on 2-8-13 while standing in line at See’s candy in rancho cordova an officer came in and started making comments about my husband saying ‘it’s now or never!’ (mind you agent weener told us his discharge date was 2-08-2013, so stipulated in both cop cars computers) we got AND PAID for our selection and the staff was nice as so we were. we were sitting in our vehicle out front ENJOYING our candy until this PIG sticks his head in my husbands window and asks ‘are you on probation or parole?’ i said no and my husband said yes. the cop forced him out of the vehicle and handcuffed him extremely tight while i retrieved my husbands i.d. that the cop demanded i produce NOW!!!! as the cop was searching my husband i leaned out his side od the vehicle adn told the cop i had his i.d. and he yelled at me to get into the vehicle, which i was in, i said ‘ you asked for his id so here!’ he pulled out his taser and aimed it at me screaming for me to get back into the vehicle, which i NEVER left. i said ‘you’re going to shoot me!? SHOOT ME!!!!’ in a nutshell he threatened to shoot me with the taser for following his ORDER!! he came and snatched up the id for my husband and took me out of the vehicle adn handcuffed me, might i remind you that i AM STILL NOT ON PROBATION/PAROLE!? another officer searched me ILLEGALLY and they placed me in the back of a cop car. RIDER and unknown sgt./lt. asked me what the problem was and i stated the above to him and he said ‘as soon as you file the complaint i’m just going to dismiss the criminal complaint on officers so why bother?’ and i told him ‘it’s called a paper trail asshole!’
while my husband was in the back of the patrol car he narrated EVERY ILLEGAL thing they were doing i.e., searching myself, my vehicle, dumping out our prescriptions and smashing them into the ground with their boots, etc. the officer thrashing my vehicle broke into MY LOCKED BAG, took out a kitchen knife and HID it in the backseat, then DEMANDED that we go straight back to el dorado county where they had a road block set up to arrest us on FELONY CHARGES FOR THEIR ILLEGALLY PLANTED EVIDENCE!!!! CROOKED??? YA THINK???! they DEFILED OUR RELIGOUS/SPIRITUAL artifacts YET AGAIN!!! calling the department of fish and game to come out and investigate these religous artifacts that we use to pray. mind you my husband is native, and i showed them his card, and it is his LEGAL RIGHT TO POSSESS SUCH ITEMS AND [THEY] CANNOT TOUCH/DEFILE THESE SUCH ITEMS!!! KARMA!
they let me out of the patrol car and officer CABBRAL stated to me’ on recording, ‘you guys look like feds to me. i’m going to tell all my street people that you guys are NARCS FOR THE FEDS’ i told him to ‘go ahead. i don’t care cause all you rely on are the dopefiend weakminded rat punks that work for you anyways and can’t think for themselves! REAL CONVICTS DON’T BELIEVE COPS!’
they TRASHED MY VEHICLE and told us that agent weener said we did not have permission to be there when we did. (liar) the officer also told us that agent weener said to call him wednesday after agent weener had told us to call him on monday (liar)
i take the fact that CABBRAL said he’s going to tell the street people we are narcs for the feds as a green light to get us murdered for telling the world on ALL THEIR ILLEGAL ANTICS!!! they still to this day won’t quit. LIE AFTER LIE AFTER FILTHY LIE!!!!
THE CROOKED COPS HAVE ALSO TYPED UP IN THEIR COP-CAR COMPUTERS THAT WE HARM CHILDREN AND/OR ELDERLY, WITH NO CONVICTIONS/ARRESTS OF EITHER ON ANY OF OUR RAP SHEETS!!!! they keep TRYING to go to weak-minded citizens and they apew the false allegations of hatred yet there are no convictions for either!!! on myself or my husband. refer to the $10,000 hit where they offered $. these tweaked out street people can’t see the forest through the trees!!!! you really believe the cops are going to pay you to hit someone and then not kill you for having the weapon on you, pointing it at them, and, in fear of you telling on them, SHOOT YOU? quit the dope every day. FREE YOUR MIND AND YOUR ASS WILL FOLLOW. START EXCERCISING YOUR BODY! STOP LISTENING TO THESE CROOKED COPS TRYING TO USE YOU FOR THE OLD ‘KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE’ TRICK.
‘OLD SCHOOL’ needs to return to the street. we stay that way and you should get back to it ‘street people’. the drugs cloud your thinking and they bank on that for your stupidity. THIK FOR YOURSELF! ASK FOR OUR PAPERWORK! WE HAVE IT! STOP BEING THEIR PAWN-RAT-BITCHES!!! YOU ARE EXPENDABLE ASSETS TO THEM AND NOTHING MORE! JSUT A STEAK ON THEIR TABLE! JOB SECURITY! THINK! THINK! THINK!!!!!


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