been that bad.’ Remember: DeRoco was the one yelling lie and make something up and put him back in prison, and to kill him now (child present). There are many law-suits against CPS by parents for the similar.
Courts side with CPS without proof but what they brainwashed the childto
say. CPS attempted to give Angelina back just one week after they took
her. We refused due to brainwashing & them now teaching Angelina what sex was about because of their desire to place Angelina with her biological father (which they did). He is convicted of child molestation(see attached).

Lisa and I [ARE NOT] convicted of any crimes of abuses on children.

Another disturbing fact about these companies is they placed our six
(see attached), who married into a family with an underage girl, another
child of his own, and now Angelina. Look at this monsters picture- can’t
you imagine what this monster is doing to these children the government
allows to be under his care. And the monster refuses to allow us to speak with Angelina to check on her. This is what the government says is in the best interest of the child.

The Tsi-Akim Maidu tribe is full of years of child molestation and
physical abuse. I am personally a victim of this abuse. There are many
officers and their supporters in this tribe who support those whom have
committed these sick acts and hug them as they see them. [Most evil are
Wanda and Jerry Belyew].

How can the United States Federal Government federally recognize the
Tsi-Akim Maidu organization to become a tribe? They should be putting
these people, citizen and government alike, under investigation and in

Tell the world what is going on. Contact us for any information at
support at:
Tait and Lisa Belyew, General Delivery, Auburn, CA,
USA, 95670.


lisa and tait belyew


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