On 2-4-2013 I paid for a motel room for one week, in Reno Nevada, expecting to get some relaxation from the stresses of the crooked law-enforcements of El Dorado, Sacramento, and Placer counties. And hoping to escape their NUMEROUS MURDER ATTEMPTS! Throughout the days and nights of 2-4/2-5/ and daytime of 2-6-2013. I constantly had to sit in my vehicle to make sure no one broke in.

On the morning of 2-5-2013 we went to the nearby store to buy a candy bar when I went to open the door and a man forcefully shut it, hurting my hand and saying, rudely, ‘WE’RE CLOSED’. We went back to the room and stood outside watching the cops fiasco at the stores parking lot. The cops and patrons kept giving us dirty looks and we didn’t know why.

On the night of 2-5-2013 I was in the vehicle listening to two males, one with a heavy accent – skinny mexican, the other was a heavy set whiteboy with short/shaved hair. The skinny guy wanted the big guy to beat someone up. The white guy wanted a payment of $80 in ‘shit’ (meth), $20 upfront and $20 tomorrow. The skinny guy was adament about him fighting. I did not know at that time who they were talking about. The mexican guy met up with whtie guy and they proceeded to walk through the parking lot and I noticed the white boy carrrying a gun in his left hand. I went and told my husband and we discussed if they were talking about us or not. We were not sure. We just kicked it.

At approximately 0534 hrs. of 2-6-2013 there was a scratching at our door and then the neighbors. He was looking for SOLO. He knocked loud at our door adn I looked out and saw a heavy (not fat) set guy and he stood there with his right hand in his pocket. I did not answer the door but it was the same guy the night before knocking on everyones door looking for SOLO for hours.
During the day we kept hearing people outside our window and kept making sure they weren’t trying to creep in our bathroom window or our vehicle window. I went back to the van to check things out. I sat in there for awhile. I noticed that the customer traffic had died down DRASTICALLY! At night, NO TRAFFIC!!!!
The neighbors next door; the baby was screaming adn the lady yelled ‘I DON’T WANT TO BE HERE FOR THAT! I DON’T WANT TO BE IN THIS!!!!’ The guy told her to shut up. SHUT UP! When I was listening through the crack in the door I heard a gun hammer cock and a guy say ‘I’ll get them when they come out.’ I heard the neighbor next door with some machine when he ran it against the wall it got louder where we were at and he told his girlfriend, ‘THIS TELLS ME WHERE THEY ARE STANDING AND THEY ARE RIGHT THERE.’ I heard another gun cock by the window and went to check who it was and if they were by our vehicle. I noticed a guy leaning on a white van down the far side of the parking lot with a gun pointed at our room. I heard through the door the guy said, ‘I CAN’T SHOOT HIM MAN! THEY WON’T COME OUT OR STAY STILL! WHEN THEY COME OUT I’LL GET THEM!’ I heard the guy next door telling his girlfriend ‘ALL THAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN IS THEY’RE GOING TO FALL ON THE GROUND AND GASP FOR AIR’ while he was imitating someone gasping for air and laughing about it.

I opened the bathroom door and heard the people outside say, ‘GET READY HERE THEY COME!’ I said, ‘PUNK ASS BITCHES!’ then shut the window. I heard the guy tell someone to mess with the door and we’ll open it. They jiggled the door and walked off. I heard them around the corner playing with their guns. This went on until about 0100 hrs.

Finally the only thing I could think of to get out of there safely was to call the cops for domestic violence against the guy next door who was beating his child and his girlfriend. As soon as the cops showed up everybody started walking and said by our window, ‘THEY CALLED TEHM.’ The police did not investigate teh domestic violence adn tried to leave real fast. We took our chance and left.

The Reno Sheriff pulled me over for NO REASON!! They asked when we were going back to California and I said not til after my birthday. Then they stalked us until we left.


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