what makes you so special???!!!!

12-3-12 sacramento motel off watt/I80

i heard yelling next door. i listened and heard some guy yelling “i only have 45 days!!! i want at least two holes in each of them!!!” i also hard a hammer for a gun cock in their room. the girl was telling him she could beat my ass and the guy adimately told her that was NOT going to happen. ‘if she kicks you in the head she is going to KNOCK YOU OUT~!!! YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE THIS AND SHOOT THEM!!’ SHE SAID that she wasn’t the fist fight type and shel’ll stab me and the guy told her,’ she did time for attempted murdre for stabbing and atking the girls eye out! you’re not fighting her you’ll lose!!’ she said ‘i don’t know how to use this.’ for awhile there was someone at our door trying to push something through our barricade. no luck! after she left i heard the guy, who looked like agent DE ROCO trying to hide his face again, ask her why she couldn’t get into the room and she told him ‘they had the fucking door blocked!’ there were times they tried to get us to open the door by knocking and/or trying to open it. they had people on the roof also. when we went to leave and everytime i faked the door opening the person on the roof would run over to the door. they were waiting for us to come out. one tweeked out looking lady left and yelled back, ‘THERE BETTER BE AMBULANCES HERE WHEN I GET BACK!” we were trying to figure out how to leave. when daylight came we waited for the right moment and took off. another thwarted murder attempt on us cause we tell on crooked cops, F.B.I., u.s. marshals, and such. you can’t keep a crooked system going and have the citizens lay back and take it with NO VASELINE!!!!
we must stand together and fight against these tyrants and bullies and take our country back!!!!!!


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