the government continues to lie!!!!

If a government official must fabricate untruth(s) about a citizen, or any of Its People, to turn other citizens against them so the government can unlawfully incarcerate (kidnap) or kill them, and other governments in Our country gift aid to the wrong-doer, that My People is Tyrany. There is no political merit to this writing; it is not a call to action. For the real anarchist, it hardly contains anything basic that he/she does not already know; if they do not know, it is what the anarchist should know.
The fact I personally witnessed is the State of California is where Tyrany is at its worse. To the rest of the country who can move freely: if you desire to be disfunctional and get away with it, the State of California is where you want to be.
My wife and myself were directed time and time again to go live at the homeless shelter at Placerville, CA after these crimes were committed on our person and property: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, El Dorado County Sheriff and Placerville Police, and their associates, utilized unlawful tactics such as- sexual assault on three different cameras; destroying Our property in front of Our very eyes; vandalizing Our vehicles; unwanted searches against my law-abiding wife using force and violence and agrression causing physical pain; filing untrue charges on Our Rap Sheets in their partol car computers, that I personally witnessed, We have [NEVER] been convicted of such as We hurt Children and Elderly and street people claim the ‘cops’ say these things about us (we believe in attempt to cause harm to my family); steal Our Safeway Food/Gas Cards from Us and use them for their own families; murder attempts and threats; threats to tell street people we are informants for the [Feds]; playing ignorant of the fact I sent motion to the E.D.C.Superior Court and deny its existance; and like crimes. Like I said, after most of these violent crimes committed against my family and myself, we were ordered to go live at the ‘homeless shelter’ at Placerville, CA. Is this a [Nazi] consentration camp tactic, Native American Reservasion tactic, Japanese-American consentration tactic during WWII. Fellow Americans- call it how you see it, and not how [they] tell you to see it. We live in a free non-communist country so don’t let [them] steal ‘that’ from you. They have even made a trailer park or campground more expensive than a apartment. So, the poor have no choice but to go to the consentration camp at Placerville or be harmed by law enforcement and their associates.
[SEXUAL ASSAULT] tactics to make you comply- !come on now fellow Americans! A Sick Pig who goes around and sexually assaults law abiding women on three different cameras needs to be in prison-as does all the other Sick Pigs that aid and support him; not patted on the back because of the law abiding woman is married to a parolee.
Or maybe that’s just how the government gets all these laws past. [They] force people with criminal past to defend their women from getting raped by law enforcement but law enforcement for gets to put that part of [their] criminal involvement in [their] report, and most of you believe [their] report over the truth of a law abiding woman and her husband who committed a grandtheft some (18) years ago. Did I for get to tell you that when that cop did this sick act against my wife all three cops made sure that I was uncuffed so I could use violence to stop them, and that I beat two different 3X life term cases for battery on officers from years past?
It is only brainwashable drug fiend rats that believe in police credibility which is only a tactic of control. To get rid of the strong minded and strong spirited. Depending on who you are playing chess with, pieces on the board can be controlled easy or difficult. People out there must first stop using substances [every day] and only use for party times, thus, strengthening their walk across the board. They currently have you telling on one another and stealling from one another. Believing in their (law enforcement) verbal tactic of control.
Watch out for religions such as Christianity where they have the most control over you; this has been over-run by these very people. It even stipulates in the Holy Bible that Authorities on this Earth are appointed by God, therefore, they are the work of God and are God. Trust Your Own Heart- there is [no] man that is God, and what law enforcement(s) are doing are not the work of God. These people lie, cheat, steal, murder, harass. Look at their work and not their words. These people are not appointed on this Earth from God, or they would not do these cruel acts because they may not like someone, yet treat someone else with Holiness. This feels like the Devil at work.
I pray to God and God’s Associates all the time and Spirituality is Righteous. We are just not manipulated by the words of men. Remember God and God’s Associates are inside You all. Just keep looking inside your own Heart and you shall find what has always been there from the begining. Humans visualize the outsides of other humans; God and God’s Associates visualize what is on the inside of humans. Like the ole saying goes- Jesus can come back to the Earth as a begger or thief in the middle of the night, so be very careful who you look down on. If Jesus came back to Earth today and witnessed the works and in the Hearts of people that claim to be His followers, I truly believe that He would be ashamed because He did not mean for all that hate to be worldly. Only love. I know that my wife and myself would be able to Stand Without Shame before God on the day God shows Himself to us all. If you died today, do you truly believe on the inside of you that you can go to God without shame. Sure everyone wants to say so everyone can hear that they have no shame spiritually, that’s why you can only answer this question on the inside of you to yourself. Though, I have heard of a few people who are capible of lying to theirselves.
Why do you you think Our United States Constitution stipulated we have a Right to bear fire-arms for invaders and against Our government? They are slowly stealling Our Right to bear fire-arms. As a ex-felon and deemed mentally-ill (anger), I can’t legally bear a fire-arm. So if I wanted to bear fire-arms, which I was raised around fire-arms and am skilled, do you actually believe I would follow the policeman’s truncheon as They are and illegal body to begin with? So, They have You believing this gun control is to monitor people like myself by making gun laws stricter on [You] law abiding Americans? Do you feel how stupid that sounds? So the only people who can have fire-arms are governments and ex cons, who are both illegal bodies? !Think! If everyone had a fire-arm and was skilled there would not be many criminals who would harm people because they would have fear of being killed or captured.
If you still have trouble beliving in my thought, just look at Our neighbor, Mexico, who has a law no one can own fire-arms but Their government. That country is off-the-hook with crime. They also thought making a law no one could possess a fire-arm but Their government would better Their society, or was it another reality?
Stop allowing Our government to steal Our Rights that are stipulated in Our Constitution, and/or rewording Our Constitution. I’m tired of hearing many of the People complain they hate when the government lies and steals and cheats and kills against its own. We can all do something about that sickness. Like not vote, or out vote their you must vote ‘democrate or republican.’ This is [Our] country- not theirs.
To put some of you on a illegal tip the government has done to us. We, as Ameericans, went to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to file a complaint against an street patrol officer which the video in the FBI office stipulates that is what that law enforcement agency is there for. My wife was stopped at the gate by FBI security and they refused to let her in the building to make a complaint against a cop, and the complaint was a Sexual Assault on three different cameras committed on my wife in front of me by El Dorado County Sheriff Officer [BROWN]. Does that sound like a 3rd-World-Country where the government is raping and robbing and killing its citizens? It does to me.
My wife and myself also find it difficult to believe that Americans on the news care so much about the treatment of prisoners the United States detains that are from other countries. Because, the dirt and death that takes place in the prison systems right here in California by the hand of California Department of Corrections employees is at its fullest, and none of you act like you care about the treatment of your own citizen/prisoner. I have found that our media has been paid off in some way because they will not print a story like ours that is complete truth because it is against law enforcement.

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