native american award- Wanda gail belyew (flournoy)

Wanda ‘Gail’ Belyew (flournoy) Role No. 5177
4511 Lakeshore ct, Shingle  Springs , CA , 95682 ,
Ph 530-677-5287
Ceremonial Stomping Grounds: Red Hawk Casino and Grass Valle Area

   6 yrs I’ve known [Elder] Wanda, daughter of Wallace and Fay Flournoy, ½ brother and sister, may be the reason for Wanda’s instability. Fantasizing she is financially ahead, ‘MissMoneyBags,’ they call her in tribal council meetings is on her 3rd mortgage, has an extreme gambling problem, and is well known for stealing $ and assets from family. Wanda stole the $ of her son, Tait’s, account when he was a child.‘Tait made the logo for the Tsi-Akim Maidu’ tribe (see attached), gave the $ to his tribe from the artifacts and t-shirts w/ his design that were sold. Wanda and Tsi-Akim Maidu generated a large amount of $ utilizing ‘Tait’s logo’ and other works refused to give Tait a slice of ‘that’ pie. They would not even help him learn his language Tait had been begging them for over 10 yrs, yet help others w/ it that put in no work. In corporation, as the Tsi-Akim Maidu has been deemed by government, this is grand-theft. Tait just finished a 16 yr prison term for grand-theft of a computer (see attached) –despite Wanda’s slander.

Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. Depart. Of Interior, document (see attached – if you need her ‘Role No. 5177’ for work pertaining to these matters and the like, here you go. Wanda is not Maidu, but a . Wanda is ½ White-French and Caucasian on her birth certificate. She calls Calvary  every chance she gets and has an identity
                                                                                                 [ELDER] WANDA IS A WHITE WOMAN ! 
Wanda is a chronic methamphetamine user. Her house is full of boxes of trash, dust. Spider webs, and 1000’s of gadgets that do not work. I’ve witnessed her staying up for dys at a time, not eating, pupils dilated and glowing of meth. She had a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde personality. Constructing her artifacts, she’s been stuck doing the same knot for 72 hrs at a time and for the entire 6 yrs I’ve known her. Today she ‘pretends’ to be against child abusers and drug users. Wanda has “Denial Syndrome” about her drug use. I’ve saw brochures at her house she’s looking to move into a trailer. Wanda has no tribal education, nor does she possess a G.E.D. She was a pregnant high-school drop-out from being molested by an adult male, [Uncle] Jerry. That’s Jerry Springer; better yet Steve Wilko.  –What better proof does the prosecution require than this D.N.A. to send this career criminal pedophile to prison? If the remedy for molesting children is to get married to them so they can have a life-time of child-rape-fantasy soliciting pedophiles to become bigamist.

   I’ve witnessed [Elder] Wanda on numerous occasions use rotten outdated food. I saw her using rotten tomatoes and avocados to make salsa and guacamole to feed her tribe at tribal functions. Why do you think she doesn’t eat her own food at these functions? It can’t be the meth all the time. Why do you think I don’t eat her food unless I watch her cook it?

      1995, El Dorado County Superior Court Judge made a [finding] in open court that Wanda’s son, Tait, was a alcohol-baby, physically-sexually abused as a child after older family members and friends of the family and polygraph examiner testimony – not to mention Tait passing the ‘lie detector test’ in regard to this matter. This is a matter of public record: PR-000114 (any citizen can retrieve these documents

      Well known throughout Tsi-Akim Maidu families this tribe is full of incest, child molesters, cops and supporters who condone and support these acts as long as pedophiles are from the same era/age bracket as them including Wanda’s husband , [Uncle] Jerry, who is known to have molested and physically abused his daughter and niece and son Tait, probably others we don’t know about. Wanda aided, supported and abetted, and/or participated in these sick crimes on children. Why else do you think Wanda’s marriage is solid to molester [Uncle] Jerry? Wanda and Jerry allowed Tait, when he was a child, to be molested by FIVE different people throughout his child life. Knowing this atrocity, I witnessed Tsi-Akim Maidu at their general council meeting to go on the side and play w/ young children; but then again, that’s [Uncle] Jerry. The only time I witnessed Wanda being civilized was when she was in the camera she and Tsi-Akim Maidu and law-enforcement thought I didn’t know about. At times she couldn’t do that.


Elder] Wanda and Uncle Jerry – have talked for yrs about running from their past/present/future to abuses on children by moving to the “ Beautiful Islands  of Hawai’i ! CHILDREN and FAMILIES OF HAWAI’I – BEWARE!

