My name is Lisa Belyew and on the evening of 8-20-12 from approximately 1920-2000 hrs. a call had been made to the El Dorado County Sheriffs office about my husband, Tait Belyew, and I stealing from Wal-Mart located on Missouri Flat Rd. Officer Coburn got out of his patrol car staring my husband and myself down while we were talking with the stores APS security guard, who IMMEDIATELY informed Officer Coburn that everything was O.K. with us and that there was no problem, that we had our receipts and everything checked out. Officer Coburn continued with his investigation. He asked if we were on probation or parole and I replied, “No,” while my husband replied, “Yes.” Officer Coburn asked for our identification and I replied, “I have all that,” and proceeded to give him my husbands while I retrieved mine. He ran his checks and gave our identification cards to my husband and I told him, “No. I take care of all that thanks,” and took them from my husband and put them back in my wallet while he proceeded to shake down my husband. After he was done with my husband he asked me if I minded his search of my persons and my property and I replied, “Yes I do mind and no you can’t search me or my belongings. My husband does not have access to my stuff.” He got verbally aggressive and replied, “If you don’t let me search your stuff I’m going to arrest you for loitering.” He then proceeded towards me aggressively stating, “Now you don’t have any weapons on you?” I had to back up and state in a defensive manner, “Hey you’re not putting your hands on me dude!” Officer Coburn proceeded to yell, “LEAVE THIS PROPERTY NOW!! LEAVE NOW OR I’M GOING TO ARREST YOU FOR LOITERING!!” I stated to him, “I’m getting my stuff and taking it with me.” He stopped me and yelled again, “LEAVE!! NOW!!” I turned around and walked/ran off the property because of his aggressive/abusive behavior towards me. I then proceeded back around the store to watch what was going on with my husband and witnessed an officer trying to get into my bags. While Officer Coburn continued to go through my stolen property, the APS security guard kept trying to intervene and inform Coburn that everything was O.K. I proceeded back on the property because I was the ONLY person with the keys and I DID NOT want my stuff ripped apart. I told the Officer trying to get into my bags with a set of keys, unsuccessfully, and stated, “Hey man I got the keys to those bags,” and he stated, “You do?” and I stated, “Yes.” I then tried to explain to him about Officer Coburn’s abusive/aggressive behavior to me and was cut off by Officer Coburn yelling, “Ma’am I told you to leave the property!” I proceeded to explain to the Officer with my bags which key went to which lock and kept getting the same verbal abuse from Coburn until I left again stating, “If I let you search me can I stay?,” and he replied, “NO!!” So I again left the premises and just waited until my husband came to look for me.  Officer Coburn STOLE my property/purse, went through it ILLEGALLY, broke some of my eating utensils, broke my compact disc cases, roughed up some of my paperwork, and sat there and read MY LEGAL DOCUMENTS!  Coburn repetitively accused my husband of being on methamphetamine and threatened to take him to the county jail to do a urinalysis on him. Coburn told my husband that whatever he finds in my purse/property he is going to criminally charge my husband, Tait Belyew, with it and take him to jail. When all was done and we were back together, Officer Coburn left the Wal-Mart in an aggressive driving manner down the public street we were walking down.
Due to Officer Coburn’s verbal aggression and demeanor towards me, as a female, who is not on probation/parole, I felt that my physical safety was at an extremely unsafe and threatened risk!

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