My name is Lisa Belyew and I am reporting a sexual assault from an El Dorado County Sheriff, Officer Brown. I am unable to give full details at this time because I am forced to borrow a nice young mans computer because the library is closed. On 10-25-12 we were awoke by three Sheriffs. I am not on probation or parole and was asked to be searched and I refused. Officer Brown yelled at me to go stand by him. I told him that he COULD NOT search me and that he does not have my permission. He proceeded to get aggressive yelling at me to interlace my fingers. HE FELT ON MY STOMACH, WENT TO MY BREASTS, HE YELLED AT ME TO SPREAD MY LEGS AND KICKED THEM APART VIOLENTLY, GRABBED BOTH MY BREASTS, MOVED TO MY VAGINA AREA AND SNATCHED IT, MOVED TO MY BUTTOCKS AREA AND GRABBED BOTH CHEEKS!!!! We were not suspects in any crime, besides the ones they are trying to fabricate. I proceeded to tell him that you were supposed to call a female officer. He was getting aggressive and verbal. He snatched me up and took my picture after we both REPETITIVELY TOLD HIM HE COULD NOT TAKE MY PICTURE, AM NOT ON PROBATION OR PAROLE!!!  As we were leaving we both told Brown that we were going to get him for that. He had a snide smirk and we both told him that we were going to get him and go tell.

At the Sheriffs station Sgt. Felton verbally told me that I could get in trouble for committing perjury, I told him that wasn’t lying about anything, then he tried to tell me that Brown had a family and kids and not to put this on the computer because this was serious stuff and his kids would read it. I told him that I don’t care about his family because they did not care about mine, they put my child with a child rapist, and that Brown sexually assaulted me anyways. Felton also threatened my husband with incarceration for reporting this crime.

The details will be filled in at a later time.


 I put in another complaint on Officer Coburn, ALSO ON CAMERA FROM WALMART!!!!! Where he aggressively came at me and I had to back up in a defensive manner with my hands up. He ROBBED me of my property and went through my purse after I told him that I was not on probation/parole. He threatened to take my husband to jail for ANYTHING THAT HE FOUND IN MY STUFF!

I reported another Placerville city Police Officer doing an illegal search on me while I was still not on probation/parole and cracked my wrist. They have threatened me and my husbands lives, tried to kill us after reporting these crimes to the F.B.I, GOVERNOR, US MARSHALS, AND MEDIA NON-STOP!!!!  THE F.B.I. REFUSED TO HELP AND SAID THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR DESPITE THE VIDEO IN THEIR LOBBY STATING THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR! They are trying to set us up on cases with kids, robbing our vehicle of our tissues we use to blow our nose and such, taking our pictures, they stole adult pictures from our storage unit, which I also reported and it’s been almost a year and the insurance company REFUSES to make a report. People in society are talking about my husbands’ private parts, which only I and the cops know about. THIS JUST KEEPS GOING AND GOING AND STILL NOT ONE PERSON HAS TRIED TO HELP! I AM TRAUMATIZED BY THIS AND HAVE TO SEEK MAJOR COUNSELING!!!!!!!! THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW THE TRUTH, BUT BECAUSE IT IS AGAINST THIS COUNTRY WE ARE BEGGING FOR YOUR HELP!!!! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!



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