      Tait called Tsi-Akim Maidu members- Tree Brad, Jasmine Ramirez and was on speaker phone while they were driving to their General Tribal Council Meeting to ask for help and explained the government placed our daughter w/ a convicted child molester (see attached). These members laughed extremely loud for a long moment. Tait called many Tsi-Akim Maidu that day for help, including Chairman Don Ryberg who hung up on Tait. After this meeting no one would return or answer Tait’s calls.  –When Tait was a young child he accidently walked in the room on numerous occasions where Brad was involved in criminal acts of [Voyeurism on a Child] where Brad (being the eldest), his uncle and brother (all adults), were molesting Tait’s ‘crying’ child sister. Today, child molester [Big Bad Biker] Brad Ramirez who was in Easy Rider Biker Magazine says he is only guilty of not stopping the molests to downplay his involvement of sexual crimes against children. How can Tree and Jasmine look their father, Brad, in the eye w/ pride when he is a “Child Molesting Rat” pointing his finger at other family members versus owning up to the horror of his sexuality? The entire Ramirez Family, Brad, Rito, Mike, Pam, were the biggest child molesting family in the Tsi-Akim Maidu tribe. They got this way from someone; but then again, those someones are all [Elders] now in the Tsi-Akim Maidu tribe supported by Calvary , so I guess it’s okay.

      Upon telling numerous Tsi-Akim Maidu that our daughter was placed w/ a child molester (see attached) they replied that it was better for her to be w/ him than to be placed w/ us. Tait and I ‘never’been convicted of any crimes against children, despite the government slandering our good name to those Calvary-Supporting-Rats that do their dirt for them

[Elder] Wanda and[Uncle] Jerry, Tsi-Akim Maidu and Calvary, acted like they were going to charge us as they vandalized our van, and admitted to vandalizing 4 other vehicles we owned. Wanda laughed in our faces in attempt to get us to react physically. When that failed they shot up our van. Police/FBI/U.S. Federal Marshal refused to enforce the law here to substantiate their involvement. Law-enforcement told our society that we were “People of Interest for Acts of Terrorism” and that we hurt children after’ I reported these crimes). Media refused to tell society of this Violation of the RICO ACT.

      I don’t see how society can blame an innocent child-victim, Tait, for his faults of today when he ‘is not’ doing any crime. Saying that Tait is what he ‘is not.’ Next time government talks ills about Tait, they and you should re-evaluate the situation and embark on the truth!

     The Belyew Family was from a poor side of a city in the Bay Area, CA, where crime and corruption were at its fullest. Despite these conditions, [Elder] Wanda, kicked her son, tait, out at 13 to live on those streets w/ murderers, rapist, drug lords, gangs, pimps and prostitutes. Tait was in and out of her house his entire juvenile life to fend for survival in those harsh conditions- expect Tait to become a productive member of society? Law-enforement and Tsi-Akim Maidu knew of those nightmarish conditions for a child yet failed to intervene in Tait’s behalf. Tait wasn’t even welcome to spend the night at any Tsi-Akim Maidu’s home when he had done no wrong to them. Oh ya, there was no Tsi-Akim Maidu until 1998 when the applied for Federal Recognition and came up w/ the bright idea to get a casino. That’s Right!

If Wanda can do this to her own child you have to ask yourself, do you trust her around your children? How can someone be an acquaintance to people at this level? As the saying goes: you are who you hang with!”

The world needs to know the truth about the Tsi-Akim Maidu and its [Elder] Wanda! These people need to be in prison!

Advocate for Truth, Constitution, Justice – Lisa Belyew (Tsi-Akim Maidu by marriage)


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  1. really lisa this is Duch you crazy stupid people you really think the tribe people don’t know this shit already. what good is it now wanda is and always will be responsible for what happened to Tait and Elisha. She has always been the black sheep {wanda} why do you think she moved so far into the mountains in shingle springs. they couldn’t live any longer in the bay area our family was not poor either none of us were, we were all spoiled rotten over indulged children and tait knows that .he as much as anyone knows how spoiled and good we all had it…hes just weak in the mind these days and needs to suck it up…and as I recall you idiots were all about grandpa jerry and grandma wanda when I met you. what they got tired of you living off of them and bein fuckin let them take custody of your child I told you at the family reunion to get away from this family .you didn’t listen your bad.. get a grip and deal with the problems wand and jerry not my tribesman/you have no business talking about my grandparents either you crazy fucking moron.. get rid of some of the tattoos maybe somebody will take you seriously..but then you start talking.. sober and then shut up and listen maybe you have time to learn something still. hope to see you one day to talk about this in person.

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